Playing Grand Theft Auto V Using The R.E.A.L. VR Mod At 120Hz In The Pimax 5K+ Is Amazing!

In this video we are going to take a quick look at how to install and play GTA V in VR using the R.E.A.L. Mod. release 2 for Steam VR headsets. I played it in my Pimax 5K+ and needless to say the game looked amazing with the new 120hz mode and the wider FOV that the Pimax headsets offer.

So in order to play this in VR you will need to head over to the Github page linked below and just download and unrar the files into your GTA V folder. Basically just follow the steps in this video and you will be up and running in no time! I would recommend doing a clean install of the game and removing any other mods before installing this one as to not cause any compatibility issues.

Overall this is one of those games I have been trying to successfully play in VR since back in the DK2 days when me and the rest of my friends in the VRspies were trying to get it working well in VORPX. We did finally get it to a somewhat playable state back then but I can say it was never this good!

I would say that other than a few animations that could cause VR sickness in some players the game is now fully playable in VR. You will however need a game pad for this one as it does not support motion controllers but TBH, I kind of enjoyed this and it felt comfortable and old school the way I remember playing it on my monitor.

There are a few advanced tweaks you can do to the game that I did not cover in this video but I will also link to the full readme below so if you are so inclined you can attempt these for yourself.

Here are the links to what you will need to get this all set up:

GTA V Game:

Download for the R.E.A.L. Mod Release 2 -

Readme for the R.E.A.L. Mod -

Huge thanks to Luke Ross the developer of this mod… It is simply amazing that one developer was able to pull this off! []-)


I admit than the 120hz must be amazing, 40hz more that 8k is huge, wish we had a similar mode for it…even a 90 would be cool.

Too bad I really dont like playing with a gamepad, will it be supported someday just like half life, for example?


I wish it would have support for vr hands or atleast you could move the gun free and aim/shoot in vr

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Yes this is what I was talking about, just like this HL2 vr mod :


Works ok on the index with 120hz. There are still some effects of the alternate screen stuff they are doing and driving makes it pretty noticeable.

I hope that GTAVR mod adds stereo support because it has motion controller support and works very well and is a blast to play.

edit: They just updated today that its coming!! OpenVR Support | Grand Theft Auto VR


Picked up on this a while back. Works quite well. I run it 72Hz Normal fov. looks great. Not a big fan of the driving mechanics but that’s the simmer in me talking. It’s a good time waster for the fans and fun to just go walkabout or driveabout.


Yeah I found just walking around Los Santos to be amazing and over on my Reddit post someone keeps mentioning something called the manual transmission mod which allows you to drive the cars with a wheel and pedal setup so definitely going to give that a go as well! []-)


Oh that’s great news… That’s the original mod I started out with back in the day and always found it to be the best way to play this… My only issue was the lack of stereo 3D but now that it’s getting the alternate eye rendering just as this mod does it will for sure be a contender. Thanks for the heads up! []-)

If you follow the link that @peteo posted below you’ll find the original mod that I used to play with is about to get a big update that allows for open VR, stereo rendering, and it does allow for motion control support so this is most likely what you will want to use when it is done!

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Well as @peteo mentioned in his response below you will see that the original GTA VR mod is about to get a huge update and it has always supported motion controls! []-)

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If it the mod I recall, there was flaw (can remember what) that compelled me not to bother, but part of that was car handling being so poor anyway.
It’s kind of like why many pro golfers don’t practice putt on the carpet. They don’t want to corrupt their feel for the real putting surface.
For driving around and getting out a lot, the XBone is easy to switch back and forth so there’s that too.

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Install the Manual Transmission Mod and you will cream yourself.

From the release notes of the latest update

Wheel: New force feedback model

The logic and maths of the force feedback has been improved upon, based on Rockstars stability control implementation. The result is that force feedback now feels more responsive and more accurate. As a result, force feedback now responds more correctly to situations like oversteer and does not over-correct itself any more.

In general lines, the feeling resembles games such as Assetto Corsa and DiRT Rally 2.0.

Additional options to control the force feedback profile have been added, so I hope it will suit whatever wheel you’re using even better now.

New Steering Wheel features and improvements:

Overhaul force feedback model, eliminating oscillation and fishtailing Add option to limit force feedback power Add anti-deadzone support on force feedback power Add damper effect to soft lock for a harder cutoff Add “Park” and “Neutral” positions for H-shifter automatic gear selection Synchronize the game steering wheel with the physical wheel

New general features and improvements:

  • Add per-vehicle configuration, overriding a selection of main settings Add an enhanced custom steering mode for keyboard and controller
  • Add an option for custom steering mode to override in-game steering wheel angle Add Traction Control as driving assist Add a G-force graph Add configurable speed timers Upgrade AI shifting logic to player logic, allowing AI to cruise at higher gears and select lower gears on demand more dynamically
  • Fix an issue where a burnout condition is triggered when rolling back in a forward gear despite the clutch being fully held
  • Fix an issue where ABS reduced brakes to all wheels instead of just affected wheels Reorder assist/feature priorities to: Burnout → Engine lock → ABS → Traction Control → Engine braking

Wheel fixes:

  • Fix an issue where Logitech LEDs caused force feedback to get stuck to last command
  • Fix an issue causing no throttle being applied when rolling back in a forward gear
  • Fix an issue where rear-steered vehicle have a reversed force feedback direction
  • Improve wheel axis mapping, now registers axis after lifting off the control significantly Support alternative input method vehicles (Deluxo, Stromberg) Monitor for device plugin and window switching, this should always re-gain wheel focus Increase wheel rotation to 1440 degrees in the menu

So in the settings.xml for HIgh settings he states that we are assumed to be using a square resolution.

Obviously he doesn’t own a pimax. Should i ignore that and set the resolution to something wider than 1080x1080?

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Yes, you can put even 1500x1500 but it’ll have big impact on fps.

For those who tried this mod:
Do you need to close steam vr to play the game?
Also do you need parallel projection to be on?

Yes to both.

Start from Steam like a desktop game (just like You would do with a vorpX game).

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I’m using high settings but still my graphic has a lot of shimmering.
@DrWilken did you find any way to enable TAA or increase aliasing? I set TXAA to enable but then I have black screen. AA I have force to x16.

Also is there any way to change cutscenes zoom? They’re waaaay to close to my eyes.

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Nope. Haven’t changed any settings, yet.

I agree about the zoom… Waaaay to close, but it’s mentioned in the readme:

You should probably read the advanced tweaking section… :wink:


Got the steering wheel support/manual transmission mod installed, now just need to setup and test on my G920.

Agree about the cutscene zoom, very distracting hard on the eyes. Wish there was a way to skip them.

edit: running ok at 1440 x1080

Cut scenes are a pain.


You can double tap one of the buttons to skip.

It’s in the readme under cutscenes AFAIR… :wink:

EDIT: Here it is:

In case of panic, just remember that all cutscenes can be skipped after a second or so by pressing ‘A’ on the controller or the left mouse button.


yes I read that but for whatever the reason hitting the A button on the xbox controller didn’t do anything although all other imputs were working…odd I know although there was the beer involved during the testing of the game :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Maybe now that I’ve rebooted after the initial install? Will try later today. Love the vr implementation though, it’s great to see that world finally in vr