SadlyItsBradley's impression video

Haven’t watched it myself yet but the title is obviously not too positive. Will watch later when I can. Figured it merited its own thread.


Jesus H Christ that opening was brutal, and I think a little too brutal.

Did you guys really demo the portal without making sure a low persistence mode was working?

He really seems to dislike the exchangeable lens system, though I don’t think he’s given it much thought from a functionality standpoint? Like in terms of fixing errors that you have with the Optics, or the versatility of what you could potentially do with that feature in the future.

He says straight out that he had a great visual experience with the pimax crystal, that he didn’t notice any problems with it.

He gets a DM afterwards saying that the lenses were out of alignment, but then blames the exchangeable lenses?

What if that alignment problem was a standard VR headset like the quest Pro that also cost $1,600, but you didn’t have access to adjust the Optics?

This guy is supposedly a big VR YouTuber. Does he not notice the complaints among thousands of sim racers, and Avid VR users when their multi-thousand-dollar device doesn’t Focus properly, has slightly incorrect ipd, or the range isn’t good enough? Does he not notice the cottage industry that exists for face foam contoured to the face to try and mitigate some of the problems that various people have had with Optics in previous devices?

Does he not realize that because of those magnetic gaskets you can literally adjust all of those things as a customer yourself and actually get this product dialed in to your needs?

Unlike literally every other product on the market? And you can only do that because you can remove the Optics? A $1,600 DSLR camera will let you remove the Optics, but a VR headset shouldn’t?

" though I didn’t try the higher detail lens it’s a gimmick in my opinion."

And there it is, an MF with an opinion when he hasn’t even tried the feature.

He likes the displays.

God sometimes I feel like YouTube has just made everybody into their own personal Jerry Springer or freaking Alex Jones. Dude has a following on YouTube, thinks his opinion is amazing, puts it out for the world to see, turns out he hasn’t even tried one of the signature features of the device so he can’t even tell you if it’s good or not. Mercy just Mercy.

Turns out a lot of the problems he said he had could be fixed for him because of how this product is designed, but he doesn’t like it so there.

I have seen people with such cocksure opinions before, but not when you admit that you could have tried various things, you had the option to go side by side, or you simply lack data to substantiate what you’re saying, but it’s okay cuz he feels strongly about it.

I feel bad for all the employees at PIMAX right now.


He seemed to go into this roadshow with his opinion already made, honestly I can’t take his opinions seriously with such a disdain for this company that he seems to hold.


i think its a very good impression i think.Also the visual and colors are great he says.

Most of us wanted to be the crystal lighthouse tracked in the beginning…And also what he says,why didnt pimax focus on the crystal and finished that one first and then add that portal?

And the 6dof standalone tracking i already expected to be not great…


Haven’t watched it yet but that is exactly what I am expecting. He was claiming portal Kickstarter was ‘yet another scam’ on twitter for example. I think there may still be some interesting insight, at least on the controller tracking but definitely take it with a pinch of salt. Not sure why he has such a disdain for Pimax lol.

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Your right. He should have hyped all his viewers to buy one

He spent the entire intro basically saying Pimax is an untrustworthy company and mocked the current available Pimax headsets displays which I think isnt true. Whatever his greater points are, its really unprofessional to display such an obvious bias toward the company you are reviewing. He made it clear he has no respect for Pimax 2 minutes into the video.

Its funny because I actually agree with alot of his points but his way of reviewing is terrible.

Funny. People are well aware of how I feel about this company, I am the last person to say buy a Pimax headset…


He shouldn’t be hypeing people to buy it, but he also shouldn’t be crapping on a feature that he admitted he didn’t even get to try out.

Like what the hell is that?


He gave a pretty balanced review. What were you expecting?


I don’t think you can call that review balanced. It starts off more as a rant against Pimax in general, and that’s what viewers will remember. Many won’t even watch past that to get to what might be considered balanced opinions.
Well, it’s up to Pimax to prove him wrong. If the products are good enough, Bradley may be honest enough to acknowledge it. I hope so in both cases.
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That was tough.


to summerize Pimax is not for him. :sweat_smile:
With some things he has a point, others it’s very black and white and a negative interpretation of things. All in all a subjective impression but that’s oke everybody is subjective in his own way


How in the hell was that a balanced review dude? He said they had a quest Pro and a vario Aero to check side by side and he was like “I didn’t really need to do that because I’m pretty aware of what they look like.”

Who forms an opinion about something when they admit they chose to have no data to go on based on experiences because they didn’t try it? How in the name of Christ is that balanced? That’s especially a problem when our own experiences from our memory can be different in terms of recall then it is from a Direct fresh side-by-side test.

I think in terms of what you’re getting for $1,600 on a pimax crystal provided it all works is way more worth the value then what you get with the arrow and certainly better than what you get from the quest Pro.

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I don’t think it was very balanced. His perceived biases were well on display and it makes me struggle to believe his opinion on the product isn’t driven by his own strong biases against the company. A subjective review would lay out the pros and cons and not format the video like a hit piece.

Again I agree with alot of his points but the validity of the review is hampered by its negative tone.

I do agree with Finn though above, its up to Pimax to prove him wrong. None of us know if that will be the case but I hope they can pull it off.

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He made a good point about dust on the lenses. You can’t expect users to get in there with a cloth. The instructions need to recommend using an air spray can to clear dust between changeout. Pimax could include a can in the box if it doesn’t break shipping laws?


I think he does indeed and the part of the eye tracking could get troubles because off the protected layer for dust… And i ask my self who is gonne put the lenses here for a smaller field off view?I am not…

So they have amazing screens now with great color and resolution and fixed the focal issue… Make a lighthouse tracked crystal 2 and leave the inside out tracking and swapable lenses away… Bam Bradley almost happy and me too lol


Yeah it is a good point, but it’s something that all headsets deal with, a vintage electronics for that matter. I just had to throw away my Oculus Rift CV1 because spiders got into it and some carpet beetles and had a hatch fest even though the thing was sealed.

Every criticism he has about why the exchangeable lens system is bad illustrates that he could fix those problems with the same system that he’s complaining about.

If you get bugs in the optical path on a sealed VR headset, you’re screwed like me and just have to throw it out. With this thing, it’s adjustable you can clean it, Etc

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Although the guy is unpleasant, the remarks made about interchangeable lenses make sense. The dirt issue could be real, plus I think each person will make a choice based on their tradeoff between FOV and sharpness and will not change lenses as often. Isn’t it better to bring to market two slightly different models of Crystal, with fixed lenses? Less expensive and with fewer issues?


Defective products can be returned

Can they? After 8 years when the warranty is expired? /ffs

I bought my PiMax 4K off of eBay, and it had dust inside the housing. If anybody remembers that was a big problem with the first generation of pimax headset, and the recourse you had was to send it back to China.

It’s like I said, every criticism he is making about the lenses being exchangeable can be solved only because the lenses are exchangeable.