Power supply system in the new Pimax 8K controllers. "АА or ААА vs built-in batteries"

What kind of power system will be in the new controllers?

I propose to get away from the built-in rechargeable batteries, which have few hours of operation, and this is very small, compared to capacious AA-type external batteries.

For example:

  • in Oculus-touch the cheapest alkaline batteries were enough for 12-14 days of daily work for 3-4 hours a day.
  • In controllers HTC-Vive built-in batteries work only 6-7 hours on one charge, and after that they have to charge for 2 more hours. And, in time they will lose their capacity.

This is an unacceptable time to work in my opinion, not optimal
In the oculus-touch it was possible to forget that about charging for controllers for 1.5 - 2 weeks.

Please attach a vote between the choice: AA - batteries vs built-in batteries.


Rechargable AA or AAA batteries.


Make hear your thoughts regarding powering the controllers!

  • built-in batteries
  • AA or AAA ‘removable’ batteries

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What about removable batteries that also offer the option of using rechargeable batteries that can be charged through the controller?


But does not this make it heavier?

I really liked the locking mechanism on the oculus-touch, where you insert one AA battery, and the lid on the magnet itself came into the controller.


Very handy thing :slight_smile:

You have my vote.

That´s is the best option.

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Removable are good for replacement needs but can also add bulk.

With the usb-c or external usb battery one could simply tether controllers to headset or use usb bank in a batman utility belt. :beers::smirk::+1::sparkles:

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Generic Quad copter 600mAh lipo, easy to buy and have a pile charged up, rechargeable AA are too naff. The oculus controllers sip power because they are mostly driving an infrared remote control, VIVE controllers are mini PCs.

Actually a 900mAh 14500 Li-ion Rechargeable Battery would be awesome.

Those batteries are huge 16650 if those are the ones i think they are.

Yeh i edited it sorry 14500 are the same size as a AA

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I think they will not work, the current is too high 3.7.

Here are the best rechargeable AA batteries: Eneloop Pro 2500

2 aa would require too much bulk. Batteries can have voltage regulated/stepped down.i have a variety of aa 2500mah.

2 AAA rechargeable still bulky but beleive caps out @ 1000mah still on average almost twice capacity of controllers.

I prefer li-ion batteries, I don’t understand the battery complaint at all from anyone, AAA batteries just means more hassle, my Vive wands are always charged and in the event I would forget I can just charge one for 10 minutes or so to get enough for whatever game I want to play.

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In my opinion, 1 AA 2500 mAh is enough for one controller. in the Vive-sticks are generally 960 mAh batteries.

And to me the most usual alkaline battery 1 piece in 1 oculus-tache enough for almost 2 weeks :slight_smile:

And my Vive wands lasted for a year since I could just plug it into a usb.

I have AAA batteries in my headphones and they are super annoying and cost a bunch, I wish I could just plug it in and charge whenever I’m not using it instead.

Vive-wands only work for 6-7 hours and say hello to the usb-cord for 2 hours.

Batteries AA Eneloop Pro 2500 have a canceled capacity and low self-discharge in the course of many years. They are eternal almost. More on you no need to spend on batteries, buying a kit + charger. All economical people do this :relaxed:

I could be wrong but
3.7v * 960mAh = 3552mWh
1.2v * 2500mAh = 3000mWh
The Oculus controllers are a lot happier @ 1.2v than the wands microcontrollers, though who knows i’m no expert?

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Yes, my point, AAA batteries take effort, you need to take them out have spares, buy charging stations etc, they are terrible.

I have never played seven hours with no break, and even if you do run out you have a 15 minute break (which you’ll need anyway) and you are back to playing again. I’ve run big events with the Vive wands and battery has never ever been an issue that I have ever even thought about.