[Replied]5k+ Thousands of random sparkling pixels (different colors) all over the HMD, and black screen flickering (image going off/on)

Just got my 5k+

I have a lot of randomized sparkling piksel (noise) all over the display. This issue is there all the time, but increases after more usage. It is subtle in the start…but after a couple of minutes the intensity and amount of sparkles increases.

The HDM also goes black (loss of image) for a split second, and then comes back again. This happes about 3-4 times a minute.

I am unable to register on the support (link at top), get a message that registration in “unavailable”.

Order: P1109
HMD serialnumber: 20360085000544

Please advice!


Please take a video about this issue.

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Video? That is not nessesary. There are many many customers reporting the exact same issue.

The issue seems to be in 9.5/10 to be a faulty (badly shielded) cable. I have tried to reseat the cable going into the headset, that did not help.

Please just send me a new (tested) replacement cable. I have already waited a looooong time for the Pimax 5K+ (and it is not cheap) - so this is kinda disapointing to be honest.

I can understand that there are (early) issues with the HMD, but I don’t want to wait and wait and wait for a new cable… please just send me a replacement cable.

Here are some of the posts regarding this issue:



Having the exact same issue here with my 5K+.


Please just send him another cable and send another cable to the many other Pimax users with this same issue. :exploding_head:

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I will ask our after sales dept to contact asap.please be patient.

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I am the OP.

Folks, to temporary fix this (while we wait for a replacement cable) we can wrap some aluminium foil around the “hub/splitter” where we plug in the power to the Display Port hub/splitter/box something.

Just wrap aluminium foil around this “hub/splitter” and 10cm on each end of the DP cable cable going in/out from this “hub/splitter”. Other users have tried this with success, and I tried for about 30 minutes yesterday - and I saw no more random sparkling pixels! I need to test this in a much longer VR session, but I wanted to report my finding now if it can help others.

This strongly indicates that the DP cable/hub/splitter/power inlet is badly shielded. A new properly shielded cable is required. But by doing this, we can actually use the HMD while we wait for a replacement.

Pimax, this issue needs to be sorted asap before more “faulty cables” (HDM’s) are sent to customers. I am not 100% sure that it is the cable shielding, but it seems that this is the case.


Yes,the new replacement cable will 100% fix this issue.


Is it possible to upload a photo how exactly you shield it? Good for everyone, thanks!

Yeah, I saw another thred where there was a photo, I am at work now… I will try to find it and post it here…

EDIT: Found two images…posted furter down in this thread…

FYI this does not work for most people, e.g. me. I’m pretty sure the first person that tried it also reported that after a little while it was back just as bad.

Okay thanks,looking forward!

Could you offer the cable in shop? Maybe a good possibility for all backers to buy some with there vouchers to have some when it broke by trampling on it or driving over it with the chair?

Here is an image as an example of “custom shielded cable/hub/splitter”
Image is from @Creep (I hope it is ok that i “borrow” your image to help others with this issue):

Here is another image as an example of “custom shielded cable/hub/splitter”
Image is from @CyrilJ (I hope it is ok that i “borrow” your image to help others with this issue):

Just a little warning: I am a little worried about heat, and heat buildup…so I would unplug the power when not using the HMD

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Have the same Problem. Aluminium foil doesn’t work form me…
baker no. 5621
Signing up in the support forum doesn’t work

Doesn’t work for me too ! but we have the same issue :thinking:
baker 5464



You cs3n just turn it off by holding the power button on the headset.

Oh I fully expect my replacement cable to not fix it, nothing they have done so far has instilled confidence in me or their abilities. I had the sparkling issue, but now it has started to black out. YAY!


I have the same issue… Red blue and green pixels sparkling with the screen flicker also.

I can’t raise a ticket as the service is unavailable, i am backer 5966. If the problem is the cable, why were they not checked?

Can you please send me a new cable please so that i can use my pimax 5k+.



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