Reverb G2 shipping now?

So on a closed FB group on Reverb G2 a guy claims he got a message from HP Canada that his G2 is shipping out tomorrow


His post seems authentic. Some others in the comments say the received the same message. Really hope it’s shipping out!


I received a call directly from HP a few days ago warming me that anybody who claims they had recieved shipping is fake and that they have NOT locked down a ship date yet.


$959.37 ? The HP Reverb G2 is priced that high?

That’s Canadian dollars with conversion and 13 %HST and l would think

Thanks. Still a rather high price though.

$599 USD coverted is $787 Ca so $889 with HST. So $70 high but I suspect they are shipped up from the US and duty and shipping cost wouldn’t leave much diff.


Yeah it is pretty high, but Canadian Money is worth crap.

Even my Quest 2 with elite battery and case was almost $800 CAD

Yeah. On the forums they now claim that it’s shipping next week but I doubt it. Their official word has been november (I think they said half November?) so it’s probably going to be that.

Really looking forward to it, I wish it had a bit more FoV though, that’s really the potential deal breaker.

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I don’t know. Something that has been nagging me lately is that we all know why we are here. FOV.

However I’ve been in a Pimax bubble for so long and I’ve heard several people say that once they decided to leave Pimax (usually due to frustration like this guy for standard headsets like the Index they suddenly remembered what hassle free VR was like. And you start to wonder if the FOV is worth the hassle.

It’s part of the reason I wanted to try the G2, so I ordered one. I want to see what life outside the bubble is like.I’ve been in the bubble for 3 years and I still don’t have base stations or controllers.

Trying the Quest 2 I remember being so impressed that FOV didnt matter that much.
If the G2 is insanely better overall it might be worth keeping.

We know the headphones are going to be perfect.
We know the comfort is going to be excellent
We know the lenses while SMALL will offer perfect vision, with 0 distortion .
We also know that the panels are apparently near OLED quality so…

thats a hell of alot of pluses


i just want the best that currently works


Welcome in our bubble then :wink: i used Rift/Vive back in the days and fell in love with the promises of Pimax. After that i got trapped in this bubble of Pimax, constantly tinkering with everthing.

After recieving the 8KX i liked the resolution, but i fear this reveals its flaws: Lenses and Plug&Play. The resolution just punches you right in your face if something is wrong, like calibration of the sweetspot. I cannot put a Pimax HMD on and it just fits and everthing is fine. This is the same with my 5K+, but due to the lower resolution it doesn’t matter that much and i get less eyestrain from it. Biggest problem for me now is that i can’t move my eyes inside the 8KX, which may render the eyetracking somewhat useless (i will recieve it on monday). Guess i will use the 5K+ with eyetracking and sell the 8KX :man_shrugging:

I ordered the G2 as well, as i never tried another recent headset and i want to see for myself, what life is outside the bubble :grin: i am playing on normal FOV or most often even on small FOV with the Pimax, so i think i will be fine with the G2 FOV (should be a bit smaller than small FOV which is fine)

Back to topic: I ordered from HP webpage later, so i am in the second batch. It still says november 16th, but the article description said “delivery early december” which is confusing as i get confirmation emails about the november 16th :sweat_smile: (not shipping confirmation but confirmation of the estimated shipping)


I ordered from HP’s canadian website. Im pretty sure the US and Canada sites only pull from their own stock. So its possible that the wait tine coukd be less in Canada.

I remember when G1 came out it wasnt even available in the Canada version of the site at all.

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and we have at least 2 years of warranty


I’m really looking forward to receiving the G2 after the 8kx has turned up faulty and the hassle that follows. I’m confident the G2 will work out of the box and be great.


Same here, g2 ordered


Cool I’m sure it will be an excellent HMD. How have you got on with your 8KX? Mine turned up very late and faulty.


It’s very far off the hype Pimax built up.
The audio solution is crap, so is the comfort and the sweetspot
Just like the other users, one lense is sharp and the other blurry, regardless of how you adjust the ipd. Of course the promised extra foam was not included so i couldn’t really test with it
Very disappointed overall, definitely not worth 1 year of wait, i plugged back my valve index, and the 8kx is gonna go


That’s a shame it was a complete hassle to get it and it’s worse than your index for you. I am going to have another go when I get a replacement. I am very disappointed in the clarity and mura it’s way worse than the Reverb G1 but I might not have it set up correctly.
Hope u get a good price for the 8KX.

I’ve been torn between the headsets (one day thinking the X was better, the other day the Index). But lately I find myself using the 8k-X and not the Index. The index does many things better but in the end, resolution + FoV just have so much impact that I keep going back to the 8k-X.


That’s great but the X ought to be the clear winner going by specs alone. I’m pleased your enjoying your Pimax. I had a lot of hassle getting mine and it turned up faulty so it’s hard for me to say or think anything positive.

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