RE housing in stock

We now have some RE (Blue coated) housing in stock If you want to have your cracked housing replaced. You can check it out on Webshop | or contact us on The price includes VAT and free shipping in Sweden. The price also includes The work for replacement.


Have you considered translating your website into English, at least?


Has anyone made a change of housing with this company? It would be nice to have an opinion.

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Pricing in Euro and Dollar would be helpful, too. :wink:


We are working on a translation into English. Not sure when it Will be published through.


Aprox 225 USD / 195 EUR


Ok, thanks for letting us know.

We also have Comfort kit and spare cables in stock.


wow, i thought it would be around 100$, pretty pricey for a plastic shell.


The Black housing would be cheaper but we have chosen to only use The RE housing.

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Also remember that this includes The work to replace The housing.

How much for just the housing to be shipped?


I don’t think anyone wants the black housing so a wise decision. :beers::sunglasses::vulcan_salute::sparkles:


It depends on where you live. If you just want it shipped and replace it yourself (not recommended) then The shipping Will probably be included in The price. Send us an inquiry and we Will calculate.

Simply put what is the cost of the RE Housing before shipping. There are some of us that would replace it ourselves as we have experience changing far more complicated devices.

I myself am in Canada. Now what kind of extended warranty do you offer on the complete headset?

Myself would likely only need Front housing but assume it is unlikely you would have these sold separately from the rest of the housing.


The price for the RE housing without shipping is 1750 SEK / 195 USD / 170 EUR
AT this point we can not just offer The front. Ofcourse we could check it out If you want us to.

If you replace The housing yourself then we leave no guarantee.
On our work we leave 3 months extended warranty on things caused by our work.
That oughta be enough time to find malfunctions.


Just for your information. When you replace The Black housing with The RE housing, The chevron won’t work as before. You can not change The color anymore. The chevron Will remain green. This is not a malfunctions. This is caused by The compability.

If you still have warranty left on your headset and want to replace The housing. Then we Will talk with The Pimax team and see How we could solve it.

That’s really interesting, I’d love to tear one down and understand why other colors wont work, figured it was just RGB leds. I think the pricing is reasonable given the man hours it takes, will definitely keep in mind for the future if my cracks get worse.

So the RE front panel does not have the RGB leds only green?