Should Pimax send their HMD to YouTubers now?

Just curious how the community feels about this topic

  • Send 8K and 5K+ to YouTubers who didn’t back Pimax in Kickstarter now before the Backers receive them
  • Send 8K and 5K+ to YouTubers who didn’t back Pimax in Kickstarter after backers receive their units

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Can I vote, “send them to whoever they want, so long as it doesn’t affect the backer queue?”


Can I vote NO sending free stuff to anyone. this is not a welfare operation. If they want to buy their own headsets then they can wait for retail, which they will have to do if the backers get theirs first anyway.
The Current Testers have to send the headsets back to Pimax soon. I do not think Pimax is going to send anyone free headsets.


I’m ok for sending existing test units to whoever Pimax wants to review them. Not the new consumer units coming off the assembly line until the backers have their HMDs.


I honestly don’t mind the YouTubers getting a loaner unit before the backers do (from an ethical point of view).

The reason I voted for backers to receive them first is simple… avoid another mishap like what happened with Linus Tech Tips. I think there should be additional testing done before the YouTubers are given a unit.

The M1/M2 testers were the alpha testers, the backers will be the beta testers, and the YouTubers can get the headsets after they have been in the wild for a bit. The channels with a large audience and a history of VR videos would be the best bet, since the whole point is to get more coverage and sell more units.

I also think that LTT should be sent an 8K/5K+ along with setup instructions/etc so that they can do a proper followup.

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5 Mins of airtime on any of the big ones is worth more than the cost of the HMD.


Will repeat myself here. No point in massive media drive right now. Wait until they can be preordered. Then send to whoever.More exposure the better.


Everybody is technically a YouTuber - I don’t think PiMAX can afford it :wink:

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Pimax doesn’t send youtubers Samples to review.

That is well known already. But Visit one while on a road trip yes.

Indeed why you visit them in a road trip as they will likely need guidance in setting it up for programs.

I don’t recall anyone saying today, this week or next.

I hope you guys realize that a demo woildn’t mean getting your Pimax late.

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There were some youtubers who pretty much considered Pimax as an afterthought and didn’t want to “waste their money.”

I think that those youtubers can wait in line and deliver their news at the end of the queue in line with where they put their faith in the project.

Although obviously also depends on the Youtuber… for example Linus Sebastian could do with a follow up review.


The longer they wait the more polished the software will be the better the reviews. assuming they want to send out review samples.


Excellent point!

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Well, Barnacules sounded very interested in Pimax .

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Pimax does not send review samples. They have politely declined many youtubers that have asked for 4k samples.

I think Linus and Tested are almost required after those initial reviews.


No no no. Such a bad idea. Don’t want idiots who don’t get it misleading.


Its advertisement, they arent getting it for free, they are helping to promote .commercial cost a lot and it doesnt always get to the people who are potential buyers ,sending it to youtubers who have 100k to millions of followers whom could be potential buyers is a smart idea.