Revive Rant Unvalidated

They have it built in. When you launch an Oculus title it shuts steamvr down (reported broken/isdue in 144 a user posted a work around). In 144 it’s reportef not shutting steamvr down.

In Old old piplay you chose modes manually & it had 2 Oculus modes if mem served

  • Oculus sdk 0.8? Direct mode
  • Oculus sdk 0.6? Extend mode

Then had Pimax Mode(steamvr) & Extended Mode

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Last I heard he accused Pimax of theft without proper accreditation, so I think that bridge was burned.


This is the dev of revive. Pimax should’ve just collaborated with him from the beginning to avoid all this mess. But no, pimax thought they were too good for that. So now we have to play oculus games through pitool where there’s NO chaperone, no turn signal, no openvr advanced settings, no fpsvr, no access to desktop from steamvr dashboard, and where so many oculus games just don’t work…


I take CrossVR at his word. What a shame.


I wouldn’t necessarily as pimax had their own Oculus support on the p4k near when he started. Pimax’s oculus support worked quite well back then using Oculus 0.8 & 0.6 modes. These modes like pimax’s current implementation do not use steam. That mode is seperate.

According to CrossVR Pimax are not using Revive itself, they are only using the injector which is probably the reason that there are no options like there are with Revive.

Which unlike iVRy Dev with NoloVR has not provided proof.

Pimax 4k had 2 Oculus modes plus Pimax mode(steam/direct) & a 4th extend mode.

Early 2016 post playing Oculus without Piplay

@VRKommando was a user here as well explains Direct mode fix

Wmr is a 3rdparty steamvr driver.

Simple pimax is a headset not just an api/hack & pimax needs to get into releasing hotfix patches.


Now folks before jumping to conclusions. Many know the Story of Batman; but how many know the story of The Black Bat Detective?

Kind of amazing how one guy, who basically does Revive in his spare time for free, can be so much more competent than the entirety of Pimax.


Yes he does do it for free & accepts donations. I think Palmer Luckey is still Donating $2000/month. I’m sure that helps with having free time along with others who choose to support donating.

Wrong, he closed his Patreon a long, long time ago. (Before Pimax even launched)

He does it for free.

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So he is no longer accepting Luckey’s cheques? I believe that press release was early last year.

EDiT: Shutdown Aug 2018 due to being hired by Epic games.

Ask him yourself. Unlike Pimax, he actually communicates readily with people and doesn’t evade and deflect.

Here’s the Revive Discord link: Discord

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No he just brings accusations without providing proof.

And who knows if Luckey isn’t still donating in someway.

No he just brings accusations without providing proof.

Look who’s talking.

And who knows if Luckey isn’t still donating in someway.

Look who’s still talking.

How do you figure? Unlike iVRy dev he has not provided any proof to his accusation.

I have only challenged his statement of not having presented evidence. Which is true.

If you mean donations? Well donations have been done long before the patreon platform & some still don’t use it. (That is not an accusation but a possibility)

Why would someone with no financial gain have cause to lie about something like that? It’s his code, I’m pretty sure if Pimax were copying his Revive injector, he’d be the most qualified person to recognize it.

CrossVR has always been impeccable and above reproach. Pimax, on the other hand, has demonstrated time and time again not to be trusted.

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You read up on Batman & the Black Bat anyone would conclude one copied the other as the similarities clearly indicated it.

Both were preparing to sue the other as both believed the other had tried to steal the story. In the end the result both dropped their suits. Concluding parallel evolution. Very good read.

I see, so Pimax and CrossVR developed the exact same injection code mutually exclusive from one another.

Seems 90% plausible.

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