Proposed solution for a better Pimax 8K by Neoskynet

Disclaimer: I have reviewed all the text carefully and all the information that appears in it has already been publicly revealed in the Pimax forum. There is no confidential information that could break the NDA. I can’t give out technical information specific to the M1 that hasn’t been released yet because I’m under the NDA, sorry.

I’ve avoided explaining my solution, so as not to break the NDA, but now that the information is public about my proposed solution, I can now talk freely.

I’m going to answer here every question I’ve been asked on other threads and finally I’m going to put my proposal for a solution to have the best Pimax 8K that can be achieved with current technology, realistically, at a low cost and in an acceptable time.

1.- Questions from SweViver to Neoskynet:

This is the post from SweViver with the questions:

I finally took my time to read all your new posts in this thread @Neoskynet.

While I partially agree with you on certain aspects, as the lack of
responses from the tech team lately, and also the many questions about
this meetup not being answered yet, I feel I need to clarify something
for the “audience” in here as well.

We have discussed this in private several times now, but you seem to feel the need of doing it all public.
I understand. You want full transparency, so here we go:

I feel the reason you are doing these updates today, is because Pimax is basically ignoring your requests or demands.

BUT… let me just point out to the audience what you really are requesting in your latest reports “behind the curtains”:

You are repeatingly asking Pimax to completely scratch the
current lens design and start over from the beginning. More than 6
months of work. Back to the beginning. You are asking Pimax team to stop using Fresnel lenses altogether
and have the brilliant idea of using Pimax 4K lenses instead on the 8K.
Mainly because you have done some good old basement lab research that
the 4K aspheric lenses are better and giving the same FOV (which btw is
totally impossible. All you need is common sense to understand that)You, together with basically the whole Spanish testing team have
come to the conclusion that Pimax m1 is useless and a disaster, unless
lenses are completely perfect down to the last peripheral edge degree.

While thousands of backers are holding their breath and waiting for
the 8K final release - you are doing everything you can to add another
6-12 months to the schedule. Which you know is impossible, not only
because of the backers waiting, but also because there are huge
investments made into this project and time is slowly running out.

As I said before, none of us have green lit this product yet. But me,
Sebastian and Thomas are at least reasonable and understand that Pimax
dont have the money or time to start over from the beginning.

I think personally your requests (or may I call them demands?) are not reasonable and not realistic.

The unit needs improvements indeed. But it doesn’t need to be redone from scratch, or to be perfect to satisfy the backers.

Maybe we are just different. I enjoy VR while playing games. You, on
the other hand, seems to be enjoying VR by looking at edge distortion
test charts all day long…

Reply from Neoskynet to SweViver:

SweViver, this is not my proposed solution. You read my proposed solution 4 days ago and gave me a “like it”. Remember? Did you change your mind for some reason?

--------------------------- This is my proposed solution (copied from private tester forum) -------------------------

I have to clarify one thing: I am not saying that aespherical lenses are better than fresnel lenses, nor that fresnel lenses are better than aespherical lenses. Each type of technology has its advantages and disadvantages.

What I’m saying is the current Pimax M1 lenses are really bad, bad, bad (it’s explained in my previous messages).

Image quality is the most important thing about the Pimax 8K and backers expect to see an exceptionally sharp, high-resolution image, much more than the Pimax 4K, with free SDE and free visible pixels. If backers do not receive this image quality, the disappointment and subsequent criticism can be terrible and have disastrous consequences for Pimax company, its investors and for all of us, the testers and backers.

That’s why I’m insisting so much, because I want the Pimax 8K to be an exceptional product that marks the beginning of the second generation of virtual reality and Pimax company can compete directly with Oculus, HTC and the rest.

If better lenses are achieved with fresnel lens technology, then perfect. And if you get them with aespherical lens technology, that’s perfect. And if it is achieved with a hybrid of fresnel and aespherical lenses, then also perfect (for example, aespherical in the central lens and progressively fresnel around, but without a peripheral flat zone that we already know does not work).

However, I repeat again, the best option now is to copy, copy and copy. Now there is probably no time or money for R&D. It is simply a matter of copying the excellent lenses of the Oculus Go and making them much bigger (similar to the StarVR so that everything is a magnification lens and without a useless flat area), with less magnification to cover more screen area and also to move our eyes/eyelashes/glasses away from the lenses and, if possible, make them oval, but this is secondary because of the cost of R&D that would be involved.

