Question: Was the Kickstarter prototype a huge fraud?

Hello @Pimax-Support @Matthew.Xu @deletedpimaxrep1

Here is the feeling that spread in the community:

You have presented a prototype last year to promote the Kickstarter that is simply too expensive to produce (especially for lenses) And now you are blocked to reduce the manufacturing cost and this is creating delays. Some backers are not even sure that you will be able to achieve this…

So is it true ? Was your prototype a big lie ? Did you always knew you couldn’t produce the HMD as presented ?

The lack of communication on your side, the delays and the bad feedbacks of new version in CES 2018 really tend to confirm this theory.

The main interest of the Pimax 8K was to be a transition between current HMDs and next generation (LG, Google, Apple …). The initial date was JAN18. Now, looking at where we are, there is few chance to even get the Pimax 8K before 2019 (I am backer >5000).

We all knew the rules when we backed the Pimax, but you sold us an almost completed product and a delay of few month so we could easily estimate that we got scammed.

Please prove us (backers) that it is wrong and provide clear status and explaination asap.

PS: Please read carefully section 4 in and consider “Throughout the process, creators owe their backers a high standard of effort, honest communication”

For all other backers: No need to tell me to be patient or that this is kickstarter rules. We all put money in this and we must act as one to put pressure on Pimax to get at least more regular updates and honesty If Pimax cannot deliver very soon, they have to provide an alternative (reimbursement?) for those who feel scammed. This is clearly written in the Kickstarter rules.



I probably couldn’t disagree more…


“But in a few weeks we’ll ship out to testers!!!”

(Social Justice Warriors who’ll angrily say we should stay positive and shut the f*ck up and just wait until we’re old, coming in in 3… 2… 1…)


A. Don’t ever presume to speak on behalf of others - you do yourself and your cause a disservice in doing so.

B. Unless you have a license to practice Law that crosses International Boundaries - don’t post empty legal threats you have no hope of enforcing - you will loose

C. Don’t EVER tell me what actions I do or do not need to take to forward YOUR PERSONAL AGENDA. I had my own reasons for backing, and I (personally) am still satisfied with the progress to date - R&D takes time and effort to bear fruit.

D. Remember - YOUR PERSONAL MILEAGE MAY VARY - You speak for yourself, and ONLY yourself - use this post as a guide in that everything I have stated here is couched as MY PERSONAL OPINION - Learn it, Live it, Live it.

E. Your Kickstarter INVESTMENT was just that, an investment. There were no guarantees, no rights, no seat on the board or express/implied control over the project. At best it was purchase of Common Non-Voting shares in the product being developed. At worst you were performing in the role of a Venture Capitalist (still no vote or control) and like anyu investment YOU accepted the risk involved - You could get lucky and get a cool finished product, at worst you were left holding a cancelled check and broken dreams - deal with it as this happens in investing ALL THE TIME AND IT IS PERFECTLY LEGAL. If you cannot take the Risk or Stress - DON’T INVEST.

That is all…


What a nonsense. As the OP said, it’s even in the kickstarter rules that the company must communicate in a honest way. That’s not happening at all here. All of a sudden Pimax tells us that they’re making new lenses. They ignore questions when people asked WHY. Testers like @Sweviver almost jizzed their pants with the V2 version, it was SO good!! So why is Pimax now suddenly making new lenses? And what’s happening now? They didn’t receive the new lenses? Were the new lenses AGAIN not good enough? No communication at all … And we’re now in half may already. At this point it’s just impossible that Pimax will ship out in Q2. Yet they haven’t updated their timeline.


great another troll thread…

some people have too much time on their hands and starting to make threads that are totally not constructive in any form at all

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Read the updates thread They posted on 10 May as there were multiple updates. They touched on:

M1 Progress (assembly)
Shipment to testers
Brain warp (feasible and will test/tweak while M1 out with testers)

@Heliosurge can provide a link for you if necessary.


Re-read my post please

Hey @cams86 from the pimax defense team arrived, that didn’t take very long. You are spending a lot of time on this forum for someone who claims we shouldnt spend much time here. Now we will wait for @denali to get all agressive too

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I did, and it still does not change the facts. Pimax is a CHINESE Company, bound by CHINESE Law. Nothing changes in my assessment of the original post, its intent, or its attempt to speak on behalf of others (who may or may not be represented here on the forums).

1 share of common NON-VOTING stock does not automatically elevate everyone to Chair of the Board. If you cannot come to grips with this fact the resolution is simple - DON’t INVEST.

Seriously, the self-entitlement and hubris around here is sickening.

@Heliosurge - Is there any way to stop this new Threadnaught from devolving into another useless “torches and pitchforks” Black hole again?


Exactly! The problem is not that pimax keeps lying to us, no, the real problem are backers who complain about that! THEY make this a toxic place!

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They attract us for baking the Pimax 8K with the V2 version without telling us that it’s not able for mass production. This is what I would call fraud. I’m sorry but I can’t help thinking positive now. Without SweVivers positive reaction about the V2 version I hadn’t baked.


It amazes me more and more how many crybabies, and people who seems to not have a life in the real reality are here… c’mon…

Stop complaining, it will be ready when IT WILL BE READY.


LMFAO :joy: Where is he where is he ?!??!?


This thread is going to nowhere. OP do You think that Pimax will say ‘yes’ and ‘sorry’ to Your questions regarding fraud and lie. Cmon


I personally think Pimax was showing a very different product during Kickstarter and making false promises ( or acknowledged the fact that it wasn’t doable).
Now we all know that we will get another delay as we was expecting an update on lenses and we didn’t get it.
Sometimes i feel like the Pimax 5k/8k is already outdated , just have a look at what is coming ( new screens / oculus Cv2… and more).
Very disappointed with Pimax and thinking in making a topic just to see how much backers still believe in them


So funny Is where im at , v2 had 2 hdmi (i may be wrong will look when finished) and was just proof of concept and there was distortion reported at the sides but as most things, when first tried you either focus on the wow or the thats not right ,so v2 had more wow than anything else .
pimax has now changed play by stepping up to introduce send to testers stage ,we know there has been different versions so obviously someone is doing something to make this happen,
me i just gotta stop coming here i realy got nothing positive to add ,this isnt like ordering from a shop and we dont have a say how pimax functions ,we just gotta wait till the wait is over and then we will have what ever we get


I think most of them arrived. We are just waiting for @denali. Usually he is very fast to attack people who voice criticism, so I am getting a bit worried, I hope nothing happened to him


Yeah same a bit worry…Any news from @MarcoBalletta ? :rofl:


Well you know this feeling when a comedian is making jokes, it’s all fun and then he makes a joke about Islam… And everybody feels suddenly tensed, because something bad may happen. That happens when you call Marco, that’s why I didn’t mention him