Skyrim VR with mods using Pimax Vision 8kX (Impressive with no addons) Now with settings and mods Astonishing!

When i think it couldn’t get any better in Virtual Reality, with some settings tweaks and a day or two of modding, i’m again seeing the SkyrimVR through the lenses of the Pimax Vision 8kX and am astonished even more. I really didn’t feel like commenting again so soon, but i really want to share how i feel after this mornings short entry into this Very popular open world exploration game. You absolutely will have to adjust settings to see it how i see it and i fully expect to be amazed even more with new users and fans of the game sharing tips. The sources of helpful guides and settings are already everywhere when searching however not exclusive to the Pimax 8kX. This game is truly amazing and set up well i believe is one of the absolute best most immersive environments you can experience in VR. It is so many orders of magnitude better than playing on flat screen with a good HMD and especially with using a great HMD like the Pimax Vision 8kX. For someone my age and disposition to get excited over anything is a real thing.

So i’ll now an again try to learn and share by visiting this forum on occasion i hope in the future.
And look now forward to the new improvements Pimax will make in the future.

Some of my settings and mod pictures i will upload for anyone to examine, these are not done and will need some adjustments but the Skyrim Vr ini settings tool by bilago, don’t miss my settings there, if you have a 1080ti or better gpu and a well optimized system they make the experience in Skyrim VR so much nicer. Using the tool the left side column is every change i made the right side column is the original settings that can easily be reverted to if needed with the tool.

SkyrimPrefs ini4


Is there any way to remove the frustum culling ( Pop ins right and left ) on the Star vr one in this game ?

And how to mod this game so it does not need parallel projections on because I would love to play this on a large fov atleast.

Thank you @Fresco for sharing!!
Are you using any higher texture mod like skyrim overhaul or better trees texture?


I don’t use parallel projections while playing this game see my other post RaiN274. I always use large fov and never PP.

Pitool+SteamVR+in game settings+Bilago tweaks+Select mods+Pimax 8kX+SkyrimVR


I have used them in the past but now only so far what you see here SMIM adds better tectures. I look forward to adding some more UHD later. Thanks!

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Big thanks for putting the work in and sharing.


Huge thanks for putting this together @Fresco. Being someone who never really had time to play around with the mods and custom settings, I must say im very tempted to do so now :slight_smile:

Edit: sorry my spelling haha… new phone.


You’ll love it, hope you find the time in your very busy schedule to do so now. Thanks again i always remember your help with suggestions many years ago even as far back as the reddit days!


Have you tried VRIK? It adds a body to you but arguably the more impressive function is the physicalized weapon storage. What I mean by that is you store your weapons physically on your body. Have a sword sheathed on your hip? You reach over and draw it like you would in real life. Or reach behind your back to grab your bow or ax. You can even store things like daggers on your forearms if you want to be a sneaky assassin type. I HIGHLY recommend it. Its a must have vr mod.

Your really missing out! Modded Skyrim is the only way to play!


Hi zuiquan1, earlier i was using a full body mod and was contemplating to add it again or not. Thank you has it was great back then the only thing was often times for me the view would get off centered its probably improved i will definitely check again thanks. Yes i totally agree modded SkyrimVR is amazing and a fun little activity to do in itself, so simple really can be tricky at times for others who have not tried just read the instructions on install that usually comes with every mod on the nexus site.


VRIK is absolutly amazing and should be the first mod on anyone’s list…

It is loads better than the old VR body mod. It’s the best body implementation in any vr game. It now adds a very believable and responsive body that bends appropriately at all the joints and casts a shadow, finger animations, physical quick slots ie you can draw your sword from your hip and back and your daggers from your wrists and torches from your leg, and configurable gestures ie it opens up a ton of ways to select things minus menus such as casting spells by moving your hands up or down or opening your hand.


Oh man i can’t believe the hours I’ve spent in this game already the story is quite old and boring to me now as I’ve been playing off and on since it was first released but the environment in VR and mods like the one you and zuiquan1 suggested make it so I will again enjoy many more hours in this game just primarily now exploring looking at vistas adding homes and always something new. After that is over next stop will be Fallout 4VR that i also have much experience adding mods for VR in. I imagine it will be just as awesome experienced in the Pimax Vision 8kX with proper settings.


I remember years ago I upgraded to 3 monitors and played Skyrim on ultra. Then there were still some undiscovered areas and walking into a new one which suddenly became huge and beautiful was breath taking. It really made me interested for VR and I started messing around with my phone and 3D software to try and make a headset to walk around Skyrim in Vr. I don’t even care for the story, lots of aspects of the game is really boring to me but the views, those gorgeous views…


When I tried the 8KX in Orlando back in January I was able to step into someone’s Skyrim game. It looked stunning, and it was just the vanilla version. I’ve been a Skyrim modder for years, and could only imagine how amazing it would look with proper mods. Here’s a few screens of mine from a few years ago. I can’t wait to get my 8KX!


Nice! really needed some color in here. That dragon shot is most impressive. Still amazing yesterday morning after slaying the first dragon in game and the feeling when the guards are standing around asking you “Can you shout!” unforgetable.

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I used to have tons of mods in my Skyrim and then I moved on to Fallout 4 VR. Whilst modding using Vortex or similar is fairly easy. it’s a bit time consuming. I wonder if anyone has a complete solution/installer so the user can install all the best mods with a few button presses?


Thanks for Sharing!

I really love Skyrim, got the Collectors and then asap the VR Version. It still amazes me how good this hold games holds up to date.
I must add the MODS as till now I just used the vanilla version and that was already nice.
I will give your settings and mod list for sure a try! Thanks for sharing!

I wish there was a FPS Version of the Witcher 3 like that, I know it’s hard with the combat style, but the world is also awesome!


Wabbajack. Its a mod pack auto installer. There are SkyrimVR and FO4VR mod packs available.


… and now get yourself a bHaptics Tactot vest for even more immersion… :grin:


And then visit a giant

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