The ultimate test is to compare Pimax 8K to Pimax 4K. It is not acceptable for Pimax 8K to look worse than Pimax 4K in terms of resolution, sharpness, SDE and visible pixels. Pimax 8K have two 4K displays and at least 50% better viewing should be possible, using 75%-80% of each display for the clear visible area and the remaining 20-25% for FOV. Even if you have to reduce the horizontal FOV from 170 to 150-140 degrees, it would still be a spectacular FOV, and the image sharpness would still be incredibly good, with no SDE and no visible pixels. I’m convinced that’s what we’ve all been waiting for.

A possible solution in detail that could make Pimax company and that Heliosurge has mentioned (Xunshu, talk with CEO about this, please):

  1. Supply two types of interchangeable lenses, one with a large horizontal FOV of 170 (the current lenses) and the other with a horizontal FOV of 140 (the lenses I have explained above, with a sharp visible area of 75-80% of each screen and a peripheral FOV of 20-25%). These lenses would have adapters/holders of various heights, because the 170 lenses need to be closer to the screen and the 140 lenses need to be further away, due to their different magnifications and focal lengths (the 140 FOV lenses need 50% less magnification).

  2. Ideally, all of this (the two types of lenses with 170 and 140 FOVs, and the adapters/holders) would be free of charge. But if they cannot be free of charge, their maximum mass-produced cost would have to be between $25 and $50 with shipping included. If Pimax is in financial trouble, backers interested in the new 140-degree FOV lenses could be asked to pay in advance (between $25 and $50 shipping and handling included) to cover the costs of development and mass production.

  3. The development of these new 140 FOV lenses would start immediately, several versions would be made to be tested by the testers (us) and when we gave them the green light, they would be manufactured in large quantities. Even if we’re lucky and the Pimax engineers hurry, we might have them for the Pimax 8K shipment. This point is very important, because it is necessary to have the commitment of immediate development by Pimax and the tests to give the green light to the testers.

  4. Optionally, additional adapters/holders of various heights could be supplied. In this way, it is not necessary to wear glasses (myopia and presbyopia) and each person would achieve the maximum possible sharpness. At least three to six pairs of adapters/holders, similar to Pimax 4K, would be needed, but much thinner. This is very cheap to manufacture.

  5. In addition, Pimax is committed to developing better lenses during the first and second year with different interchangeable horizontal FOVs (170, 160, 150, 140, 130, 120) and selling them at prices between $25 and $50 with shipping included for the users themselves to change them. Each lens can be specialized. For example, 120 FOV lenses would be specialized and ideal for watching movies (for example, they would be aespherical instead of fresnel to avoid God’s rays). The system for attaching to the headset and changing the lenses/holders must be easy, fast and resistant, without tools. The transparent film prevents dust from entering the screen area.

In short: Backers would receive the current 170 FOV lenses, the new 140 FOV lenses, each with its adapters/holders, and in addition 6 pairs of adapters/holders of different heights, and the price would preferably be free of charge, or if this is not possible, between $25 and $50 maximum with shipping included.

It is not acceptable to wait one to two years for better lenses.

As Pimax company was committed to giving a diagonal FOV of 200, which corresponds to a horizontal FOV of 170, this solution would satisfy backers who want that great FOV with today’s lenses (although we already know that these lenses are bad) but would also allow backers who are not happy with 170 lenses to have 140 lenses, and also in the future be able to have even better lenses.

I honestly think it’s a good solution. What do you think, testers and Xunshu?

-------------------------------------------- End of proposed solution ------------------------------------------

SweViver, is this solution message proposed by me 4 days ago true or false?
If it is true, please say it clearly and loudly, so as not to create confusion.

2.- Question from SweViver to Neoskynet:

“You are repeatingly asking Pimax to completely scratch the current lens
design and start over from the beginning. More than 6 months of work.
Back to the beginning.”

Reply from Neoskynet to SweViver:

At first I complained, many weeks ago, when I took the lenses out of the M1s I was doing optical tests, about how bad the lenses in the M1s were and that I would like Pimax to create new and much better ones.

But @Heliosurge insist so much we can’t we couldn’t start from the beginning and delay the delivery of the Pimax 8K to the backers. Heliosurge said 7 days ago: “This is why lens upgrade path is important & a good business decision”.

