Reverb G2 shipping now?

For me almost the same… exept i use the quest 2 also alot now…lol
The resolution is great on the 8kx what makes it hard to go to the index…But the index has far better comfort and no strain on the eyes…(i wish the 8kx had that,it would be perfect)
But i pick up the quest 2 also alot because off the ease off it…I played onward this afternoon on it and it was fun…


I got my 8KX a few days ago and I found out that the focus distance( the distance your eye need to focus on to see the picture sharp) is way shorter than the other VR-googles.

I have ”perfect eye seight” bit due to age I need reading glasses. After finding the pimax unsharp i got reading glasses thet focus sharp on about 60cm and this made my pimax picture perfect.
I guess that your ”unsharp lense” Might be the same. Worth lookibg into.

I printed a A4 paper with different size letters ( quite small) and took to the shop selling reading glasses and tested until I found the strength that gave the sharpest letters when holding the paper at about 60cm away from the eyes.
I will go to the optician and get proper bigger sized glases when I know the correct focal distance better than now.

If your eyes have different short range visual you might not be able to find the perfect solution with standard reading glasses as each eye might be different. Why not try to read on a paper with smaller letters that you hold at sbout 60cm/2 feet and do it one eye at the time with the other closed? It might show you if the eye is part of the problem.

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Thanks for the insight. I do wear glasses, got a prescription less than a year ago, and i don’t have any issue with my valve index, so i think we can rule out my sight as being the issue here.

Also, picture resolution is only part of the problem: Colors are washed out, audio is on par with my 90’s Nokia phone, the SMAS is uncomfortable, etc…

This is a +1000 USD device !


You absoutely cannot rule out eyesight when comparing HMDs as e.g. the Index has an entirely different focal distance than the 8KX.

But from what I understand, those that cannot get both eyes into focus at the same time can get at least one or the other into focus so that would more likely speak to an asymetrical IPD or a manufacturing defect.

Regarding colours I feel that the panels aren’t as bright as the Index ones but those were already pale compared to an OLED panel. The colours themselves are better than e.g. on my 5K+ and a couple of other LCD panels I have used, at least in my experience.

The SMAS is super comfrotable after I adjusted the hinges but I agree that something like hinge-gate absoutely shouldn’t happen, particularly for such an expensive device.

Also, comfort and optical clarity are notoriously dependant on the facial physiognomy of users on Pimax HMDs and I feel with the 8KX even more so than its previous iterations.

Nope, you can not.
I have Oculus Rift and Hp Reverb and with these I get very sharp picture without glases.
The focal distance in these are much longer, at least 2m so with them it is beyond my age problem. The same is valid for Rift S and HTC Vive Which I tested but do not own.

At least Pimax 8KX has a way much closer focal distance which might cause this.

I understand theres other issues as well, so its your call how to do

I poked a hole in the pimax bubble about a year ago when waiting for the 5K+ and grabbed the Quest1 and I was impresed, then… and now, with the out of the box ease of use and sense of immersive freedom it gives you in VR. No tether, no Basestations, hand tracking, double tap on hmd for external camera view, PC link, Virtual desktop streaming, and when you jump from 8KX to Quest your eyes are immediately relaxed in the steady/clean/non distorted image presented to you. SDE and FOV become much less important (to me) when my eyes are relaxed and almost massaged in comfort lol. I can only imagine what Quest2 and G2 bring to the market. Wide FOV is not the deciding factor I find. Here we are finally with the 8KX in our hands (most of us) and we (some of us) are still looking enviously/curiously outside the bubble.


Agreed. I mean the last thing I thought i’d be doing this year 3 days after receiving the 8kX would be ordering a G2.

But it’s only because I need to see for myself that 8kX truly is the best enthusiast HMD on the market. I’m already sorely disappointed by the audio.

Visuals are actually stunning now especially after going back to the 5k+ (i can never go back) , but even though I am very satisfied now with the X there is this nagging feeling I need to go away. I need to remove the doubt.

The way I see it this is going to go 1 of two ways.

  1. I try the G2 the visuals more or less look the same as the 8kX except the FOV on the Pimax wins.
    a. Despite this G2 's total experience is a perfect package in terms of everything else.
    b. G2 has some hidden caveats of its own that nobody has talked about so far .

in the case of b. I think i would be able to return the G2 with happiness because Pimax would be hands down a good choice and no headset is perfect.

Option 2. 8kX beats the G2 on screen quality , but G2 provides better experience.

Who knows I’ll have to wait and see. Best case scenario for me is I try the G2 and Pimax wins. (better for my wallet)

I already know that the 8kX isn’t going anywhere because even though FOV isn’t everything it is Something and since i’m selling the 5k+ now it is the perfect wide fov option.

Worst case scenario the G2 is too good to return and I end up keeping it and the X (wallet becomes very unhappy)

I’m really hoping the G2 loses here. :hugs:


Its very possible that one can have different degree of fault on the eyes. Inhave 20/20 on both eyes st distance but at closer distance there is a clear diff in the grade of longsightness/presbyopia. My left eye is not that bad and I do se the 8KX a bit blurry but the right eye is very blurry.
With reading glasses I got it to be quite sharp on both eyes but I will go to the optician and get perschripted glasses and then both eyes should be in the sweet spot.

I wouldnt think the most common problem is that the pimax is badly built. Of course this could be the case but as pimax has a focal distance that is closer than some people actually can focus the eye on, the image wiöö be blurry om one or on borh eyes.
This includes me, i have aging seight and have blurry visuals closer than 1-1.2m.
I compensate with glasses under the pimax

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Understood but that’s not what I‘m saying.

I‘m saying users reported they could get both eyes into focus but not both at the same time.

