Pre orders shipping

Are pre orders really shipping in 3 days? I pre ordered as soon as it became available. No communication from pimax yet about confirming address etc.

Has anyone had any communication about pre orders?



I sent a request for preorder shipments last Wednesday and I received the answer:

„We are start to ship the preorder’s products according to customer’s order number in 8 days as we announced on the official website.”

I’m P12xx preorder number.


in my opinion it depends what you preordered 5k or 8k.

I think that the last amount of 5k for the kickstarters get shipped at the same time as the first 5k preorders becouse they produced so much.

im kickstarter backer 54xx and still have no tracking info for 5k… only the spreadsheet where it says it is on its way.
( the indian guy who traveled 750km with bicycle in 28 days has my pimax :smiley: India: Man cycles 750km in search of wife, traces her during Valentine’s week | India – Gulf News )


Being also a P12xx preorder number, and having ordered a 5k+, this is good news indeed :slight_smile:

I guess I must have been one of the first who preordered (preorder number #10XX).
I preordered the 5K Plus and the 5K Plus BE. Since both headsets should be ready to be shipped at this point (there are several guys on youtube who already received their 5K BE headset) I definitely should be part of the first preorder-batch!

But somehow I am almost certain things will go awry!

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I recently switched my 5k+ preorder to 5kBE after watching voodoo de and mrtv, also vraviator on YouTube is doing great 5kBE videos. Dallas confirm to me today that they are ‘preparing’ to ship preorders.


I dont think the BE oled is even ready yet. its probably the 5k+ that they are ready to ship.
in any case, i find it very weird that they are shipping in 2 days and no one has been contacted yet.
are they lying to us?

Why would they need to contact you? Presumably your shipping info wasn’t botched like KS backers.

I’m pre-order 10xx so I should be in the first batch but I’m in the UK so hopefully they get their UK shipping issues sorted out quickly or at least communicate on it.

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because i had intitially ordered the 5k BE Oled, then i created a ticket in support to tell them that I want to switch to the 5k+. they told me that they will contact me before shipping to confirm address and provide refund difference.

They contacted me a few days ago asking me to confirm address. I’m preorder 13xx.

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Im 10XX and i didnt get that email. I did contact pimax and they told me im in the first batch.


So in theory your goggles will be sent in 47 hours. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I am No. P12xx but I have not received any direct information yet.

did they really sell that many? I’m P122xxx

me too don’t any news. im 122xx

They are probably shipping by region first… It makes more sense to do that way, it’ll be faster than shipping by preorder numbers. Less headache, better quality.

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I pre-ordered right after they sorted the pre-order debacle, and I haven’t received any notice. But I did also preorder the (probably overpriced) LH and controller set.

The earliest any preorder will arrive ar your houses is late feb/ early march,they wont ship till around mon(if before cny) and then take around 3 to 4 weeks to arrive at your door with customs and forward ahipping.theyve only just send out last batch of backers unit,after we were told a month ago they’d shipped

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Oups! If it’s that, i’ll turn to other and…:sanglot: