[Replied]Any Aussie's recieved their Headsets yet

I’m just trying to see when I should expect my headset. I’m 3056.
No shipping info as yet.

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Same. Another Aussie here, no tracking information received yet. Was being delivered to SH by the 14th. Backer number 36XX

No I haven’t even received a tracking no yet .

Mine is supposed to be on its way to the overseas warehouse, been over a week now and no tracking email. Backer #1590 from Sydney.

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One of the first backers to receive theirs was aussie mate :stuck_out_tongue:

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@Matthew.Xu @anon74848233
Can you please explain to us what’s going on with the Australian shipments please. It seems from what I’ve deduced is that we don’t have a distribution point here so ours are going through the uk somehow, which just doesn’t make sense. Please clarify where approximately you think the shipment from the 14/1/19 is as I think that’s where a fair few of the Australian bound ones are, or at least that’s what I’m hoping.
We’ve been patient. I’ve been a member here for years as I already have had a 4K for a while. Just some honest info please. Not asking much, not ranting, just want some form of acknowledgement of where ours are actually going to from Shanghai.


Sadly not as im an 8K backer who stayed with the 8K and am mid #4500s, so dont expect mine for quite a while still.

Nothing here but I’m a late backer.
Spreadsheet said SH by 18/1 for me last time I looked.

NZ backer here #49xx No tracking number. Would be nice to have some official estimate for delivery and a tracking number, especially considering I’ve shifted house twice in the last 14 months I’m not sure where they’re going to send it now

Yeah after reading that awesome apology letter from Pimax I actually believed we would all have our headsets by now but they aren’t even halfway yet .

Your headset has shipped already.

It might on the way to HK warehouse(or arrived but not under arrangement),we will send you tracking number after HK deliver the package.

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Same boat as you - mid 4600 tho.
Hopefully it’ll work out well that i’m away for 10 days in Feb - if my recent support request to change to 5k+ had been successful I bet the HMD would have arrived the day after I left and then been returned to sender before I got home!

Ahhh, so the Australian shipment is going via Hong Kong which makes much more sense and is probably coming ems then.
Thanks for the update @anon74848233 Cheers

Well thats good, coming from Hong Kong vs The Uk! backer 61XX for the aussies hope to see this beautiful thing soon@

Thanks Dallas. I hope to get it soon.
Do you think they will ship to Australia Before the New Years Shut down?

I am a Backer in the low 1000 and I got my 8K.

Shipping notice happened after it was received and it wash shipped via FedEx.

Be patient, it will arrive.

There are plenty of headsets in HK warehouse waiting to be delivered,Australia backers will receive the tracking number soon


Thank you for the update Dallas.

Shame there is no way to get fedex to catch your name and send tracking information. I signed up to fedex so if I do get tracking I’ll let you all know

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Did anybody get their Tracking numbers yet?
The spreadsheet says it’s shipping but nothing from @anon74848233 on the tracking numbers.
Does anybody know who it is being shipped with?

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