As in the equidistant IPD between the two small sweetspots offered them too small a leeway for clear vision on both eyes at the same time.

If one eye were different to the other in terms of visual acuity, those users would describe a different experience.

It‘s strange that most of the times, IPD for VR headsets is given as the combined number of both left and right distance from the nose when in fact for many users those aren’t the same, as in an IPD of say 60 is rarely 30 left and 30 right but many times e.g. 31 left and 29 right.

When trying to emulate a large FOV, those small differences tend to stack up and even more so when a) the panels are as high res as they are on the 8KX, causing users to notice blurriness outside the sweetspot quicker, b) the lenses are cost effective fresnel design, c) the same lens design is used as in previous models with different panel sizes (read: causing a smaller sweetspot on a smaller panel as it has to be closer to the lens for the same FOV) and d) the corneal vertex distance has been increased with the Comfort Kit.

For me personally this has all resulted in a better optical experience than the 5K+‘s optical train but that‘s basically a physiognomy lottery.

What we do need for more (not all) users to have a great experience are a) better lenses and ones that are matched to the smaller panels, b) an asymmetrical IPD adjustment for both eyes independently and c) a lens depth adjustment mechanism (read: eye relief).

Maybe for c) @mirage335 can come up with something?

b) will be a tough nut to crack as it requires asymmetrical distortion profiles.

a) I would actually like to try and test the waters to see if enough enthusiasts would like to shell out $200 plus shipping to have some high quality custom lenses done in batch. Anyone interested let me know!

I haven’t installed it yet for this reason. Why does everything have to come with a catch with this headset.

Want to use eye tracking on the 5k+ ?
Gotcha! We disguised usb 2 ports as usb 3. So you can only get 30 fps

Want to use eye tracking on the 8kx?
Gotcha! We took out the top usb port because we refuse to design a new enclosure to fit what is clearly a different product on every level to our previous models.

Well okay, at least i can plug it in.
Gotcha! you need to cut a hole in with sharp knives to make it go in.

Well at least once its in it will work.
Gotcha! we moved the screens too close now if you put the eye tracking in it may be too close to actually track your eyes.

Well my eyes aren’t too close due to my sunken eyes doesn’t affect me, time to experience a beautiful 8kx with 40% better framerates.
Gotcha! Our drivers don’t really work well and you will need to hook an ugly cable that loops around the headset to power it or run a cable directly to your pc.

Sure but I have hand tracking coming and it will work great.
Gotcha! You can’t hook them up at the same time because there is only one usb port

Well at least the MAS is super comfy.
Gotcha! The built in speakers sound like a dollar store rotary phone from the 80’s

Whatever I have my own Seinheissers .
Gotcha!! The system gets super hot because despite the new panels creating significantly more heat and possibly needing more ventilation justifying a new mold and possibly passive cooling. We saved cost and reused the same casing.

I don’t care I can handle a little heat.
Gotcha! the eye tracking doesn’t turn off and will also fry your eyeballs with additional heat.

Holy cow at least i’m covered by a exhaustive warranty should anything fail.
Gotcha! What warranty?

Okay can I get a refund, I haven’t even opened the box yet.
Gotcha! You will need to pay shipping back to us and restocking fee.

Whatever I can just go buy another headset from somewhere else
Gotcha! nobody else has an FOV close to us. Please be advised.

Damnit!! I can’t leave.


one thing im curious about with the g2 that could be a bit of a deal breaker. I dont know if @mixedrealityTV tested this.

I had both the odyssey 1 and 2 and in my space i like to keep the lights dim when playing. Its actually one of the reasons I hate nose flaps because I like to look down and see my keyboard when playing certain games or when standing see were I am in the room.

Anyway, both wmr headsets i needed to turn the lights on full brightness to even track the playspace.

I have no such issue with the quest.

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Shannon agrees with your observation

Pimax technically is the only headset that allows tweaking of various settings individually for left and right.

Get an infrared light source. Works for me on the Quest… :wink:

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I will definitely look into G2. 8KX’s main strength is FOV, but most of it is just blur (and some distortions) for me so that not only I stay on ‘small’, I have only fraction of it sharp so it’s quite likely that G2 will have more USEFUL FOV for me if it is more forgiving for my facial anatomy.


From what I gather, this doesn’t work reliably for WMR HMDs or hasn’t for the ones available so far.

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OK. Didn’t know that. I wonder why?

Apparently they either use a different type of camera or have IR filters.

Some hav had some success with specific wavelength IR emitters but at that point I’d probably just install some blue and red LEDs and be done with it.

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I have addressed this before. A lens adjustment mechanism for Pimax headsets is a very bad idea, for the same reason the IPD adjuster currently does not support <<59 IPD. Adding more mechanics will impair the IPD adjustment further, and most likely make keeping the headset in focus very challenging as well.

What we need is a set of modular lens shims, both for IPD and focus. My favorite mounting device for such things has become binder clips…

When you walk into an optician’s office for an eyeglass prescription, there is a good reason the standard equipment is a large bank of lenses, with a few more lenses in drawers, not an adjustable machine. Because all forms for mechanical adjustment have backlash, and are inadequately precise for things like optical focus.

That is also one reason why decent quality binoculars, stereomicroscopes, etc, are expensive and heavy.

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There’s no need to make it that complicated.

It could just be a cowling with an inner and outer part enabling the user to adjust distance to the lenses.

Or different “depth” cowling pieces or spacers with male/female velcro to put between the foam and cowling.

Sure… complicated is better, removal of lenses is a great idea :sweat_smile:
get some dust in there while we are at it :blush:

Sorry… couldn’t help myself :rofl: