Right eye blacks out at 114hz

When I use 114hz, after a short while the right eye blacks out. It won’t return until I do reboot HMD from pitool, or hold power cycle the 8KX.

I’m on the 264 pitool beta and the beta firmware .294.

Is this a known issue? Any fixes?

Prior to switching to the beta firmware I had the 118hz option but it did not look right (some stutter and flicker). 114hz looks perfect, about as smooth as 120hz on index, but has this black eye issue.

I haven’t ever seen the issue happen at full res with 75hz.


same happens to me on that pitool and firmware…


Have you gotten any version combinations to work?

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I know someone else reported ghosting on the right eye.


didnt try other versions

I’m having the same issue, seems to only happen in 114hz mode. I am using the latest 264 and latest firmware.


you guys can try PE version, but maybe it doesn’t address the 114 mode or firmware isn’t changed

they need to fix this…


I tried using PE, but it broke all my pitool settings, I removed all the pitool drivers and software and reinstalled 264 beta.

Works fine for me on PiTool 262

i think pitool 264 broke the upcaling mode on the 8kx and the oculus games

is the performance on 262 the same at 264? Or could you tell a difference?

I tried downgrading pitool to .262 as suggested (still with .294 firmware), and I had the same blank eye problem occur again. Has anyone who has seen the issue had luck in fixing it, and which versions of each did you switch to?

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I opened a support ticket about is 5 days ago. Still waiting to hear back, I’ll share what they say.

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It happens to me too with the last (same) pitool 264 and 294 firmware, the pitools with the “Pimax Experience”. PiToolSetup_1.0.2.084

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I’m having similar issues in 114 hz. It’s my left eye lens that blacks out, but the problem is the same.
Also, I’ve been having the headset just quit for a second, go black, and then come back but in a nonfunctional way- like the game screen is overlaid on the Steam VR screen. No way to get back to the game. It seems to happen mostly in Aces High. I have also had trouble with DCS- but my graphics card is underpowered for that game anyhow.

intel 9900k
32gigs ram
Nvidia 1080
PImax 8kx
CH Stick, rudder and throttle.

So far I’ve done this:
uninstalled ptools 284 and Pimax Experience.
set my Bios to normal clockspeed on my intel 9900k
reduced the video settings in the game (Aces High, DX 11

i think its a firmware problem,i hope…

This issue needs to be addressed. It’s becoming a pain. Every time, you change to a new resolution in upscale mode, the right eye blanks out.
This happens in the same game or when start the next game.
Will also raise a ticket so that this gets some priority

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Problem was solved by a firmware update from support. Anyone still having this problem please raise a ticket.


@Goosekr do you have the firmware version number? I haven’t been able to get a response from support.

edit: nevermind, they did respond to the ticket with an experimental firmware, I just didn’t get an email notification.

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