Skyrim VR comes to SteamVR

‘Skyrim VR’ launching on PC April 3rd.

On Road to VR:
‘Skyrim VR’ Launching on PC April 3rd with Support for Vive, Rift, and Windows VR

On Real o Virtual (Spanish)
Skyrim VR llega a Rift, Vive y Windows MR el 3 de abril


This will be epic playing it with the 8k! Oh goody goody


Well that was good timing.


This is likely to be one of the first titles I’ll be playing on my Pimax 8K.


Will be great as long as you install a ton of mods. otherwise its still a 2011 game…


I originally hoped to play fallout 4 vr on pimax. Then 4 months later hoping to play Skyrim vr on it. Maybe the 3 valve titles next heh.


Any chance we see a Portal-style game in VR? Is there any on the market?


There’s budget cuts coming up. And also modbox will let you make your own portal levels soon.


I read it won’t support mods.

They said the same thing about fo4vr.

Its Amazing! Handles tons of mods without problems. Looks and performs great. Cant wait to try it on the Pimax 8K!

That’s actually really good to hear!

i love the game but i wanne stop playing till my pimax 8K arrivés,

but its very hard to leave it alone…

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For me was a no go…
tried it but after and hour i went for refund. in my opinion its good but not worth $60

With Mods it helps the game a lot! I haven’t played in a very long time so its still feels fresh to me. I love archery so the realistic bow settings are right up my way for a fun time. Its quite interesting and fun to see it from inside VR. Cant wait to see it from the Pimax 8K.

Maybe it will drop in price when the Steam Summer Sale hits.

GreenManGaming has a coupon for 20% off I got it for 47.99 so thats good deal. They are still running the deal its…


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In that case yes .
Was the first time i played it and also the Fov is very small on actual Headset IMO .
With the 5k and a price drop would be a different story :slight_smile:

Try Talos Principle. Not Portal, but somewhere close to it.

Skyrim VR is really an great step and Bethesda did ja very good job!
I´m looking forward to play it with the Pimax, but it is also a great experience with my old Vive!