Project cars at 2560 x 1440

You can get project cars running in pimax headset at 2560 x 1440, looks so clear and bright.

Easy to do if you edit the graphicsconfigopenvrdx11 file in

documents/project CARS

edit file and change resolution

make file read only (right click properties)

play in glorious 2k, stunning, i thin that makes the pimax the best head set for VR racing.



Wow thanks a lot, you just open a door.

Now i have a question, what kind of pimax mode for this?
“Currently supported headsets are the Oculus Rift Development Kit 2 (DK2), the consumer Oculus Rift (CV1) using Oculus Runtime 1.3 and above.”

It should be pimax mode, isn’t it?

Which means that the revive patch is useless for pimax users, they should be able to get it working by selecting oculus instead of HTC steam VR.

it is pimax mode, but latest version supports vive to. So for me it recognised it as openvr.

As long as your games is updated it should start in vr no problem.

It is for Assetto Corsa.
Actually it works with revive patch and oculus home but it should work without according to these data.

I think it does not work, you just have the same max resolution and DX6 activated.

I think it does work, definitely sharper and brighter. in game my resolution has changed. in settings it shows the resolution 2560 x 1440.

are you using revive ? maybe that is a problem for you, for me i am running under openvr (pimax no revive)

I trying today. Haha, you have placebo effect :slight_smile: resolution in file it’s just resolution window on monitor. Set 640x360 and nothing not change :slight_smile:

I find real way for 2k in all Games (SteamVR, oculus and more). Just in steamvr.vrsettings in folder steam/cofig add “renderTargetMultiplier” from 1.5 to 2.5 and you see real different (it’s kill your card :))

“steamvr” : {
“mirrorViewGeometry” : “0 0 540 960”,
“renderTargetMultiplier” : 2.0

Ok. Now i run Euro Track Simulator 2 ovr Revive Path and now i know all about Pimax :slight_smile:

Have you run the resolution extender program that us on one of the posts ?

imo rendertarget is just supersampling.

In some games (virtual desktop), project cars is it really just supersampling (i see smooth ladders).
But in some games (Euro Track Simulator 2, VRGirlz) image VERY sharp and detailed i think is really 2560x1440. I think in Pimax Mode with Pix.exe really work 2k, but many steam games altough give fullhd.

Today i run Elite Dangerous with renderTargetMultiplier=2.0. Incredible, but its like 4K! In 4k screenshots some detailes as in headset.
All text (even very small) is readable!
In Euro Track Simulator 2 its too very detailed image!

could you please upload the screenshots ?

Because you look close. In simracing the cockpit is clear but the car in front isn’t.
We need higher resolution for simracing and oversampling does not help.

You don’t understand. In Project Cars renderTargetMultiplier not improve resolution i see ladders. It’s game issue. But in Elite, VRGirlz an ETS2 i see result it’s very sharp text. I run these Games in my Oculus CV1 too with renderTargetMultiplier=2, but resolution is lower. I think some game just not give resolution more than 2160x1200 , but some support any resolution. It’s not Pimax problem - he support 2560x1440 in SteamVR, but many games - not. We just will find games, that not limit resolution.
Elite has adjust supersampling in game menu, but its not make text so super sharp, as RenderTargetMultiplier!!

Project cars supports higher resolution.
As someone else said here, the resolution is limited in steam whatever you do to oculus and vive resolution.
They have killed the competition like that.

Don’t say, that you not see. Just set rendertargetMultiplier =2.0 and run VRGirlz or ETS2 (demo version) !!! Project Cars limit 2160x1200 in VR , not STEAMVR!!!

Render target multiplier is supersampling SS :

You can use VSR for that, it works.

In overall i dont understand, why i don’t see different in Project Cars, and see very big different in Elite.