Playing The Best VR Racing Sims on the StarVR One - Plus improved resolution tweak


Thanks for the video man will check it out later :slight_smile:


Hi dmel. I just watched the video. It’s very good and I enjoyed your impressions of those games. Thanks for talking about in particular Assetto Corsa and Iracing. It’s exciting to know both of those games work well with the headset.

I do have one concern. While watching the video I noticed the framreate is not very good and in fact it looked quite choppy in the video. It looked like most of the games were running at around 30-40 fps. Is this because you were streaming footage for the purpose of uploading the video, or are these game really only delivering 30-45fps? Can you confirm that you cannot achieve a solid 75fps or higher in either AC or Iracing? What sacrifices needs to be made in the graphical setting to achieve 90fps or even 75fps? Please let me know


If I lower the maxRecommendedResolution a bit and tweak some graphical settings, I can probably get it to run at a smooth 75fps. I’ll do some experiments and let you know. It’s all about the balance between resolution and performance.

Forgive me if it’s my lack of knowledge about the StarVR but why would You use that to lower quality? It’s just a max setting (upper limit) so why not just use a lower supersampling value instead?

Or tweak settings as You say?


Yes you’re right. I’ll try lowering supersampling. Right now I have it at max of 500%


That’ll bring any PC, with any headset (?), to it’s knees… :flushed:


Unfortunately average 36 fps is unplayable for most ppl in vr especially when you play competitive sim racing

Looks extremely choppy and the gauges still unreadable - it looks totally unplayable with those settings to me. The windshield wipers at 7:30 look like 2 frames each, one at 20 degrees and one at 80 degrees or so.


I have to agree. Those are some BAD fps. I would never be able to play a game like that.

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If you have the time, can you try VRChat in it? I’m very curious to know how that game would handle the StarVR one.

You can do dual GPU on the StarVR One

You know there are threads recently made with users commenting about the dull display brightness with XR units and why Pimax haven’t responded, maybe you can take a look at what some users including me are asking.


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The performance is MOSTLY because of the maxRecommendResolution set to 16384. It did not have this before I added in that line. If I lower it then it would probably be higher fps.

Really? Like SLI? I only have one 2080 Ti GPU

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No. As mentioned that’s an upper recommended limit (hence the max) that apps can choose to use or not.

It’s due to using 500% supersampling. Use that and settings to tweak frame rate.


I leave resolution at Auto which is set to 52%. Does it matter what my manual is set to, if I leave it at auto?

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Nope. I use 100% (manual) with my 5K+ and a 2080Ti and tweak settings.

You could also use 100% (manual) globally and then tweak the per app supersampling percent in SteamVR.


Yes, is the only Headset that is designed to use dual GPU.

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Yes, @DrWilken is totally right, afaik. The “maxRecomendedResolution” is just the upper limit steam is allowed, which is important for wide FOV and higher resolutions.
It has zero impact if you leave the settings as before - so if you set the HMDs Rendering to 100% and Steams to 100% it will only have a effect if Steam already needs more pixels then usually provided by the default setting to get to 100% Resolution. Else you will only notice it, if you change your SS to a value like 500% and then lower the max Recommended Resolution, because internally Steam will then be forced to reduce your SS so that it maxes out at 16 384, 8192 or what ever you have set.

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