Here are the links (only for reference, but I’m sorry, they’re from the private testers’ forum and only visible to testers):

Actually, all the merits are Heliosurge’s because he was the one who proposed to create new improved lenses and that we backers pay a little money for them, in private tester forum. At first I resisted the idea, because it would cost 6,000 backers, but then I understood that it was the best option.

Thank you Heliosurge for being so patient with my insistence. I was a little desperate because no one from Pimax paid any attention at all.

And that’s why my proposed solution (based on idea of Heliosurge) preserves the M1 lenses of 170 FOV but asks Pimax to create a new good 140 FOV lens, if possible free of charge, but if not possible, paying between $25 and $50 with shipping included.

If Pimax decides to develop these lenses and can’t deliver them for free, I’m not saying that all backers have to pay between $25 and $50, but only backers who aren’t happy with the bad 170 FOV lenses. I will certainly be one of them, because I know what I’m talking about, and it’s very likely that the rest of the testers will also order additional 140 FOV lenses.

Many backers who read all this will complain, but I ask you to wait for my next message message where I will explain why an additional 140 FOV lens is necessary and so important.

Does everything I’ve explained sound crazy or reasonable?

3.- Questions from SweViver to Neoskynet:

“You are asking Pimax team to stop using Fresnel lenses altogether and
have the brilliant idea of using Pimax 4K lenses instead on the 8K.
Mainly because you have done some good old basement lab research that
the 4K aspheric lenses are better and giving the same FOV (which btw is
totally impossible. All you need is common sense to understand that)”

Wearing the Pimax 4K lenses is a real madness and no one in their right mind would defend that.

The M1 requires a much larger lens diameter than Pimax 4K lenses. They also need to be shaped to fit the holder and the Pimax 4K lenses are circular, similar to those of the Oculus DK2, and would not fit well into the M1. And the aespherical lenses also have chromic aberrations at the edges, the sweet spot is smaller and the weight is much higher. The only advantage I see is that they don’t have god rays/glare. I would only recommend aespherical lenses if they were a hybrid with fresnel, but I think it’s best to leave it in the hands of an optician expert.

If in any of my previous messages it seemed that I suggested using the Pimax 4K lenses, it was because either I didn’t know how to explain myself or you didn’t understand me well. Be that as it may, it’s a misunderstanding because it’s crazy.

Anyway, in my proposal for a solution I think it is very clear that I propose to copy the best lenses on the market today, the lenses of the Oculus Go, and make them bigger. Whoever has an Oculus Go will know what I’m talking about, because they’re incredibly good. Best thing I’ve ever seen. They do not need IPD adjustment to get the sweet spot. I repeat, unbelievable. By the way, the lenses on the Oculus Go are fresnel.

3.- You said: “You, together with basically the whole Spanish testing team have come to
the conclusion that Pimax m1 is useless and a disaster, unless lenses
are completely perfect down to the last peripheral edge degree.”

Reply from Neoskynet to SweViver:

Don’t put us all in the same bag as all Spaniards. We Spanish testers are all very different from each other and we live very far away, three in Barcelona, one in Cadiz and one in Alicante.

In the private testers forum you had a lot of discussions with the Spanish tester @pacotaco because he said that M1s were real trash. Sadly this discussion took place on my “My experiments with lenses” thread and I dirty the whole thread.

pacotaco is one of the calmest, most patient and optimistic people I have ever seen in my life, and you sweviver also have those same characteristics. I couldn’t understand how two such kind people were arguing in such an obsessive way.

I didn’t want to go in there and defend or attack anyone, because it was a pointless argument. They were just two people with different points of view arguing about something who would never come to an agreement. pacotaco is a very tech-savvy user, like many of us here, and when comparing VR Headsets he was very disappointed. Honestly, I think a lot of backers would have done the same thing, so it’s best that Pimax learn from it so it doesn’t happen again. 6,000 angry backers is not very good publicity.

But I would like your discussion with pacotaco not to affect your opinion of the rest of the Spanish testers, or to put us in the same bag, because cdaked, guancho, tristanc and I are not to blame. I speak from the heart and with mutual respect.

Concluding words from Neoskynet:

If a backer is ready with a popcorn packet in hand to see confrontations between testers, he can already give them to the dog, because I’m not going to contribute.

On the contrary, I think that healthy and open dialogue is very healthy, and to talk about our opinions with respect in the most important things.

