Replacement defective

In this moment i am I’m completely disappointed!

My family and friends have warned me. You’re going to buy something from china? They do not care about the quality… You’ll be sorry for backing it up.

I always I defended this company, that pimax was diferent.

but it seems that i am wrong. I received my first headset with lots of problems. yellow light bleed and flickering white/color dots.

At least they give me the oportunity of replacement and for this i was grateful.

I talked with sean huang saying that i was afraid that the cable was again defective and the responsive was

"HI, jeronimo

sorry for late reply!

I have revised the address for you!

We have some problems for cables, so we will delay to send out after 3/12 and to make sure the cable quality.

But i think 5K+ is still a better choice than 8k as my personal advice:)

tks for your understanding!"

So they have problems with cables. I waited a month to receive the headset after /3/12 and for my surprise the replacement has exactly the same problems.

yellow light bleed from all corners- I’m already thinking that this is normal and any headset i will receive will be like this. its more pronounced when i have the eyes further from the lens. but because i use glasses i need to be further.

Some sort of smoke/fog on the lens - for me its the worst. I tried to clean and nothing disappears. i think its because of the light bleed covers some part of the lens and give this type of fog.

The flickering color/white dots - pimax its all with empty words. The things that they say dont have any meaning. Why the hell i still have problems with the cable when you said that this will be fixed.

The clarity of 5k+ is perfect and sde its almost nonexistent (much better than lenovo explorer) but the fog its a deal breaker for me. I dont understand why the headset have this and nobody complains.

The question is? the 8k has this fog and light bleed problem? people talk about the distortion but for me this 2 things are much worst that the distortions.


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Probably because people that complain simply get banned… I have been chasing a refund for the last few weeks and even though I have been informed I will receive a refund, nothing seems to be progressing…

I had very similar issues, but I knew it was a design flaw and not a faulty device… Mine was so washed out that it almost looked black and white… I also have massive distortion that makes it unwearable.

I very much believe that Pimax can and will fix these issues… !!! However, at the current point in time, I also believe it was a major mistake releasing this device for retail sales. In PimaxUSA’s own words, it is only ready for ‘tinkerers’ .


hello, I also have problems with pimax.
flickering pixels …
I’m waiting for my third replacement cable.
my job will be over soon.
If these errors are not resolved soon, I will reclaim my money …
so much money for such a garbage


You did pre order? i did back the headset- I think i cant have a refund. if i could have it was best. because for me the headset its no ready. to much problems for so much money. The sde and fov its great but the quality problem of the cables/screen (yellow bleed light) its a deal breaker. i have the lenovo explorer that was 250€. in almost one year i didnt have a single problem… pimax you need to improve the quality…

Agreed, however, I truly hope Pimax digs their heels in and decides to fix these issues, AND makes this fix available for those people that have, in good faith, purchased a product that is simply not working for them. I would have stuck it out with my current 5K+ if I had some form of reassurance or confidence that the issues would be fixed. So far I have had to spend hundreds of dollars more than my initial purchase price to try and make the device ‘fit’.

no, I’m a backer…

I don’t find that myself. So unless it’s something common to lcd then I’d say defective.

@spamenigma has had lightbleed & I believe has a good one if not mistaken.

Have you tried decreasing brightness?


The lenovo explorer is lcd and dont have nothing like this. but two pimax 5k+ headsets with the same problem dont give me trust that the third headset will be good… if this its not defective the headset has horrible screens and they need to change.

I didnt try decreasing, it stayed at normal but in normal should not have this problem. and i have the cable problem that was supposed to be fine. you have this problem in your headsets? do you think the 8k has better screen with less light bleed and fog?


I haven’t found this issue with either headset. @bubbleball & @SweViver @park would be good folks to weigh in.

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i dont understand why have this yellow fog problem… for me its the worst. breaks the imersion even more than having a small fov

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I don’t either. Might need calibration. Sounds like possibly color warmth? Wonder if might be an issue with wrong leds in backlight?

If it’s calibration they might be able to adjust remotely.

Either way not good for a replacement unit.

I do not know. i know that i am completly disappoitend and afraid that the a future replacement will have the same problems.

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Indeed they need to step up quality & on a replacement should have an extra check before shipping.

In theory clpl should be between lcd & at least Qled for quality.

flikering dot can fix by cable.

yellow light bleed, I can see when the screen is dark and I am not sure that all headset be like that or not because when I try the dark game, it look it has some light cover the image and make you can’t see object clearly in the dark.

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Can be fixed, but they said that would send the new headset with the correct cable and i received with a defective one… So, in this moment my trust its very low.

In dark games i see always some sort of yellow fog like if I were looking through a window instead being in game even with almost zero sde. lenovo have much more sde but at least i feel imersive.

in colors i dont see the yelow but is like some dirty that you try to clean and do not disappear.


Did you clean both sides of the lens and the film divider in the headset? You can easily remove the lenses with a suction cup and then use glass cleaning cloth.

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You can remove the lenses? Care to make a youtube video and show us what you use and how its done?

I am not sure that you can easily remove the lenses. While you can possibly remove them, it seems they might be “glued” in.

I would recommend removing the lenses and cleaning them only when you are pretty sure that Pimax won’t help you, because it is very easy to make things worse (unless you work in special gloves in dust free environment and use special non-staining solutions for cleaning).

They are glued in (just a tiny bit on the edges) but I haven’t heard about anyone having issues removing them.

There is no need to work in a clean room for this. The plastic film/divider directly behind the lenses prevents any dust from getting inside the headset and you can just blow/wipe it off if any gets on it. Regarding the “non-staining solutions” all you need is a standard lens cloth (doesn’t leave any marks).

its not dirt. its the light bleed that makes some fog that seems dirt in colors.