[Replied]Pimax 5k+ turns black every few seconds and white pixel flickering


I have issues with my 5k+. The screen has white flickering pixels all over the place and the screen turns black every few seconds for a short amount of time. It happens in every application.

Example video:

I tried different USB ports even on an pci usb card, different display ports on the gpu, Removing and reattaching the cable on the headset. I tried a universal power cord but it didn’t really work headset will stay 90% black with it. (specs and connector is correct).

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Turn off PiHome it’s currently just wastes resources.

Please post your system specs.

@anon74848233 please add to earlybackers group.

i7-9700k @5.0GHz
16GB DDR4 3200MHz
RTX 2080 Ti
1x Lighthouse 1.0 / No controllers (I only want to use the headset for Simracing)

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Nice setup! @park likely have some insights for single LH setups.

Tracking is working perfectly for me. Game is running fine. Only issue is the black screen every few seconds and the white dots. Seems like a signal issue. I ordered some noice filters and a different DC power plug. (They should arrive tomorrow)
I think the issue is the cable itself. Which I can’t replace on my own.

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Indeed could be a cable issue. If so might be good to submit a support Ticket (might be best to submit on the 10th with the CNY)

If you have the option try on a different pc.

I agree…judging by other posts sounds like a dodgy cable

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I think all three parts of the cable could use filters for a total of 4. (@Sean.Huang @PimaxVR @anon74848233 @Matthew.Xu @anon23564932) to reduce possible interference.

1 @ headset input
1 @ DP pc in
1 @ Usb pc in
1 @ wall plug psu

But yeah likely a cable issue

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I got the same issues (5K+, i7-6700, 16GB DDR4, GTX 1080 Ti, 2x Lighthouse) and Pimax seems to be pretty slow about it. I mailed their support on Jan 24. Five whole days later they responded and asked for a video which I sent them about half a day later. And since then it has been six days without any sign of life from them. And due to Chinese New Year I guess I can’t expect any for a good week at least. This is frustrating to say the least.


Replaced the dc power plug, added 4 ferrit cores. Nothing still the same issues

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Hopefully after the CNY support gets on top of these issues. If you have a Supen number post it here @anon74848233.

@anon74848233 please add to earlybackers

Ticketnumber: SUPEN-1809 @anon74848233 @Sean.Huang

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They changed my ticket to “Work in Progress” but nothing else. Still waiting for an answer.

We will check it soon

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They tried to fix my issues over teamviewer for over 3 hours. Seems like the black screen issue is new for them.
They told me I will get a a new device and I should send my old one to them.


good news so far, you get an new one. Did you have to pay sending?
Did they know how long it will take? You are a backer and they promissed to send headsets prompt without waiting for reseve the old one in an update, is this still so?

ok,after discussing,we will send new one to you,you send this old back,our engineer will test it
please tell me your backer ID ,mail address ,SN ,now
pay attention to your mail box
after -sale will contact you
ok,all over,we will contact you by mail,keep in touch

these are parts of the chat with them. All I know so far

You have opened a supon!? so why ask again for personal info? I have the feeling the support didn’t read the supon. I was asked for a video but i also have post 2 in this forum and linked it to my supon. And why did they have to ask you again about Backer ID, Mail Aaddress etc.?? I didn’t get it.

Also I didn’t understand, should you sent your old back before receving the new one?

I like what i saw with my pimax and I am still a fan but I hate to wait for response from support and the decision to sent an exchange hmd to me. :frowning:

I hope the after-sale team write you soon.

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Oh nooo :hushed:

I have the same problem with the white/colored dots AND the black screen every 20-30 sec and I hoped that this issue could be solved with a new cable and not replacing the whole headset.
Tried out all workarounds. The sparkling was getting a little better with tin-foil and Rankie DP extention cable but its not gone and the blackscreen-problem stays the same.

@Doman.Chen SUPEN 2054 - Should I also make a video of the issue to help you and to accelerate the ticket?

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Received 5K+ yesterday, backer 57XX. Like several others in many threads I too have this “flashing dots” or “noise” issue. I also have the black screen flicker issue but at best it may repeat every couple of minutes, not seconds.

Things I tried that did not resolve anything:

  • Remove all extra devices (usb hubs etc).
  • Wrap aluminum foil around the Pimax power input box
  • Try different gpu displayports
  • Try different USB ports
  • Try different wall power sockets
  • Reseat the cable of the HMD.
  • Increase SteamVR power saving setting from 5s (what?) to 10 minutes

I don’t have a compatible power adapter so I can’t try that. The pixel flickering has been solved with a new cable but the black screen issue is weird. It seems like if you start SteamVR before pimax software or a crash happens both issues become worse: bigger flashing dots (maybe fov issue?) and the black screen flicker occurs every few seconds. After Windows reboot or shutdown things get better again.

What’s next, try updating the pimax software and firmware? I now have Firmware and Pimax

Vive works flawlessly, but now that fov is painful to look at.

Really hoping it’s just a cable issue.

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