Project cars at 2560 x 1440

Try turning it up to 2.5! I’ve gone to 3.0 not sure if much diffence.

BTW project cars definitely looks crisper and clearer. I am running the 32bit game not sure that makes a difference.

Also to the “take a photo” guy. What is a photo through a lense with a android camera going to prove except your a good photographer,because I’ve tired to hold the camera and the sensor to turn on headset and vet a good photo. They all look shit.

Live life on the edge and just change a value in a config file.

going to take new photos, playing around with

“compositor” : {
“renderTargetMultiplier” : 2.8

i have got it upto 2.8 before graphics card gives up (starts to flicker) and also setting steamvr,

“renderTargetMultiplier” : 2.8

Here is some decent shots through my lenses. Hard photos to take. See what you think.

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Take a picture with a car in front of you.

I think you again have placebo effect. It’s for Steam Dashboard only. Set 0.1 and see different.

Can’t just now there two fast for this camera. Can do tonight when misses gets back.

Although its a nightmare to do.

Not seeing a difference with that setting just making people aware of it.
Was not sure what it did. Thought it was something like that.

Here you go … This is as crisp as I can get the screen to render.

Also very hard to take puctures. So appreciate them :slight_smile:


these pictures okay ?


is there any way to reduce the trailing effect (some might call it crosstalk but it´s propably not that) ?
I think it super annoying and makes the image blurry across the field about all the time…allthough
i have not yet got my new lenses as i have a early headset that need those.