RTX4000 Series launch - your thoughts?

Twice the TFLOPs compared to a 3090Ti is nothing to sneeze at wrt the 4090, that’s for sure.

The announced European prices compared to the 3090 launch MSRP are close to in line with the depreciation of the € vs $ plus a good 8% for inflation, leather jackets etc.

But what really surprised me and will actually let me hold out for AMD’s offering is the lack of DP2.0

I had really hoped that this gen would close an obvious bottleneck in the pipeline, particularly for us VR users who are already starved for bandwidth.

Would HDMI 2.1 plus compression be a viable alternative to achieve 50+ gigabit/s?


The DLSS 3.0 and RTX performance is impressive but as someone that plays exclusively in VR, it’s basically meaningless right now. Looking at the rasterization performance, by nVidia’s own metrics, it seems like the 4080 12gb and 16gb aren’t that massive of an improvement really. So I’ll stick with my 3080 for now. I’m guessing we might see price drops after 30xx stocks sell out, who knows. No rush to grab 40xx for me.

AMD is definitely interesting although guessing it will still be incompatible with the 2076 8K X so in that case wouldn’t be an option for me.

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2x rasterixlzation bymp is not much for you, but for me thats huge…last series 60%

If you’re getting a 4090 yeah, I specifically referenced the 4080 as the 4090 is out of my budget.

Even for the 4090 though, I don’t think you’ll be seeing 2x rasterization bump except for edge cases. Seems like 60-70% more likely. That’s not to say it isn’t a massive improvement, especially considering how powerful a 3090ti already was.

I would be going 3080 to 4080 12gb most likely based on price point, and looking at what I’m seeing so far it’s not really worth it. If some games I intend on really sinking time into implement DLSS 3.0 then I might be revising that opinion.

Sorry misread

I haven’t seen any mention of DisplayPort version in any of the materials. Where was that?

Presumably this has bearing on the 12K. I think Pimax has been holding out on whether nVidia will support DP 2.0 with the 40 series or not before deciding on the final video port configuration for the 12K.

That’s what I’m thinking, too. People are shocked at the prices that were announced for the two 4080’s. But I think that’s so nVidia can avoid cannibalizing overstocked 30 series sales but still offer competition to AMD’s next generation and sell to only customers who are not price sensitive (and who would almost certainly already have 30 series cards).

Yeah. I think AMD GPUs are risky in general for VR usage, not just with Pimax. And it’s not just in terms of outright not being supported sometimes, but always being second tier in terms of addressing problems. Cutting edge VR tech has enough reliability issues without compounding it.

Here. Look at where there’s the [2] on the DP under the 4000 series.

MSI also confirmed somewhere it’s DP1.4a. The RTX 4000 series does NOT support DP 2.0. And it very well could end up being the only card this gen which doesn’t at this rate. Intel does, AMD supports it on their upcoming Ryzen CPUs and are likely going to on their GPUs as well.

Being perfectly frank, on the topic of the thread, I think this series is going to be a disaster for Nvidia. They’re trying very hard to be greedy and make the 3000 and 4000 series co-exist and the performance gains for anything but the 4090, especially because of the price, outside of DLSS 3.0 boosts look… Not that great. DLSS 3.0 would need to become a ridiculously widely supported and killer feature that looks great and feels like having such high FPS for this gen to have a chance. AMD can so easily swing in at far better pricing because their MCM design means cheaper manufacturing. The 4090 looks like quite the impressive uplift, but it’s also a huge price that most people are going to shy away from, it is not going to be a huge factor on the mass market. The reception to this gen’s announcement has been overwhelmingly negative almost everywhere I’ve looked.

No worries, makes sense to read it as 4090 as it is dominating the conversation.

The official specs say it on the nvidia site:

You can see 1.4 specified at the bottom.

Also, I think they are deliberately holding off DP 2.0 for the TI cards and pretend like it’s some sort of pushing the envelope rather than them just holding back features to gouge people. Might just be my cynicism but nvidia leave a bad taste in my mouth in terms of their business practices but I love their products and don’t really have much of an alternative. Hopefully AMD will provide that someday though, seeing as ARC seems to be…well…cancelled effectively lol.

Thanks for pointing me to the DP 1.4a stuff in the official material. I’d missed that.

It’s a surprising omission especially considering their competitors all seem to be going DP 2.0.

I imagine the difference won’t affect most customers. But it certainly affects Pimax and other upcoming VR headsets with high resolutions.

Considering nVidia’s recent work with Pimax in getting compression working, it seems like compression will be nVidia’s approach to the problem for this generation instead.

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Wish the exchange rates and Jensen’s leather jacket collection weren’t so stuffed.

@PimaxQuorra @PimaxUSA @SweViver

Can you comment on if and how this affects the release of the Pimax 12K?

Was DP2.0 a requirement and we are left with Intel and AMD GPUs as recommended for the 12K?

What compression ratio via DSC1.2a is Pimax currently using for the 8KX (it goes up to 3) and will it be enough to feed the 12K via a single cable at 'native resolution’tm?

By now, the only reason I’m considering getting a 4090 is to leverage on the thread of China annexing Taiwan, effectively killing the global supply chain.

For VR, the 4090 feels like a shotgun with a pea-shooter barrel…

DP 2.0 has never been a requirement afaik, 2 x 1.4 DP cables has always been the plan. DP 2.0 might provide a single cable convenience but I would imagine that would come either in a splitter cable or on a later revision of the 12K. There’s no reason to think that DP 2.0 would be necessary for a 12k, but maybe I missed something.

Am i the only one who thinks , we should not buy them at such a pricetag, i mean the price increase of the flagship models are almost double.
And in 2 years there will be now cards at 2000€ im not sure.
I got a atx 3 psu today with 12hpwr.
i get a 4080 and it will be the last one, i mean i do love my toys bit i got a familie that lives from my money , too :wink:
And after all it is a toy.I would love to plug this dp into nvidias ceo, but that is a whole different story :joy::four_leaf_clover::peach:

i’ve seen the price of the 4090 and the psu it needs (850w), i was thinking of buying 1 and upgrading my psu (currently 750w), but amd are releasing the 7800xt 3rd november 22. this will probably be significantly cheaper and may be ok for my current psu. but aren’t amd a bit rubbish i.e. they’re not compatible with hmd’s like the aero and new revision 8kx? will they be compatible with the crystal/12k? btw i think nvidia dlss is overhyped, only a few games support it afaik. and from experience with it in msfs it gives a poorer image quality than more traditional forms of AA such as TAA.

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Kevin said Pimax are working with AMD but that it doesn’t mean any guarantee that the newer headsets will work with their GPUs.

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Do not amd my frkend. Kevin said they are working with AMD, but he also said no promises of support. Amd is not for VR right now.

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Dlss works well only in certain circumstances, but those circumstances are diminshing. Primarily it is good for balancing when your gpu was weak vs cpu. With these new powerhouse gpus…but dlss 3 may be a game changer for nonVR.

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ok thanks i think i will very highly likely stick with nvidia, i’d be gutted if i went with amd and it turned out to be incompatible with future hmd’s.

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