Rec 5k+ Tried Getting Started Faq

Just received my 5k today. downgrade from the 8k as backer. I simply cannot find a solution for my headset not being recognized. MSI Gaming i7700/24g ram/1080ti W10 64. tried all the web help and nothing is working. Dr Pi says go on everything. Rebooted several times. tried all my usb portsall firmware up to date . latest pitool. please help

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Are you running light houses? if so make sure that the headset can be seen by both light houses. hope that helps

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Title Updated. Congrats on receiving.

@anon74848233 please add yo earlybackers.

What is the error code? Your headset with wall power plug in. What is the top led color? Red?

Which pitool version are you using?

The common checklist is:

1 - Check if the powersupply is actually delivering 12v and the cable of it is firmly pluged in the HMD cord.
2 - Test another USB 3.0 port, always use BACK (in the motherboard) USB intel 3.0 ports
3 - Check if the end of the cable that goes inside the HMD is firmly plugged in


thanks, I tried all USB ports (2 are specifically VR), checked all cables, the headset has power, lights red

What is the error code in pitool?

Have you tried every display port on your video card ? I have seen this work for other backers.


thanks to all for the help. turns out it was a buggy install. I have been able to load steam and look around. ( I have no base stations or vive cont, My other set is the Odyssey.) I do have a huge amount of red/green sparkle. looks like is raining. this is all applications. Piplay doesn’t recognize the Pimax but Pitools does.

Uninstall or kill piplay & piservers. Piplay is only for the pimax 4k. If you don’t have a p4k uninstall entirely. Use ccleaner to ensure full removal. Reinstall pitool & let us know. Piplay might be causing problems.

Piplay is for pimax 4k
Pitool is primarily for 5k & 8k but may run the p4k.

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The sparkle may be due to a loose cable connection or a bad video cable (which is a problem that has been reported multiple times. Try a different Display Port on the video card and pushing firmly on the connection on the headset.