Preorder adress incomplete (weird)


Preorder P122xxx
Got today an email telling my adress is incomplete.
My adress contains only a number and a street name, that takes only 1 line. So it was supposed to be complete, (line Adress2 is supposed to be optional, right?).
To be safe I split it in 2 (numer in Adress1 and street in Adress2).

Can anyone from Pimax confirm it’s ok please, because I don’t want to miss a batch :frowning:

@Pimax-Support @Heliosurge @anon74848233

Any special characters in your adress? Like ß, ä, ö, ü?

No special character

I have exactly the same problem. Today I’ve got same message from Pimax and there is no wrong information in my shipping address. I’ve just change phone from +xx to 00xx to be sure, that that plus is not a problem.
I’ve create ticket with support about it, but waiting for answer.

It’s probably a game on time. I deleted one address because I had two identical ones, and in the telephone number I deleted the prefix of the 48th country (Poland) because I thought that maybe the number is too long :slight_smile:

I couldn’t create a ticket, it seems support website has a problem.

@jankes I had 2 same adresses too, maybe they didn’t know which one is the good one lool


I received same email now twice. I’ve entered upon pre-order very carefully all my contact details. I believe, they just buy some time to cover up their delays by harrassing the customers with this phony requests.

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pre order 108X and no email, nothing any news…

Here also. I think they want us customers to check our account again because they start to ship.

hello, How to confirm? send them a message?

They need it in triplicate and perhaps in blood just to be sure

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HAHAH!!! It seems so :smile:

Yes, I replied to the e-mail. “Ok, checked and changed, thank you.” I had 2 x the same address.

ok thank you, as I told you I have no news of my preorder 108X I sent emails but no replies for several days

P122x and the same, we will see what will happen tomorrow after the “corrections” of addresses

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Is it possible to have some clarifications from a Pimax member, or is it more important to comment on Assetto Corsa, on a graphic card poll or on another “useful” topic???

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Another day and zero response from Pimax, no information from DPD UK - faster now you can probably buy goggles on ebay than wait for the preorder shipment :confused:

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Me too pre order 108X. I have advised people not to buy the pimax and wait for the new oculus models. fortunately I have time left to get refound by paypal. it’s very hard to talk to pimax team and they don’t answer questions


4 days and still no news :s

@Pimax-Support @anon74848233 @Sean.Huang

Yep, also waiting to response from Pimax for 5 days.
No response to email, no response in ticket.
Only potentional issue in my address was phone number in format +420xxx and I’ve changed it to 00420xxx format. Address is is english, no special characters, so box should be shipped already, but it’s not :frowning:.