Show us a through the lens comparison between the 5k+ and 8k

If they truly are shipping this month then show us a comparison between the two lenses now so we have some time to decide if we want to switch instead of having to wait for the nda to end in two weeks then have to make a last minute decision.

I dont want to be rushed and have to pick what version of the headset at the last minute. I’m actually kind of annoyed they throw this curve ball in at the last second and then lock it behind an nda. Pimax can at least show us a comparison picture or something before the youtubers release their videos.

(If they have then disregard this post, theres alot happening right now I might have missed it.)


Sure through the lens will come between just aftee meet to say the sept 17th.

I hope so. They cant just drop this bombshell on us then go silent and let the youtubers do all the talking. We need more info, this is a huge decision to make.


Just keep in mind through the lens might not show the difference well enough to get a clear idea.


Should at least give us an idea on the resolution difference. I would be taking a downgrade in resolution for higher pixel density and more vibrant colors. Like I said this is a huge decision and i dont want to make the wrong one. This is at the very last minute and we need as much info as possible.


I didn’t find the TTL vids offered much actual info. The feedback from Berlin has been far more informative and yet diverse. The tester’s disclosures after the NDA lifts will be of even more value.
The value of up conversion vs native signal depends so much on the source material as it is with any medium. Just as some music and video can be resampled to a better state and also can look or sound like crap depending on how the original material was created in the first place.
My guess would be that for certain games the 5K will be better and other the 8K will, for just that reason. Which hmd one wants may well be decided on which titles are the most important to them.
Also we must consider the human eye and brain. We all perceive color at slightly unique frequencies. One backer like the blacks in the 8K better. Others emphasized the color on the 5K+.

I doubt TTL will be good enough to discern the differences in resolution between the 5+ and 8K. Wait for the testers to run them up the flag pole. I’ll bet @SweViver tests the hell out of both HMDs.

The difficulty is like how Canada is handling marijuana sales. It will be hard to know what we will like if we can’t try all the choices first. LOL

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My whole point is we shouldnt have to wait for another 2+ weeks to start hearing about this brand new product that seems to have come completely out of nowehere. I want to hear from pimax about this headset. Why cant they talk about their products? Why has marketing gone completely to youtubers and why are we once again behind another nda? They said they are shipping this month but we are being withheld information from the developers for the whole month so they can let other people talk about their products?

Will any of the testers even have a 5k+ by the 16th? The m1 took several weeks to get into testers hands. Then they need to test it thoroughly and make their youtube videos. By this time ill have what… A day to make the decision on whether I should make the switch?

Pimax needs to release an official press release about this brand new product they have been keeping a secret and not hide behind an nda and go back to not saying anything.


I sm pretty sure we will hear from a few at least who are tryining it out this weekend. 100 people? Someone is going to talk! :beers::wink::smoking:


Sure. Also, I didnt realize the demo was still ongoing and was for both sat and sun? So my complaining might be premature as most people are still there and still demoing. My main point still stands though I do hope Pimax will talk more about this after the demo and not leave it for the youtubers to do all the marketing.


You haven’t been paying attention, The 3 testers are leaving with both headsets. Why are you complaining about what already is done. Ask Pimax why they do what they do. All you will get here is speculation on why the 5K+ has suddenly been announced.


there is not a huge noticable difference if any between 8k and 5k plus… more test will tel but in elite dangerous and skyrim I didnt notice any sde / ppi differences


Which one did you prefer for color and black levels?

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I am asking Pimax… this is the pimax forum isnt it?

And I’m sorry for not knowing they are leaving with the headsets but there are hundreds of posts in the forum its hard to keep track of everything.

Still would like to see an official announcement from pimax with all the info we need to know instead of having to wait for an nda.

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Yes it is and like you said -can you also expect Pimax to read everything here as well? You might try an @deletedpimaxrep1 or direct PM if it is important to you. Just sayin. I wouldn’t expect a reply necessarily though.

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Adding Xunshu to the post would have been good your right but I dont think a pm is the right way to go about it. Everyone should be able to show their support for more videos and through the lens comparisons. You may not think they are useful but I do and so do others so seeing discussion on it would be good for visability.

I’m sure the testers will have very thorough reviews but I dont want to be rushed in my decision on whether to switch or not. Pimax should talk about it after the convention is over. Give us an in depth look at why the new panel is better, because so far all the impressions I’ve seen seem to indicate they are pretty much the same.

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All of what you said is true and had nothing to do with what I said regarding your post.
They seem to have made the M2 better and hoped for that. That the 5k has been made better is a good thing so I don’t see why you are bothered by the NEWS. It’s news to everyone and no one else seems to be bothered that it came out of nowhere.

In regards to what? Your the one that brought up contacting pimax directly. As to your first post if you dont think through the lens videos are useful dont watch them. I do and would like to see them.

And I’m not “bothered” by a new headset. I’m excited about it, but we are shipping in less then a month and I’m urging pimax to not go back and hide behind an nda like they have been.

This whole intent of this post is to tell them dont leave it to the youtubers to explain what the 5k+ is and dont leave us in limbo until the nda is over with.

Take new a look to my questions list I’ve updated the subject to take care of this problem : question 1
( Klingon vengeance in mind :wink: )

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Why are you complaining about good news?

Now your trolling. I never complained about the 5k+. I’m asking to give us time to make the decision by not waiting for the nda to end halfway into our last month to actually make that decision.