[Poll] What kind of smell do you want to use for which VR content?

Hi Futurists,

Our partner and us would like to know your preference to move on with the scent module development.

The following survey is brought to you by VAQSO:

Q1 What kind of smell do you want to use for which VR content? Please leave the game and scents in the comments. (Up to 5 kinds of scent can be used with one piece of content.)

e.g. FPS_1 Gunpowder, 2 Soil, 3 Zombie, 4 Girl, 5 Forest

Q2 Which smell do you want to use in VR games? (Up to 5 selections)

  • Ocean
  • Woods
  • Soil
  • Gunpowder / Fire
  • Cherry Blossoms
  • Smell of girls
  • Tropical
  • Turf
  • Whiskey
  • Vanilla Icecream
  • Cinnamon
  • Curry
  • Bread

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EDIT: Smell of girls - > please refers to the games e.g. VR Kanojo
Could be the pleasant scents of shampoo, perfume, cosmetics etc.

I did not realise women have a generic scent.


They do when I’m done with 'em. Gheh heh heh


I’m kind of afraid to ask, but what on earth is ‘smell of girls’?


Probably some sort of generic perfume aroma.

It is probably lost in translation.

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While reading forums, I’d like the smell of salt, popcorn, and trolls. :laughing:


I think it’s perfect that we advance in the smells module and ask for our opinion.

one of the scents that I would add if possible, is the combustion engine … (for car simulation games)

Although now what really worries me is that the viewer works and does not have the problems that are discussed by the forum, about distortion, bad glasses, poor performance etc …
I would focus my efforts on correcting all possible errors and even optimizing the brain system.

so we need the smell module if the viewer later turns out to be unplayable.


I don’t even want to know what zombies smell like!

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Can just imagine it now, somebody getting all salty and I get a waft of their tears from the ocean module.

“Smell of Girls” <— haha, Only the Chinese would risk having that one in there. You can see who voted it too lol

I imagine the most immersive experiences in gaming today are either horror (smell of blood, rotting meat, damp, mold) and outdoor FPS environments like the smell of wet undergrowth, pine needles (wood sap), soil and obviously gunpowder. Would also need a tech smell like oil, grease, rust.


For me the smells I would really like to increase the immersion would be Leather,Octane fuel and Burnt oil and Rubber for car Sims and Castrol oil for sims like “Flying Circus” the latest flying sim to join IL-2 series.

Assuming “smell of girl” is a generic pleasant perfume. I think it could be nice but then again I’d also like to walk by a homestead or a store and have the smell of fresh baked bread.

I do not want the smell of someone who has spend the last two weeks in their armor, or zombies.

I know I know, it’s not “immersive” or “hardcore” enough but I’d like to enjoy my rpgs, not get grossed out by them.

Maybe I am alone in this but the “smell of girls” would be for the porn industry. Otherwise they would say “Perfume”. Which could cover both male, female and other pleasant smells. The porn industry in China is a lot bigger than in the UK, I know that.

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Primarily I miss the scent of a fruit; mango, coconut, or apple
Imagine the scent of a strawberry, forever
Most of all I want to recognize the scent of heath
And freshly mowed grass slightly saturated with a short burst of rain
Xperiencing those smells in a RPG will be awesome with an 8K


I would like to be able to smell the blood of my victims or when I stroll along my neatly aquired lake of blood in the morning.

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I smell BS sometimes.

BTW First 6 smells from the list should work great in Skyrim Vr. For this kind of open world games scent module will be usefull.
Wave shooter , tiny action games, flight or race simulation - I dont really care.

Edit: for sim racer - smell of rubber should be nice but it’s not on the list:)

Im curious how something like this works, i think its more a gimmick. also i fear you will have like a ‘Ambi Pur’ (Look ocean!) kind of chemical thing near your face and i’m personally not so much interested in these smell modules.

I’m more interested in the 2-camera-module (Inside-out tracking), hopefully for AR support and hopefully for Windows Mixed Reality support. please work hard on that so hopefully we can order those early after we got our headset.

PS. if Pimax is going to release a :poop: smell there is going to be a new generation of fart apps, Fart (in) VR App!
A lot of YouTube Prank video’s would be made of that…and thats how the VR killer app everybody was talking about was being born, Pimax making history!

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A blend of cleaning fluid, oil, hydraulic fluid, kerosene, with a hint urine and vomit and you’ll have most jet fighter cockpits sorted (space ships as well I guess). :wink:


ocean, woods, soil, gunpowder, girls (lol)

Gunpowder/fire, ocean, turf, and woods scent would be nice in Rec Room. The Rec Royale mode has lots of trees and bushes, and obviously there is gunfire. Although the guns don’t actually shoot real bullets so… idk about the gunpower scent. Might still be good though, and the fire scent will make sense for explosions…I think. Tropical could be interesting as well in Rec Room, for really specific scenarios.