# Possible Index Fix Incoming!

@XabbuSwe @mmorselli & @BarShiftGames have been looking into possible fix(es). @Horst789 screenshot of error pointed to issue. Missing driver.

Link to @mmorselli fix Tested.


Our fix Untested. Valve changed name of controllers & directory.

Open Up

Look at @XabbuSwe later post it changed from knuckles to indexcontrollers


If you don’t already have Knuckles/Index controllers. Don’t worry about trying any fix.

Wait & try it as Cas & Chary didn’t need these fixes.

As problem seemed to be created due to name change.

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My knuckles is arriving friday thank god

My knuckles are arriving in 2 hours is there any work arounda or anything to get them working as have 3 lighthouses and knuckles and cant even use any of it as my wands wont even track on the new lighthouses

Will this also fix the steamvr hand animations on the wands?

Beta PiTool is “close” too… :wink:

3.Fix Indexcontroller cannot be adapted;


When you get the knuckles/index simply try them as Cas & chary did. Since you didn’t have them already should work without fixes described.

With your wands not sure. Be sure to check lh functions with lh log file for dianogstics.

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That not sure wands are different & have thrir own directory.

Look for resource files (pics of wands) you might be able to load images & fix. But be sure to create a zipped backup. Games might also use their own resource files for wands.

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my controllers have arrived i can pair them in pitools but steamvr sees them as the vive controllers, is that the problem that will be fixed with the incoming fix or is there something else, do i have to install drivers in steamvr

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How could you pair them in Pitools ?
Which buttons are you pressing to pair the knuckles?
I have no app AND system-button :roll_eyes:

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long press SYSTEM + B


This not sure as Cas & Chary had them I believe showing as Index Controllers in SteamVR Window.

If you mean in a particular game? If the game is older it will likely show wands instead of Index Controllers. TownVR? I think was the title of the game in Cas & Chary’s livestream; that game I believe has direct index support.

THX a lot !

I tried the hand lab and it worked :sunglasses:

Now I have to work again :sleepy:

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sorry i mean if i go into steam home and pickup the controllers they are shaped like vive wands,

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Ah not sure this might not be implemented yet? @mmorselli being an earlier owner might know if Steamvr home has index controllers pics implemented.

Likely not updated for that is my guess. As regular gamepad use shows vive wands in Steam house as well.

nope nothing working right for me

yes, with the driver fix knuckles use the correct shape model even in SteamVR Home. The only missing image is the one in the SteamVR status window, but it’s not really an issue


Did you follow this guide?


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Steam home might not have been updated with new name & location yet from knuckles drivers. As indicated with your guide working.

It’s PiTool that sends the controller shape to SteamVR Home, but the model is taken from the old drivers folder. With the fix it works properly, the new PiTools will look for the model in the new location, I guess

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