Quest 2 Discussion, will it beat the G2?

Leaked video of Oculs Quest 2
Following this video, Quest 2 features…

Nearly 2K resoultion per eye (single 4K panel?)
Snapdragon XR2
6G ram

Wow :astonished:


The Reverb G2 has 4K resolution per eye. But as a standalone headset, it sounds enticing if wireless PC streaming works flawlessly on it with the XR2 chip. Secondly, some people are not comfortable associating their FB account woth the headset.


per both eyes

4K resolution refers to a horizontal display resolution of approximately 4,000 pixels

My og 8K looks the same in terms of resolution as my Vive Pro, but all other aspects but FOV just way worse like colours, contrast etc. So to compete with G2 PImax needs 2x panels, which is the case for 8kX with full stripe matrix & 4k per eye.


That is only for Pimax 8K HMDs man :laughing:


I like the integrated hand tracking.
Nearly 4k display *nearly 2k per eye. I’m not quite sure what to make of that without actual panel specs.
Looks like a nice standalone & good tech to improve competition.
But it’s fb So I personally won’t touch it with a barge pole.
Especially with the new dodgy social media account pairing requirements.
Imo its not by any means going to doom the g2.


It means Quest 2 has single 4K panel which makes loss of some resolution, IMO.

But a 4k panel is usually ~4000 x 2000 & a 2k panel is usually ~2000 x 1000.
So is it a single 4000 x 2000, 4000 × 1000 or 2x 2000 x 1000?
All could those could fit the description

  1. If it the Quest 2 has less SDE like the G2
  2. If the resolution is better than the Index
  3. If I could play PC VR games wirelessly with no latency issues

Then I would consider buying it. Number 3 is most important as I really don’t like the quality of most games on the Quest platform.

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Since Quest 2 is not Pimax, I think we should consider it as 1920x2160 or 2160x2160 per eye.

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XR2 supports Wifi 6, while 835 supports wifi 5, and has greater decoding performance than 835.
Maybe that is possible…


Does your PC or router need to support wifi 6 too though?

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Sure unless FB sell us official Quest compatible routers or wireless link module…


Nope. Resolution isnt as competitive as that of the G2, also the G2 isnt an Oculus product and thus isnt linked to Facebook.

Edit: Hah, the title changed. It was something along the lines of the Quest 2 crushing the G2. My statement was in response to the original title.


Why, we can just call it 4K-.

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May I ask why though?

I also hope it’s not as competitive as the G2 coz I hope FB isn’t dumb enough to ditch OLED coz their Quest already had phenomenal success & many ppl will be dissapointd by drab picture if they want to compete with “king of clarity” HMDs.

But I anticipate it will be OLED & the OLED we didn’t ever see, coz nobody offered such a density OLED screen yet. If it will be lCD I guess I will skip it.

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It will be LCD 4K just because of that reason…

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Another leaked video. Nothing new except that it comfirms Quest 2 supports Oculus link.


And the third one…

It states in this video “60% more pixels than Quest 1”.

EDIT: Brainfart of excellence by myself :crazy_face: below:
(hmm… 60% total more pixel means 30% more pixels per display.

Quest has 1440x1600 per display, which equals to 2.304.000 pixels. Multiplied with 1.3 is 2.995.200 pixels per display in the new Quest 2.

lets do the square root and we have rounded 1731 if the panel would be square.

With both resolutions pixel count (4.147.200 and 4.665.600) is way more than the stated 2.995.200 i consider it driven by whishful thinking :crazy_face:

So, realisticly, assuming the same aspect ratio as Quest 1 i would expect something like 1820x1640 which results in also roughly 3k total pixels per eye…nothing spectacular…)

EDIT: as TOOOOHKA pointed out my calculation above was just garbage.

CORRECTED: 2880x1600x1.6 is 7.372.800 pixels for Quest 2 versus 4.608.800 for Quest 1

which is still less than a 4k panel split up, but reasonable close to the 4k we all hope for. G2 should be more sharp with its 2160x2160x2 panel

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OMG You kidding me right? 1 × 1.6 is not 0.5 × 1.3 × 2 :rofl:

When you Multyply 1.6 by 2880 * 1600 and divide by 2160, you can get 3413, which is about 1700 per eye.

Sounds reasonable if Quest 2 is using single 4K panel since middle of the single display can’t be utilized.


Yeah it’s just leaks now, but I’m going ahead and cancelling all my pending orders. I bet Q2 will get here sooner than pimax ever will.