Reflects that appear only on one screen (SSAO issue ?)


Some games have an issue about reflects that appear on only on one of the 2 screens.
(enable/disable Parallel Projection don’t solve it)

It’s weird and not very enjoyable for the vision. (One eye can see the light reflect on some objects and the other not)

I notice this issue on games like Seeking Dawn, Solus Project, Blasters of the Universe …

Is there something to do to avoid it ?


I had this issue when I played with different settings in Pitool and Steamvr.
Interestingly it happened when the settings were too low. After raising the settings in Pitool above 1 and more than 30% ss in Steamvr, the issue went away.
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Could be that one of your panel is brighter than the other, you can check that with the last beta.

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Thanks for your feedback!
I tried to put Pitool at 1.25 and steam ss to 1.5 bit I unfortunatly have still the same issue.

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@Sofian, in fact it is not about the brightness of the screen but about reflects that appear of some objects in some games only in one screen.

For exemple, you will see a grey rock with the right eye and the left eye will see a white reflect on it.
You don’t see the same rock color with your 2 eyes. Normally we should be able to see the white reflect on the rock with both eyes.

This is a very disturbing effect when your 2 eyes don’t see the same thing. I am even quite sure it is not very good for the vision.

I precise that I notice this issue with all Pitool 109 --> 121

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If you see it in all PiTool versions and turning the parallel projection on/off does not have any effect on it, I would suspect the problem is in the games and not in the headset. Especially if it is manifested by a visual object presumably rendered by the game engine (as the reflection is) and only shown in one eye and not the other.

A long time ago there was a discussion about something similar in the Elite Dangerous (


I had a similar issue (weird shadow/haze-like thing on one screen only) with Vector 36 where I had to disable two options in the settings:

  • Motion Blur
  • Ambient Occlusion

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Yes it seems to be the same issue on Elite Dangerous.

Below is a capture I just made of Blasters of the Universe where we can clearly see the issue :


In the picture you posted I noticed that it looks like in the left eye image there is a light source, which is not directly visible, but which lights the three cubes under the left hand of the character up. The difference you found could be the reflection of the same light source visible on this particular surface.

Now, why this particular light is rendered in the left eye only is the question for the devs, but I am pretty sure, this is a problem with the game engine (possibly some custom shader, being processed only over the left eye view and not both).



Exactly and I noticed that quite some games have this kind of issue.

For some of them, the issue is resolved by activating PP (The Forest) and for some by disabelling some parameters in game (Vector 36, Solus Project)

Unfortunatly, it seems that we can do nothing for the moment with some games.

Maybe something can be done with pitool software to avoid this kind of issues.

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I believe in both cases (when PP helps and when it does not) the problem is with some custom shader, which has been “optimized” for one-pass (e.g. for the left eye) and which uses some “magic” for the other eye, and the “magic” stops working when you run the game on the headset which, either has angled panels (projection views), or the projection views have different geometry (i.e. wider or asymmetrical FOV) than the one the devs used for fine tuning their “magic”. Beat Saber (with the parallel projection off) is another example.


Interesting… In The Solus Project can you post a pic of a couple of areas. Haven’t noticed it myself when in Solus.

@Sean.Huang @Doman.Chen @anon74848233

This will be helpful for the team to test for themselves. If you have spots in other games mentioned would be a boon for evaluation.

This was actually an effect used by Viewmaster to createva 3d picture effect. An object would only be present on 1 negative on 1 eye.

It was a long time that I have not play Solus (because I reinstalled my PC and loose all my game progression).
I relaunched it today and I can’t reproduce the issue I was used to notice. Maybe it was corrected by a game update or something else?! I remember that I had to low some graphics settings in order to avoid seeing some rendering differences on some elements (it was particulary visible on the rocks when you were outside on the game.).

I can still notice some irregularities like these 2 below but they are minus one and not a game breaker as it used to be :



Some render details on some elements even if it is maybe quite difficult to see on screen capture below are very visible when in game.

We can also distinguish a strange blur on the element of the top left of the left panel that don’t appear on the right which is very sharp.

I precise that my captures are windows screen captures which are taken from steamvr mirror screen.


Keep in mind if it’s the position of the sun with wider FoV some details would not be in both eyes due to peripheral.

The space scene though seems to have an extra dot though…

Breaking Dawn does seem to have a few irregularities… Ie height positions seem to be off unless these are more simulated. And some details are not in both frames (but might be done to create a 3d effect like a viewmaster)


I have to precise regarding the capture of Solus with the sun that irregularities that I wanted to show are more related to the drops of water on the first plan that have some black on the right panel and some white in the left panel. (and some are reverse)

It’s maybe my perception but I believe that the fact to render differently on each eye some objects feels not natural and i am not sure that this kind of situation exist in real life.

I didn’t try to re-test these games on Vive yet but I’m quite sure these kind of issues didn’t appear on the htc vive where these games were developped for it. (I admit that I am not very motivated to go back to the vive even for a test because once you have the pimax, it’s very hard to back to the vive :slight_smile: )

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Same issue on “XING The Land Beyond” .

On Xing, I notice that disabling SSAO on the menu solve this issue. All others parameters are at max level.

Maybe Pitool is not working well with games using SSAO.

(SSAO - Screen Space Ambient Occlusion)