Qualcomm new reference design 2024


Looks like this is what Samsung, HTC and Bytedance will all base their headsets on. Question is who’s going to jump first?


Well like it like a Immersive Display



“A person wears the Founder’s Edition Immersed Visor 4K. | Image: Immersed
The Immersed Visor is a VR headset designed specifically for productive use and is expected to be released in 2024. It offers high-end specifications such as 4K resolution per eye, eye tracking, and wireless PC VR capabilities. It is also equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2+ Gen 2 that supports standalone mode. Despite these impressive specifications, the price of the Immersed Visor is surprisingly low at $950.”
A sneak peek at the most anticipated VR headsets for 2024.

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So it looks like this headset Provides a good reason for pimax To develop high Pixels per degree lenses in glass for both the crystal, and the 12k

4000 x 4000 Pixels per eye At a normal 110° FOV is very impressive and if they can sell it for $950 the value propositions going to shift quickly

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Sony just announced a new 4k per eye Qualcomm based HMD. Using the latest XR2+Gen 2 chip.

4k per eye 1.3inch Micro LED. Could be the same panels as the Vision Pro.

Not for gaming yet but how long before we see this as a PCVR streamer?


I know this headset is not for gaming and the price will be astronomical but at least Sony have shown they’re willing to go wireless.

I guess we won’t see a consumer version until CES 2025 when when the price of 4k OLEDS have come down considerably.


Wireless or tethered with a PC it seems

Current estimate on battery is 3hrs.

Looks pretty impressive so far

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