The testers are united, we are all more or less disappointed in how Pimax has managed the testers program and the development of the Pimax 8K, but we are all rowing to keep the boat from sinking, doing our best.

@SweViver is the one who has worked the hardest of all of us (probably 100 times more), trying games tirelessly and with a healthy and surprising optimism, behind them have been working @VoodooDE as a champion, and @Cdaked too (I have to say that he is a slave driver and made us work tirelessly all Spaniards), @mixedrealityTV’s posts were impressively good, @yanfeng who joined last but not least has tried and made really interesting comments and could compare the Pimax 4K, @Heliosurge because he’s the most tireless message writer and good mediator I know, I Neoskynet contributed what I could with my tests with the image and the lenses, the rest have also intervened a little less but in an interesting way. I think we make a good team. I also want to thank @deletedpimaxrep1 for her efforts to act as an intermediary between Pimax and this bunch of virtual reality freaks and I understand that she has limitations imposed by her job.

I don’t want to take any longer. I’ll focus on writing general virtual reality technical papers in “Shanghai Surprise (Neoskynet Director’s Cuts)”.

And I hope Berlin is great and that Pimax will make good decisions to give us the best Pimax 8K that we can get right now.

Here I have given further explanations that may be useful in understanding the proposed solution:

------------------------------------------------------------ Updating ----------------------------------------------------------------

My proposed solution for better lenses is just one solution. I do not have the whole truth, and the best thing is to take advantage of the strength and wisdom of the community.

Other fellow backers have proposed other solutions that are equally valid. Let me put them in a nutshell:

Option 1 (suggested by Neo and based on Heliosurge):

  • Pimax 8K will be shipped without delay and at no additional cost with the current 170 FOV horizontal (200 diagonal) lenses.
  • Pimax is committed to initiating the development and manufacture of additional lenses with 140 horizontal (170 diagonal) FOV, aiming for a 50% increase in perceived sharpness. Pimax will adapt the software to work well with additional lenses (distortions, etc.).
  • Pimax will attempt to deliver the lenses with 140 FOV along with the Pimax 8K and 170 FOV lenses at no charge, or a maximum of $25-$50 shipping and handling included. Only people who are interested will buy.

Option 2:

  • Pimax 8K will be shipped without delay and at no additional cost with the current FOV 170 horizontal (200 diagonal) lenses.
  • Pimax makes no commitment to develop or manufacture additional lenses.
  • Users will look to third-party companies for alternatives to obtain lenses and manufacture adapters to enhance the additional lenses.

Option 3:

  • Pimax 8K will be shipped without delay and at no additional cost with the current FOV 170 horizontal (200 diagonal) lenses.
  • Pimax makes no commitment to develop or manufacture additional lenses.
  • Once the backers receive the Pimax 8K, if they’re happy with the current 170 FOV horizontal lenses, they won’t ask for anything else. If they are not happy with their current lenses, they will ask Pimax to develop new lenses.

Option 4:
Send 5k/8k to all backers that dont want to wait or are
happy with the current lens. next send the rest of headsets and produce
more to business. continue to upgrade lens until all testers give green
light, send to the rest of backers. backers have to wait some months and
will only receive probably in 2019

Option 5:
Send 5k/8k in current form to all backers that want to
receive, pimax give option to upgrade to 8k-x , where it will be like
the vive pro. Oled screens, better lens and native resolution. This
headset will be only received in 2020 where better lens and screens will
be cheaper.

Option 6:
Send 5k/8k to all backers that dont want to wait or are
happy with the current lens. Next send the rest of headsets and produce
more to business. produce the controllers and bases, update software
full capacity. At the time everything is finished better and cheaper
lens will be in the market. backers that opt to wait will only receive
in mid/end 2019

Option 7:
Wait till the meetup. See what M2 brings to the table, Start this dialogue all over again.

Option 8:
I want my Pimax 8Ks right now, whatever they are. I’ll settle for anything.

Option 9:
Propose the one you think is best.

---------------------------------------------------------- End of Updating ---------------------------------------------------------------



One of the main features of Pimax 8K, which makes it different - is wide field of view. If you want HMD with FOV comparable to current generations - you shouldn’t be backed a project.

Regarding SDE - since V3 (?) demos everyone knows that there is still visible SDE on Pimax 8K, although marginal, but still present. Same goes about resolution - it is understandable that because pixels are covering this huge FOV, PPI should not be much higher than Pimax 4K, so no reasons to expect it to be much sharper.

