Pleased to say I just managed to fix most of my 8KX lens issue by swapping CK gasket with 5k+ one

Took a while to get the old gasket out, was properly wedged in on the right side.

But I’m very glad I did. Having swapped out the CK gasket, my right eye is finally in focus, or at least close enough that it no longer bothers me. This was never the case before. General eye comfort seems much better, and I’m sure I’ll be able to play for longer now.

It’s still not 100% perfect in either eye, unless I turn my head slightly, but it’s so much better than before than it has a become a minor issue instead of a major one. While I have a bit of a nose gap now and it would be great to have a flap on this one, it’s not a big deal to me as I usually play in a low lit space, plus it seems the ventilation is better. Breathing out through my nose passes a bit of cool air up over my eyes!

I know it won’t help everyone, but for those having issues and have access to the old gasket, I strongly recommend giving it a go, it could largely solve the issue. Why the difference is there between gaskets I don’t know.

In addition, I’m using a VRMust thick leather foam, minimal mechanical IPD and offset of -0.5. No vertical offset.


That’s strange. Maybe there is a problem with the comfort kit. Or it might just be that getting closer to the sweetspot has alleviated your issue. If that’s the case, try a thin face foam. It might get even better.

I exchanged the headstrap with htc vive deluxe strap but kept the comfort kit and the image is MUCH more enjoyable now and more important it isn’t pressing on my forehead so unpleassnt that after only few seconds with pimax headstrap it got unplayable after few minutes!


Hi vorinami
How is the image more enjoyable ? what has changed for you ? :slightly_smiling_face:

I believe others have swapped to the old cowling and things have improved, not just me. Can’t say it will work for everyone with the lens issue of course.

Definitely not thin foam for me, all thin foams have been totally unusable since 5k+. My face doesn’t fit and introduces massive fishbowl distortions.

Double thickness has always worked, plus the 5k+ cowling has less room for my glasses than the CK. Any thinner and I’ll be scratching the lenses. The glasses are thin framed and have thin lenses themselves, so this is the limit.

Edit: thick foam from Pimax is going to be here before the end of the month, so I hope this will improve things even further, as it’s a bit thicker than the VRMust one.

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Where did you buy the adapters for the vive audiostrap? And did it fit directly?

The tiny spot remained small but still subjective little better and easier to find. As I unfortunately still can’t put both eyes in that small sweet spot at the same time, the right image at least is closer to that spot and less blured. I am very happy to have tried this mod. I also was surprise I have great stereo sound even vive headphones are only attached on one side.


and that is with the thin foam - the only one i got with my 8kx :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Actually I removed the plastic hinges from 8kx and put those from 5k+. the adapters are the ones used for 5k+ earlier (3d printed, Pimax+Vive DAS Slide Over Hinges by g_code3D - Thingiverse and Pimax + Vive DAS Adapter by Drcube - Thingiverse ).


Fixed my DAS too but it only improved comfort, the fact I can pull on the headset and it pulls out a bit is 100 times better than the rigid SMAS.

But lens problems did not get fixed.

I swapped with the 5K+ face thing and that helped a lot but now I’m stuck with that thin ridge on my forehead again…

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I’m also using two studioform creative mods, counterweight and old Odyssey strap with the split velcro ends. Fits like a comfy padded baseball cap now :+1:


Sorry to hear. It’s not perfect for me still, but a lot better that it was.

even the comfort now is much improved with frankenpimax there is still some pressure below eyes, which for me can be further reduced by putting some extra weight at the back.

I forgot to mention, my IPD is 60.5, with 5K+ on lowest IPD settings it was just right, now with 8kx good/in the sweetspot on the left eye while on the right eye it remains slightly blurred because not in the tiny sweetspot (noticable by looking only with my right eye). Horiz. offset atm at - 1.5, vertical at - 4.5. Luckily, eyes and brain adjust fast and in the game I only perceive the sharp(er) image.


I have the upper one which I will try, too to see if the comfort benefits even more. Those at the back is something I might 3d print myself as adapters I can put some extra weight in, it feels like it won’t be much weight needed.

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Gotcha :slight_smile:

So here’s what I have just tried, because I have the problem as I think everybody else does…
The Right lense is offset a few millimeters.

I tried removing the comfortkit (had to trim the noseguard as it was kinda poking my eyesockets) :rofl:
But then I thought… maybe there is some tollerence / slack in the lense assembly…
lo and behold, I was able to move the Right lense a bit to the Left and to the Right… yup slack, not precise at all…

My measured IPD is 66mm
So… made +1,5 offset in Pitool and adjusted to approx 2mm lower than my measured IPD, and moved the Right lense a few mm to the left.
This resulted in a clearer picture, Not perfectly clear but even for both eyes, at least for me… time to do some more testing :smiley:


The SFC one I got is 300g (150g each side), fine for me but some might prefer less.

I like having the soft side strap over your head, takes the weight nicely without excess pressure anywhere. I used a similar one on the 5k+, but this one for my old Lenovo was gathering dust. This one works better over the SMAS speakers.


wow, great! :clap: nice to now, will try it out this weekend! but disappointing if assembly tolerances are so bad for “premium” vr headset with premium costs. :unamused:


I was very surprised to feel such great discomfort with pimax headstrap ( with hinges allowing to rotate as low as wanted) as it was at the surface from comfort kit, but with vive deluxe audio strap the same comfort kit is distributing the pressure and adding to comfort. Wondering a lot why that is as pimax headstrap doesn’t look to be so different from vive DAS. :thinking:
I am just happy I could finally start enjoying 8kx after I did this mod.


Well I just had one of my most enjoyable VR sessions ever. Several uninterrupted hours playing NMS - everything pretty crisp and clear, nothing slipped out of focus or needed readjustment, game looks great and plays well with current settings, no eye strain or facial discomfort, and getting enough ventilation.

Now the irony of this was that before I tried the 5k+ cowling, I was getting really annoyed about the focus problem. Was ready to post stating that I think the lenses have ruined the potential of the X, and it would be my last Pimax and I was for the first time considering an Index or G2 replacement in future. And for many people that’s still the case, understandably. They are still a serious obstacle.

But I decided I had to test the old cowling before I gave up. All I can say is that I’m ******* glad I did.


just an added comment…

While I had the Comfor Kit off my 8Kx, I tried holding the HMD as close as I could in front of my eyes and alligned it… Ohh boy did that look much better, I think I need a 0mm facefoam :rofl: :rofl:
Well next step for me is to try the Comfort Kit without the foam and see if I can get as close as I could without the Comfor Kit…
Then find some way to make a custom foam… This is just too much effort for a $1300 HMD
Did anyone say eye relief adjustment needed yet… :rofl: :joy: I know I know…