RTX 3090 ; VR Image stutter problem and benchmark scores

Hi all,

I received last wednesday my Evga RTX 3090 XC3 Gaming after a one long month wait without any GPU to enjoy VR simracing.

Before I had an Evga RTX 2080TI Black sold in august.

My PC specs is :

Ryzen 5 3600
MSI B450 Tomahawk Max Mobo
Windows 10
T-Force DeltaR 3000MHZ 32Gb

Pimax 5K+ Serial 203
Pitool V262 and V264 tried.
Firmware 255.255 and 255.264 tried.
Latest Steam VR software beta and Non beta tried.
Both Nvidia Drivers for the 30 series tried.
Tried the 3 display port output at the back of the GPU.
Tried 2 differents USB port with the Vr ready mention onto the mobo.

I did a pc reset this morning to reinstall W10 but same problem happen.

Even when I disable the base station tracking for the headset gyro the image continue to stutter as soon as I moove the head.

May be I’m just unlucky and got a bad defective GPU or it is a software driver problem…

Let’s see if others will get this problem either with the 30 serie ampere GPU.

Here is two youtube videos that I did yesterday :

When I use VRmark benchmark ( Orange - Cyan - Blueroom ) the image is not perfectly fluid and smooth like it should even if the FPS is more then enough.

When I boot the PC, it look like the mobo dont like the new Gen4 PCI Express 4 VGA card and it make the 4 beep sound and the mobo LED light is ON for a couple of seconds to show that no VGA card has been detected fail but after it just disapear and boot just as usual. I saw other peoples on reddit having the same problem with their 3080 GPU.


By the way here are my benchmark score results so far before and after for those wondering if the difference between a 2080TI and 3090 is important :

Spytime: 2080TI = 13 200 ------- 3090 = 16 200

Blueroom : 2080TI = 4 953 ----------3090 = 6 253

I am only seeing a 25% difference and I was expecting 35%-45% better result.

So far my experience is disapointing.

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I think your POST code error is a system timer failure. It’s possible one of your DIMMS are not seated properly, usually the 1st bank. However, it can be caused by any on-board timer failing to sync.

The real gem of the 3090 is generated frames vs. synth frames, raw FPS isn’t the end-all indicator for VR. Also it rarely drops frames.

Have you tried non-vr games to see if the stutter issue appears generally?


Thank you sir !

I think I found the problem. I had 4 x 8GB DIMM and I removed a pair and only keeped 2 of them.

I will test it again tomorrow and I have even been able to better tweak my memory timing and push my cpu clock a bit further and got 100+ points at blueroom benchmark for 6 375.


I use a tool called LatencyMon. It let’s you see PC latency at any given moment and will warn you if there are issues. In some cases it can even point you to the dll that is stalling the computer. Google it, my description won’t do it justice.

With nVidia I usually found my stuttering issues stemmed from HPET vs TSC timers. Disabling HPET traditionally being the solution. Although with newer builds of Win10 this seems to be less of an issue.

To test I simply run LatencyMon, once windows is idle, and watch for massive swings in latency. Then toggle HPET either on or off and test again on an idle windows. I saw spikes up to 1500micro seconds. After tweaking I’d rarely see numbers over 100micro seconds. The difference in VR is night and day.


So from what I read here the Vram is a very important part of the build for VR experience.

Should I upgrade my 3000mhz memory for something faster ?
I saw into my mobo manual that it can goes up to 4200mhz or 4300mhz.

Does 3000mhz is fast enough for vr with pimax and ampere gpu ?

My BIOS complains 4 times as well, read out the code, also VGA, but it still runs fine and fluid like a race horse.

MSI RTX 3080 Trio X Gaming

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no issues with 3090 fe

you got HUGE cpu BOTTLENECK , get atleast a i9 9900k and clock it at 5ghz !

i did my vr benchmark with my gigabyte eagle oc rtx3090 to compare…
This are my results…


Here is the vr blueroom benchmark,so i think your score is okay @NoFear99

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You have a nice overall score into spytime.

What is your cpu model ?

Your cpu score is much better then mine at around 7500-8000 and your is 9000+.

i have a i9900k clocked to 5ghz

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I watched a youtube video 1-2 weeks ago where he was doing a test to see what was the difference in benchmark between a ryzen5 3600 and a ryzen9 3900 with an RTX 3080 if my memory is right and the difference was very minimal like 2-3 fps into benchmark but it was not a VR situation simulation test.

Anybody think like rain274 that a ryzen5 3600 is bottlenecking with a 3090 for VR application?


is stutter still the case after ram adjustments? even if your cpu bottlenecks a bit it shouldn’t be this way, just fps should be lower.

try google mobo drivers / forums reports.
try check suspicios software like rgb controllers which can interrupt processes & bandwidth, try disable those services.
try check you process manager while running vr app & see whether something else consumes resource
maybe need to tweak some bios settings or update firmware

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try while playing a vr game close pitool, maybe it’s a pimax soft related problem

I had 4 x 8Gb dimms and I removed a pair and the stutter problem is gone. I had that setup with the 2080ti and it was fine but with the 3090 the story is different.

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It’s great to see that you got it going. Enjoy your 3090. I imagine it will also improve over time with driver improvements and development.


I dont think my Ryzen 5 3600 @ 4 250mhz bottleneck my 3090 card because I have pretty much the same GPU score then Jon see above post who own an I9900K at 5Ghz with spytime but my cpu score is lower of course.


I am making 300 points less on spytime benchmark with their newer more stable driver. Let’s hope it will take another direction for the next ones! Closer to 16 000 points instead of 16 300+ . I had to switch for the newer one because Half life Alyx wasnt stable and crashing all the time.

I am playing HLA with paralele projection with Pitool rendering at 1.0 and steam vr at 180% ss with the steam vr settings .txt file set at 16 384 max recommended resolution, 120hz mode with normal FOV, in game graphic settings preference set to high, not ultra and my 3090 is limit and not doing much better then my 2080ti to be honest.

After 10-15 minutes of play, I saw with fpsvr than I had more then 15Gb of memory used on my gpu card out of 24Gb and it was just the chapter one at the start with no big intense action yet. This is so so demanding ! Incredible !