RTX 30 Series Discussion - Part 1

Is this really happening? :slight_smile:

Remember: the RTX2080Ti has 4352 cuda cores.


3080 seems like a killer…Seems they removed NVlink though, too bad, was kind of hoping more VR-companies would support it.


Yeah and starting at $699! Crazy stuff!
But the 3090 will be the real killer :slight_smile:


8k at 60 fps with raytracing but what does that mean for vr. Could we get pimax 8kx with native 4k with 90 fps or more?


Im just thinking. When RTX 2080Ti released, it had around 800-900 cudas more than 1080Ti (from 3500 to 4300 something). And a performance increase by 20-30%.

Now the 3090 has +6000 cuda cores more than 2080Ti. And 24Gb VRAM. I mean, if this cant get the 8KX to run smooth in 90fps (or 75) now, then nothing else will either :rofl:


That’s the old SweViver i know, you really shine your best when you get excited about something!
Honestly miss the video’s. :grin:


The benchmarks for Ampere coming out now I’ve seen are on a PCIE 4.0 Motherboard with 64 GB ram.

All Intel gamers including enthusiasts on 5.2Ghz CPU’s are currently on PCIE 3.0 motherboards with most gamers probably on 16GB memory, meaning that unless a new PCIE 4.0 compatible motherboard/CPU and memory are purchased, the performance you personally experience with a 3080/3090 on your current system, may not be as high as in benchmarks.


If the 3090 and the cabel hdmi or displayport is good enough how high could the fps at native 4k get with the hardware of the 8kx? Could it get 118 fps?

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At this rate, I’ll have my 3090 before my 8kx


Do we need a new motherboard,or is the old one pci 3.0 still fast enough.Or do we loose to much performance then?

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BFGPU had me chuckling


so the 90 is only like 20% faster. thats like 400$ for the ram upgrade alone :rofl:

Very much looking forward to some reviews of these cards… 10GB on the 3080 sounds weak, but what do I know.

With Swedish prices I’ll be looking at $2000 +mobo, cpu, ram. Probably $3500 total, so it will likely be a no-go :fearful:

But how the 8KX runs on my current rig will also be a factor. If it runs very badly I’ll just have to upgrade :smiley:


Question is : how to sell RTX 2080 Ti for a reasonable price ? :crazy_face:


Haha thanks man. Indeed, there will be videos for sure. More geeky than ever :slight_smile: Just gotta get the VR Experience out to public and open source, then I can start to live a normal life again :wink:

Hmm thats true. But how much of s bottleneck will the PCIe 3.0 be really? I remember dual RTX2080Ti basically maxed out the bandwidth, am I correct?

Frame rate can be as high as ever, but HMD refreshrate is still the limit for now…

Did you order 8KX recently?

Good question. Benchmarks will tell, I guess…

Gotta love NVIDIA :slight_smile:

In cuda cores yes, but the 24GB RAM will definitely help more with 4K+ resolutions. I also suspect frequencies will be better on 3090 and higher OC possible.

Yep Im already prepared to put around 17 000 - 20 000SEK on that 3090. Sad but true. And necessary. For enthusiasts with the 8KX or any 4K wide FOV headset, the 3090 will be the only choice. I have learnt this the hard way: Spend more initially, or cheap out and keep being regretful for another 2 years.

I just discussed this with my brother. Its true. Apparently the 3070 is faster than 2080Ti, for 499 usd. If we wanna get anything more than 400 bucks for selling our 2080Ti, its probably better to hurry and do it asap…


If I understand what I watched this morning, all the video and game game demos they unveiled were created on an intel I9-9900. So their demonstrated performance is on 3.0 board.
I’m not a tech; I don’t know how much extra performance the 4.0 would give in gaming or VR. I think the increased bandwidth would have to be good for VR. But again I’m just an old English teacher. I have zero tech skills.

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“Buy once, cry once” I say that every time I spend too much on something :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll happily buy the 3090 if I believe it provides a significant boost above 3080 in gaming.

However, everything I’m seeing seems to indicate only 15-20% extra perf for double the prince, UNLESS the extra VRAM is key.

Unfortunately, I don’t think we’re likely to see benchmarks of an 8kx with 3080/3090 any time soon :frowning:


Haha true. And if I dont spend these extra +800usd by going with 3090, I will spend these 800 on another WMR headset collecting dust from day 1…


Nice time for Dual 2080ti…
Now I want a X with 2 DisplayPort Connectors please. :wink:

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