[Replied]Oculus games won’t start in Pitool

Just setting up my 5k+ . Can anyone tell how to start Oculus games? When I try to start from pitool nothing happens and it’s the same with steam games but I can start steam games from steam .

Did you input oculus games to pitool interface?

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They just appeared when I installed pitools . Do I still need to manually import them ?

No need,just open them.

When I click on them nothing happens .

Did you trun on steamvr when you run oculus games?

Yes I have steam vr running

Pitool says I need to launch Oculus services

Yes,please launch oculus sevices first and turn off steamvr before you run oculus games.

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Oculus service and steam Vr are running but still games won’t start

Did you update to latest pitool version?

Yes I have installed the latest version

As I said I can run steam games but I have to start them from steam

All my oculus games show up in pitool but they won’t start .

I will keep trying different things . My machine is way over due for a formatt and fresh windows 10 install . Thanks for your very fast response to my questions .

Is your oculus games run normal before?

Yes they all ran fine . Don’t worry too much just yet . I will keep trying to figure it out . I think it might be a problem at my end .

Sounds good,please export log and PM me,I will ask our engineer to check together,thanks.

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I will . Thanks for your help Doman :+1:

Is this normal ? When I am in dark areas they get washed out by this yellow glow that makes everything hazy . @spamenigma