Pre-Alpha Firmware 110Hz 8k+ report

Hey guys.
I am currently doing several things at the same time so I did try only one game, will do some more later but just to let you know :

Beat Saber @ 110hz : Very good :+1::+1:


Can you explain how you did it?
I have download the new dfu and I open dfu.exe in pimax file, I select file and nothing happens.
I can only see a download firmware button and I pushed it and now pitools as 80 72 and 64 hz.
Aren´t these 8k frequencies?

Edit: I also try the Sweviver method (youtube video) and all the installation went well but in pitools the refresh rate is 80 72 64 hz just like an 8K (and in the status page on pitools is an 8K).

Wouldn´t have you sent me an 8K instead of 8k+,no?

Yes they are 8k frequencies but this firmware is for 8kPLUS headset.
But a small bump in refresh rate for og 8k (lets say even 85hz…) would be good as I already asked.

Yes, I have an 8k+. It´s a 206 model


Well, I would say the firmware is not correct then.

Can you send me the firmware to check if it´s the same one pimaxquorra send me, please?

Hey, I had the same exact problem and reverting to the firmware Quorra posted fixed it for me. Are you sure your serial number starts with 206? You can view it in the Dfu.exe. We just have to wait for the fw that includes our serial numbers… :slight_smile:

pretty sure 20630…

Then idk, mine starts with 200.

Same problem here. I am stuck with 8k refresh rates. My serial number starts with 200…

Edit: Serial number is 206, but still stuck with 8k refresh options.

8k+ with 200 serial?
Weird, I though only og 8k had 200 serial numbers.

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Nevermind. Serial number is 206. It is just showing 200 in the Firmware update tool…

For some reason Firmware Tool is showing the HMD as Pimax P2 5k Formal, with 200 SN. I did replace a 5k+ that was connected to this machine.

Ok. Re-flashed to the rollback FW, and the HMD shows the correct info in the Firmware Tool. Re-flashing the Alpha puts it back to 8k refresh rates and changes the SN in FW Tool.

I think install the old FW and await more info on the Alpha.



Where is the serial located outside the firmware tool?

There is a sticker on the bottom of the HMD with the serial.

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Thank you, I just realized my serial is actually 206 too lol.

I’m having the same problem with the 8k refresh rates on the alpha. Let me know if you ever find a solution. :slight_smile:

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I suspect there will be a new FW version coming.

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Our software engineers found out this firmware is working on the 8K+ serial number start with 2062 and 2066, if you have the serial of 2063, it’s not compatible with the FW.
But our software engineers are testing on another version of FW!
We will release to you once it’s done.



Very strange, are 8k+ different?

Yep, 2063 here…

Hi Beatet,

Nope. All the 8K+ is the same. Our engineer team is testing out the FW right now.
Hopefully, they are able to release it soon.


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