Pre-Alpha Firmware 110Hz on 8K Plus [requests]

Dear all,

In order to run the 8K Plus with the tentative firmware, our software enginer team is releasing a pre-alpha firmware to allow our users have this opportunity to experience before the official version is released. After overcome some issues on Nvidia driver update(reported recently by internal testers), we are here to release a version 110Hz Firmware that should be fully compatible with both Windows 10 Update and the most recent Nvidia driver update.

Please take note, this firmware is for internal testing and we can provide a limit basis to our users. If any of you are interested to give the pre-alpha a try, leave a comment before. We will release a download link via PM.

Your Pimax Team.


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@PimaxQuorra I want to test the version with 110 hertz.

Hi, I wanna have access to the beta


i would like to test the alpha as well. I have a “Asus Crosshair Hero VIII” with a Ryzen X3700 + 32GB RAM + AMD X5700 graphics… Gladly testing your alpha release on the 8K+.


Hey Quorra,
I’d like to test the pre-alpha also.


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