Shipping Status Base Stations

Hello Pimax,

how is the shipping status from the base stations? On Pimax Day it was announced that the Base Stations will be sent to the backer in about 3 - 4 weeks. That was 3 weeks ago …


In Germany that means 3 weeks, in the rest of the world it means they start sending out after 5 weeks.

So let’s have patience now, it’s very soon :grin:


Ship to where, though? I know for a fact that not all addresses Pimax have are current, as my own has changed since shipping the 5k+. I don’t think shipping will start until they launch their backer website and regather backer information.

I was wondering the same thing and tryed hard not to ask, but you broke the dam, so i can resist!
I want to start diving into Asgards Wrath - index Controllers arrive tomorrow - base stations…. argh I hope soon’isch :slight_smile:


you will love it my friend. Its pretty damned amazing. Even the soundtrack they posted on soundcloud is really good. First time i’ve had a fantasy soundtrack on repeat since baldurs gate.


They have a sound track? Cool I will check it out ! Thx for the hint !


one of my favorites so far is “And Draug on my pants” :slight_smile:

and past the playlist here if you want to download it


Thanks :blush:! 2020202020202020202

Edit. Sorry wrong topic :thinking:

Hello everybody,

I hope Pimax tells us tonight that the stations are sent … :slight_smile:

I don’t think so, I think that they have to confimr all the addresses

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I doubt they will ship to individual full package backers until the backer states whether they want a credit for base station/controllers towards the ‘upgrade program’.

Hoping that will all be explained today, but not counting on it. If you keep expectations low, you’re less likely to be disappointed :crazy_face:

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they said that they will now ship base stations and controllers together since they controlled are close to done.

they are not even close, that is meant if you switch to the index controllers…


they said that the final tooling was done, and it was going to mass production stage

they meant the final fooling was done maybe… but the Sword Sense is planned for March 2020 as up now…




Sword is March, Sword Sense is June. Those are the rough estimates anyways. (Always append an 'ish to their dates:P)


@Pimax: When do you send my Base Stations? I want to get an answer, please

@Pimax Same Here Base Station plus Controller