Poll: Aspherical lenses and Anti-SDE tech on Ruggedized editions or future models to solve IPD issues, SDE and god rays

Is it possible pimax would consider a lens upgrade in the ruggedized versions or a lens replacement to solve IPD issues but making the lens replacements aspherical non fresnel lenses? And truly solve SDE by implementing Anti-SDE tech like Samsung Oddessey+ as the kickstarter advertised. This would boost public perception, recognition and value of the products as many people are interested in better lense optics like PSVR and GearVR have.

Do you want Aspherical lenses and/or Anti-SDE tech in the Ruggedized editions or on a future headset model?

  • Yes
  • No

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Would like it in future but their is no chance they will do it anytime soon.


I don’t think that using anti SDE filter is the way for Pimax to solve any of their headset current limitations, I own an Odyssey+ and, even if the anti SDE filter is making a good job in reducing it, it is worse in certain games, and not everyone likes the added “smoothness”.

Also, a complete lens redesign is a considerable investment if done just to make things a little better and not involving also some new panel types or models.

It would be far better redesigning the lens after adopting some of the upcoming micro oled panels with high DPI than just patching things here and there…


none of those high dpi micropanels are suitable for large fov vr

Why not ?..

Well…certainly not with the current lens , LOL

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because theyre microdisplays only a few inches wide at most, and i’m pretty sure they require magnification to use. The screens in the pimax headsets are 12.5cm wide 5" screens you find in phones.

look at the specs of the new boe panels, suitable between 100-110 fov.

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it is not an unsolvable problem…it’s just that you need to ask the panel manufacturer to engineer a 16:9 ratio panel with a suitable high enough resolution, plus an rgb subpixel matrix or more fancy anti SDE one, use one per eye, then redesign the lens to adapt to the smaller display, lens can do this and more…it’s just that no one used it in such a way until now.

The ones advertised on BOE are clearly not suited for this, as these have almost a 3:3 ratio (square) , because no one in the market is asking for wide FOV panels…well…at least until very recently…

And there are many other manufacturers other than BOE…I can assure you, don’t worry…high FOV micro oled panels are coming…even some curved models. :wink:


Acting like it’s just an easy off-the-shelf solution that won’t take long. It took like a year to get these lenses done. Voted No cause it’s a bit ridiculous. Also, the anti-SDE sucks and makes the image blurry on the Odyssey+. No thanks.


I cant really fill out this poll because i agree that pimax should be working on new lens for future headsets but disagree with the anti sde film.
Although the current lens works well enough for most people, they are far from perfect, have lots of room for improvement.
The anti sde film on the other hand seems to have positive & negative effects & some people dont like it


How exactly do you expect the aspherical lenses should help?

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Dang man, you are really on this Anti-SDE fix. Are you going to try it on your headset?

So the new HP reverb has those kinds of lenses, increases the sweet spot:

Here’s MRTV’s hands on impression and what got from HP about that:
“There is also no manual IPD adjustment despite the fact that the headset is using 2 panels. I was told the lenses have such a huge sweetspot that no adjustment needs to be made anymore”

“As what the tracking is concerned, unfortunately the headset uses the standard WMR tracking that only does its job with 2 cameras instead of 4 (Quest) or 5 (Rift S). That is truly unfortunate, since now that the Oculus Insight tracking sets the new gold standard for inside out tracking, the WMR tracking does start to look dated. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still okay for most game situations, but it simply can’t compare to the new kids on the block. For sim lovers, who got alternative controls, this won’t matter at all though, and the HP Reverb should make tla wonderful headset for this target audience! So far, this is the best headset in terms of visual quality, better than Rift S, Odyssey Plus, Pimaxes etc. The Pimax headsets still lead on the FOV, despite the HP Reverb sporting a slightly higher FOV than the 1st gen headsets with 114 degrees. That’s at least the measurements that HP told me. It did look a bit wider, but I do need the device at the MRTV headquarters to really make sure of that.”


Anti SDE works perfectly for me even with PSVR! Pimax need to upgrade a PSVR type of panels, even 5k+ would look so much better than now… PSVR has the best colors and black levels with anti SDE, just resolution is low. Also 5.7 inch panels are better than 5.5 inch for more immersion. Also lenses kind of best in PSVR among any other VR hmd in terms of sweet spot! I believe PS5 with PSVR 2 would be really the best, but at least 2.5 years we have to wait. Just let’s hope someone (probably not Oculus) would crack this, and deliver for PC VR as well…

Keep in mind the Odyssy+ is still lower res. On a higher res &/or RGB might yeild better results.

I agree the PSVR looks decent, but the low res of the rendered game sorta counters that. I may look into buying ps5 and psvr2… haven’t owned a console since original XBox.

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The 4k has asphericsl lenses and hsve s considerable sweet spot & low distortion. But would be condidersbly thicker. Needing a custome use would be very expensive (see Xtal)

From my understanding HP is using a hybrid.

I agree with that! You can still see pixels(sde) on the edge of the textures of the Odyssey+. Using RGB should help.

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With this ot might work decent om the 5k+ due to rgb & the 8k due to high res. Be even interesting to see if it might improve 5k oled versions to some degree.

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I think that rather than an anti SDE filter, Pimax should look into a method of super resolution, as in this post


and also Aspherical lenses for the 8K-X. Lenses will be expensive, but not impossible as they do optics in house.

If they do these changes on the 8K-X it will give them the time to actually make the changes.

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