[RESOLVED]Pimax 5K+ diagnose 10600 displayport not detected

Hello everyone,

i receved my 5K+ today at 2PM, it is now midnight and i havn’t found the solution. Tried many tips from the forum :

  • Switch usb / displayports
  • Unistall/reinstall pitool, 129, 180, 197 etc.
  • Unistall Oculus
  • install reinstall lastest version off Nvidia driver
  • flashing with older firmware (176) that shut down my headset then back on the good version.
  • plug on the motherboard the display port
    And so on…

I really don’t know what to do know, just red that some people had teamviewer session that helped some times. Maybe there is a specific driver to user with my setup? Or it is an hardware issue?

here is my setup :
Asus Z97a
Asus Rog Strix 2080ti OC 11G
Intel 4790K 4ghz
16g or RAM
Windows 10 64bits

If you have some ideas, i’m reading…Thank you for your help !

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Can you try the help tab in Pitool & select Diagnose. Please post Screen shot.

I would file a support Ticket in case a Teamviewer session is needed.

Hello Heliosurge, thanks for your quick answer, here are the screens :


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By the looks of it you may need to disable the Intel HD graphics in the Bios & possibly in Windows Device Manager.

The Intel Integrated Graphics is likely interfering.


Hi C-Dric and Heliosurge.
I´m in the same problem.
Only diference is GTX 1080Ti
VC: Missing VC components.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Tino,

You will need to install Visual C redistrubute.

Should come with Pitool & often comes with a variety of games.

Will see if can find a stand alone link.


Thankyou very much for your fast answer Heliosurge.
I have installed the VC package as you said but the problem persists.
Don´t know what to do.


P.S: Same diagnose.

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Same issue even by desable Intel HD graphics :confused:

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Hmm… Maybe try a reinstall of pitool & see if that works. If you haven’t filed a support ticket yet might br good to get one started in case we can’t figure this out.

Maybe @SweViver might have some time to weigh in.

Is the Intel graphics also disabled in Bios?

If you haven’t filed a support ticket yet might be an idea in case need the team to setup a Teamviewer session.

Hello @C-Dric and @Tino
Is it possible to test your headset with another PC?


It is disable on the bios but the problem is the same.

@Trevor : I can’t test on another PC this one is the only one to have displayport at home… Currently the firmware installed on my 5K+ is the

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@neal_white_iii @DrWilken do you have any ideas other than a cable problem…?


Don’t know it took me around 10 hours to read and test all the previous 10600 and 10500 erros on the forum. Some times it was “just” a câble issue. So, I gonna return my headset bad luck… :confused:

Anyway, Thanks for trying to help guys, i appreciate it.

P.S : How can i get a teamviewer session? (that could be my last try before return the product)


You need to create a ticket and one of the tech support guys will contact You… :wink:

If needed @Konger might be able to push this ticket forward once it’s created, so post the ticket number here.

It’s created here:

You might also find a solution in the Wiki:

The only extra things I can think of is if You’re using extension cables try without them and make sure the standard cable is firmly connected in the headset (it does come loose if the cowling is pushed down a bit).

Here’s a video showing how it works:


@C-Dric is it possible you could borrow a cable from someone and test? You are in France?
Maybe @Ludiks could help somehow.


Salut Cédric,

Tu es de quel coin? Au cas ou…on ne sais jamais tu es peut être pas loin, je suis dans le Vaucluse.
Est ce que tu veux qu’on se parle vite fait en vocal, genre par discord pour jeter un oeil ou quoi?.

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@DrWilken Thanks for the links, i’m trying to unplug the câble, it is maybe the solution. Here is my ticket : #21,727 @Konger

@TrevorVR Good idea and yes i’m in Paris.

@Ludiks Salut merci de ton aide, oui je suis tout à fait partant pour qu’on en parle en vocal voici mon discord : SCT | C-Dric#8903
J’ai aussi un discord que tu peux rejoindre si tu veux : https://discord.gg/H4VdhG


Thankyou TrevorVR.
I did it, and it works in my brothers PC.