But it have huge FOV while at the same time having one of the lowest SDE on the market and one of the best sharpness. To completely redesign the HMD, in order to throw away it main advantage - huge FOV, is indeed not very reasonable demand.


By the time I’ve read through and fully understood your entire post. Pimax will have delivered the 8K.


Any chance of a condensed version?


1 Lenses no good
2 make variations of smaller FOV lenses to buy for 50$

I would change that for me to:

1 Get it out with current lenses at there best
2 make lenses easy to swap - and do a Delux version

I would opt for exepensive lenses like - the one that seems to make most happy in v3 - could be a good later on upgrade option, a backer add on also and ease repair. Done.

Many for different FOV’s? Hmm I got the Odyssey if I want less, so I don’t need that.


Just reading and trying to understand, from a backers restricted and lack of internal view, i think the points are for me valid regarding swappable lenses, even with the cost point of up to 50 Euro.

My expectations are perhaps lower as from most of the backers (wrote this also in another thread, I use a DK2 at the moment, 2-4 hours a day driving racing sims and being totally immersed). I could fairly live with a Pimax 8K HMD which has a little higher resolution/sharpness than the Rift/Vive and a reduced SDE and a FOV of about 140-170 degrees, running quiet nice on my 1080ti. Tracking shouldn’t be a problem for me doing seated simracing 99% of the time. So better resolution to see earlier into corners, wider FOV for spacial awareness overtaking or being overtaken and a better SDE to read dash meters better is all I want and expect. I think this should be okay for most of the sim guys (car/plane/starship) over here?!.. and this is what Pimax should deliver!

…and I have to say I really appreciate the fact based and calm post from @Neoskynet , I also have Seen s lot of other reactions here on the forum, being not so diplomatic and fact driven, constructive! Thanks!


Just curious but is everyone else really expecting the 8K to look better than the 4K?

I assumed with the massive FOV increase that it would maybe be about the same but probably slightly worse than the 4K yet still sharper than the Vive/Oculus. Infact I’d be more than happy with the current Vive SDE/sharpness as long as the FOV was bigger.


@RobCram I think your post is kind of disrespectful… @Neoskynet tried to explain himself to statements/accusations from @SweViver (no offens here) and that in a respectful and regarding manner! Me, I now understand some things better now. I (as most of the backers I think) try to read out a lot between the lines from testers posts, because they can’t explain them self quiet good due to NDA. So his post enlightened me a bit, about expectations of the testers and how to interpret their statements…


@RetrospectVR …exactly your expectations here!


Wasn’t there talk of a new algorithm reducing the distortion in m2? Shouldn’t one wait with any criticism after the m2 presentation?


I really don’t think your guys’ little debate deserves its own fresh topic since it’s already been beaten to death in the comments of other topics. At least take it to general. BTW way here’s my input: The headset Pimax created is the headset we’re getting.


I just hope that these opinions are also not your first impressions because after you use something for longer periods you start to find fault minor in it. My Rift, PC, Car etc, I can think of a hundred things to improve them now that I have had them for awhile but the first time I got them, I loved them and was amazed.

If however your first impression was “hmmm meh” after trying a game like ED then diddly diddly fiddlesticks!


I would pay extra for a set of 140deg lenses, but I wouldnt want that to delay the release of the larger fov ones either


Well yeah 4 days ago you had this idea, but what I mean is that every one of the Spanish testers, including you, have since day 1 of the testing phase claimed the current lenses are useless and “needs” to be replaced asap. Some of you (I wont mention any names here) have even openly stated “this is waste of my time if you don’t replace these lenses with something much better”. This has literally driven me mad lately, hence my direct confrontation this morning. I have had enough of this over-dramatic perfectionism, which is actually coming from regular average joe’s (just like me) and not any professionals.

I do know that the current lenses still needs improvements. Everyone knows that by now. But being basically THE ONLY tester playing with the 8K for several hundreds of hours in many VR games, testing nearly 400 titles, I can tell you it’s not that bad at all. Once you start to enjoy games on it, you realize its a blast and definitely more immersive than anything I played on the Odyssey, Vive or Rift.

You should try playing a VR game on the 8K, some time.

You are staring too much into test patterns and the almighty RoV tool. Simply enjoy playing your favorite games (at least for an hour or so) and get a realistic conclusion if this headset is good enough for the eagerly waiting VR gamers and 8K backers around the world.

