Question for Pimax & Testers re:AMD Video Cards

All, @Pimax-Support

So there has been tons of discussion here about Team Green’s offerings (up to and including the Soon To Be Available 20xx Series), but very little concerning Team Red. What I want/need to know is the following:

Have Pimax/Testers ran the 8k/5k+/5k against any of the current offerings from AMD? They are listed as a partner, but I cannot find anything to indicate this is the case.

If so, what results were achieved in reference to the RX480, RX580, Vega 56, or Vega 64?

I ask because I currently am an 8k backer faced with a choice of the 8k or 5k+ - and I need hard data to make my decision. I currently have a Vega 64 OC card, and have just spent the cash to replace my motherboard, psu, and case to allow it all the breathing room and power it could greedily want - and now need to decide which headset will best utilize its considerable abilities without having to sacrifice all the visual goodies that ED has to offer…

For this decision, anecdotal (“spec say its like a 1080”) aren’t going to be sufficient I’m afraid.

If someone wants detailed system specs to test against, I will happily provide them in a PM.

Thank you for your time.


Unfortunately the Testers are all Green. Not sure if pimax has done any tests on Red @anon23564932

Someone did mention the hbm2 might really shine with the extra memory bandwidth. But to me is speculation.

Have you looked for benchmarks in Ed for vid cards?

I have been doing my own independent testing of late with a Vega 56 OC card and a Lenovo. Right now I can run ED with all the goodies enabled and an HMD quality of 1.5-1.75 with minimal degradation.

But again, that is with a lesser card and headset - using Steam’s compositor which will be bypassed by the Pimax.

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This series of benchmarks in vr may help. One if the things read is generally ED has some performance gains launch from Oculus vs steam platform.

Hopefully pimax has had some testing on their end.

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Yeah, this, team green absolutely beasts team red in VR apps.

Too bad Team Green cannot write a stable driver to save their lives…

I once used NVidia, but have been AMD for over a decade now as I, my customers, and my family have had nothing but headache and heartache from NVidia and their drivers for years.

YMMV, but you couldn’t gift me a Top end Nvidia card and pay me enough to actually install it on any of my systems - ever.

Truth both are bad. Though I can say of recently Amd has often been broken with the 4k model.

TBH, I didn’t start this thread to be a discussion of the merits/disadvantages of one card manufacturer over another - everyone is entitled to their own opinion and its usually strongly formed.

I started this thread because Pimax listed AMD as one of their partners in all this, so I feel it appropriate to ask for information as it relates to the video card I am and will continue to use. After all, if you are going to the trouble to include them as a partner - doesn’t it behoove you to be 100% certain you KNOW how the headsets will perform on their hardware??

I don’t think I am out of line for asking, am I?

@anon23564932 @Pimax-Support


Why would I think that? Truth unlike most I am agnostic toward both & why I have.

1x7950 (had 4)
1x 760 (4gig)
1x R9 390
1x 1080 ti

I was considering a Vega Frontier bur was not available & psu requirements for a side project the zotac mini made more sense.

Amd is more opensource friendly than Nvidia & why Linus Torvalds flipped Nvidia off. My reference to Amd applies as Amd stilk hasn’t fixed their gpu driver & many here are stuck on an earlier driver. Vega Users required a special firmware to work.

I like both & with Vulkan & Dx12 we might be able to have different camps being able to use best of worlds. Years ago users discovered they could enable Cuda in Rage due to the mb onboard gpu being nvidia(of course Nvidia fixed that in later drivers)

No worries, I was just doing my part to gently nudge this topic forward and on-point before it became such…


Shameless bump…sorry folks but I am really struggling for answers here…


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@anon23564932 with you having a partnership with AMD have yous had the opportunity to test with amd gpus?

I haven’t been able to find much information about AMD performance in VR, but the Vega 64 is roughly equivalent to a gtx 1080, so I would imagine that you would be fine with either hmd.

I think a 5K + might be a better choice for a Vega GPU.

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In theory if we find games that the amd vega 64 & nvidia have similar performance might be a good wsy to judge.

With ED. Their forums might have users using it currently & can compare settings.

Thanks for the feedback, it is much appreciated!

I agree that on paper I should be safe with the 8k, but I am leaning towards the 5k+ to make certain I can retain as much headroom for all the visual “goodies” as I can…

I just hate to make such a decision on nothing but my gut and a hunch - especially since it is an expensive one-way street to travel (got enough flak from the spouse about backing for THIS headset - no way she allows another purchased at retail)


That’s why I am working with Enopho to try and “dial in” the settings for my Vega 64 using a WMR Lenovo I picked up on special.

Unfortunately, when I added the Vega 64 to my existing system I ran into a power issue - new parts on order and set to arrive next week so I can keep working on it - right now I am dialed back to my Vega 56 at the moment…

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I hear you there. While I know it’s not hard data with ED & VR; existing headsets using Amd should give an idea on how hard the Amd cards can push in this game in comparison Nvidia.

The Vive Pro headset atm would likely be the best one to compare cards in this title.

But yeah there should have been aims to ensure both Gpu companies had representatives in the closed group.

That us of course an issue with our Red team; very power hungry.

I imagine your getting the Corsair 600 sfx?

Here is a benchmark I found.

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Actually, since Shuttle did not make another PSU higher (they use a Flex PSU) I went ahead and made a couple of swaps.

ASRock Z270M Pro4 Motherboard
Silverstone SG11 Chassis
Silverstone 750w Gold Modular PSU

This way I can just swap the motherboard tray into a clean chassis later when prices on the i9-9900K and Z390 motherboards settle a bit and still have a PC to cycle down (with the Lenovo) for the wife to use as “her” VR rig.

Over the years I have learned that any toy I have now should be viewed as going to her in about 18-30 months time…it just makes for a happier household that way…