RTX 30 Series Discussion - Part 1

yeah I saw those partner cards with their simple triple fan design and thought.


are you really going to have time , with all of this programming you’re doing? well maybe with the resolution of the 8kX you can code in virtual desktop while flying

Indeed, he can, and so can I. How do I know? I’ve done it. The 8kX is the first headset with enough resolution to really not cause eyestrain for such use cases.

Granted though, I tend to be flying something like Elite Dangerous space ships (like waiting for friends or PvP targets to show up) if I’m doing desk work and flying. DCS World jets tend to keep the ‘pilot’ rather busy just following procedures…

MSFS might be great for doing desk work though. No FAA rules about pilots fiddling with personal electronics the whole time with the autopilot keyed on for the whole cross-country airline route. :wink:


True, but as the unreal engine showed modern techniques and technologies can do that…
Can’t find the video, but for the new unity and unreal they showed a lot of high polygone scenes with lod
Edit: can’t find them but the idea was the same in both engines like in this old article https://m.hexus.net/tech/news/graphics/125555-nvidia-shows-turing-mesh-shaders-asteroids-demo/
Unity had one that was flying through a city with flying cars.


I have barely time to sleep. So no, hehe… but once we go public and get some coders into it, maybe I can start to enjoy VR again in between work… :wink:


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Does anybody knows at which time the 3080 will launch exactly at the17th of september?
Something like 00:00 of 17th or 6 am?
Different times around the world?

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Level of detail is why flying to high altitude in DCS World causes less CPU/GPU frame latency, instead of vastly more. It is still a lot of information to process, especially at low altitude.

Also keep in mind some of those tricks look very good on a desktop monitor and absolutely horrible in VR. Elite Dangerous uses bump mapping for terrain, which I used to think was a fantastic idea ever since CryEngine1 (Far Cry 1) did it, but it looks weirdly flat and oddly distorted in VR.

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Probably different from country to country. It will be the official world cup F5-hammer day!


I just asked Nvidia that and the person who I spoke to (via their web chat thing) said they can’t tell me anything more than what’s on the website - great help!!!


The less we know, the more we hype ourselves up… it’s still annoying though :slight_smile:

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Maybe they want to prevent that the severs are going down because of the big rage. If 100Ks of people try to enter the Website at one specific time this can happen.

But for me and the rest of the 99,99 percent of people WHO want to buy it at the first Launch day, it is annoying.

I do not want to look every hour in the website to get one. Maybe I will wait as soon as I can purchase somewhere else a GPU, without any rage.

@Iloyd709 The same for me, sadly

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I guess they will email some time.
Supposedly a few benchmarks leaked - check videocardz.com, they list at least 2 - keep us busy :wink:


for the AoS Bench leak, this is a 2080ti OC as compare




Pimax has taught me patience. I’m not going to buy a 3080 at launch. Instead, I’ll wait for a 3080 Ti/Super with 20GB of vram.


yeah listen to this. Apparently the early benchmarks are little lies. Told everyone to wait for real benchmarks


That’s weird. Pimax has taught me impatience and rage :stuck_out_tongue:


they taught me alcoholism and shame


Nothing wrong with an Ouzo binge. Is there ?