You know this already, but I have been VERY picky throughout the 2, or soon 3 months of testing. I have written more reports of issues and concerns than anyone in the group (in testing forum). I have really been pushing the team to fix loads of things. Because I found them to be crucial. Most of them has been resolved by the technicians with new updates. Some are still there. But meanwhile, I’m realistic about how far we can go with the trial & error before its time to move into the next phase, the actual backer release.

There is no perfection in VR. Its all about compromising things while improving others. Pimax 8K will never be perfect. Maybe an imaginary “Pimax 8K Pro Enthusiast Deluxe Signature version” in 2020 could be close to perfect, but you cant really expect the first release version of Pimax 8K to be perfect. Especially while nobody else has accomplished this task yet. Not below 5000 USD per unit at least - and especially not with the resolution 8K is giving us.

About swappable lenses:

Sure its a cool idea if Pimax (or 3rd party companies) starts making improved lenses over time. But this is nothing that needs to be written in stone today. Let people judge for themselves what they think about the included lenses, and we can work from there over time.

And yes lenses are very easy to swap - but do you really think the majority of users are ready to pop out the lenses on their brand new 8K the first thing they do?

Remember Pimax 8K is supposed to be a home consumer product aiming for low level enthusiasts that believe wide FOV, better SDE and VR immersion is more important that the actual HMD brand itself. But does this mean these people are only a bunch of DIY engineers which love to stare at test charts and swap lenses between every game they play? Of course not.

Most people want a plug and play experience.

And most people backed the Pimax 8K because of the FOV - just like I did personally. We already know its not 200 horizontal FOV, but its still huge compared to any consumer product today. Having that said, do you really think people want this headset to become a cut-down product of 120 or 140 FOV just because “its 100% free from distortion”? I dont think so. We already have a good market for that FOV range.

What Im trying to say is that for the technically skilled real VR geeks, sure its a cool idea having 100 different lenses. I would love that. But I dont think 90% of the backers want’s that.

Also, if you want 120 FOV on the 8K, its already there for free- as a software feature, isnt it? :wink:

Im sure there will be some people complaining about the lenses upon the meetup. People like me and you. But I also thing the majority of the backers will like it. At least if you let them see the 8K’s full potential by playing Skyrim, Assetto Corsa or anything similar.

Unless Pimax screws up the software completely upon the meetup, or the m2 turns out to be a downgrade from m1, I’m sure the backer meetup will be a fun, interesting and promising weekend for the majority of the backers.

Looking forward to it!


@Neoskynet thanks for your detailed explanation. Yet, like I mentioned in the other thread I’m very confused how Pimax 4k lenses, designed for about 100 degrees FoV, can yield a better/wider image than the Pimax 8k lenses. Do you have an explanation for that? It just sounds so weird.


I dont care for a perfect headset but for me it needs to have a good fov like 170 horizontal. I dont mind lf have some distortions in edges but i care if have the world movent that mrtv talked about or bad god rays like rift. The sde and resolution can be worst than pimax 4k but its good as vive pro or lenovo explorer? I hope so. Even with distortion in lenses edges the sweet spot is biger than vive and lenovo? If yes this headset is good enough for me. But if everything is worst than vive pro i will be disapointed


I think I am 100% with you on this opinion. It is easy to get bogged down in minor technical details where in actual fact 99% of the end user may not even notice some things.

Same happens in 3D Animation, I can tweak an animation to look OK’ish as a draft to my own standard, send it to the client and expect changes here and there but instead they say “Love it, carry on to the next part”.


I also wonder how feasible this is. I’m not sure if reverse engineering and copying a lens is an easy task. It might be, it might be not. I like the idea though.


Knowing Oculus they have custom built calibration tools to get that last 5% of it.


Well, if there’s an “easy” way to improve the lenses, like copying an existing lens or simply buying commercially available wide FoV lenses, like @crony did for his DIY wide FoV HMD, then I’d 100% say Pimax needs to do it. It just seems such a waste of the pimax 8k resolution if it effectively would be 4k resolution (over 170 degrees FoV). However if this would imply months of delay I’d say, ship the HMD as is. I might change my opinion of course after seeing the M2 myself (then again, I’m pretty sure I’d fall in the spanish testers camp, being a bit more demanding on things, I just want to buy the best HMD out there).


Of course. Even if they notice, which they should sooner or later, it doesnt mean its a deal braking issue.