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Great job with the IPD adjustment and game fixing, Phantom covert ops is working!

Played 10 min on upscale mode and it seems the image quality has improved and fixed the blackout.

Now I do get 3d depth with standard settings and my right IPD.

Please just check the 8K X Backlight adjustment. It isnt changing, no matter what I do. I guess the FW is still missing.


I’m lost, what exactly is changed about the IPD adjustment?
I’ve installed the new pitool for sure, I’ve seeing the green Pi logo instead of the old white logo.

Is there a new setting for ipd or something? I’m not sure what I am looking for here.

they changed the default alignment of the picture for me 3d depth was with +3 IPD offset, now its on 0.

You can now set the ipd for each eye and more precise.


oh yes I see the change now, thanks.

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NEW BETA Pitool designed to resolve issues with IPD adjustment. This new Pitool allows much more detailed adjustment of IPD and allows EACH EYE to be individually adjusted.

If you are having any issues with picture focus or clarity this Pitool can resolve these issues and we encourage you to give it a try. You can download it here with this link:

Download link - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OL5kNU4CehXc1t6BNpRqsLTL9WoV7W3-/view?usp=sharing

Of course we are always looking for ways to improve and if you have suggestions for further enhancements to Pitool please let us know via your feedback to the community and we will report your outcome to the R&D team!


Are these adjustments made via PiTool?

It was my understanding that the IPD offset had always been possible to adjust independently for each eye via software.

Can someone maybe do a quick video showing the changes?

Is there a changelog to that version of PiTool, i.e. what else beyond IPD has been changed?


Pretty sure it’s done from within Pimax Experience as that’s been the plan for quite a while.

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AFAIK there is no new version of PE yet.

@Akuma540 and @oysta1109 care to chip in?


just an updated pitool, that has IPD adjustment separate for left and right eyes, and finer adjustment value of 0.1 instead of 0.5

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Ah ok, so previously it was seperate for vertical and horizontal offset whereas now those settings can also be altered per eye?

Did that make any meaningful difference?

@Akuma540 described that previously he used an offset of +3 and now needs no offset, which leads me to believe that the changes might be a bit deeper than simply an added functionality.

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Did You check the new PiTool version?

PE is bundled with it (EDIT: It’s not)… :wink:

Not sure which version it is though as I haven’t tried it yet.


Ah interesting.

I was under the impression that any new version of PE woud first be announced by @SweViver but maybe that has changed. Will have to check this out over the weekend.


I might be wrong too of course… :wink:

I’ll check the version later too unless someone beats me to it.

EDIT: @twack3r. I was wrong. It actually overwrites Pimax Experience with the default still picture thing.

FYI: @SweViver. Installing the updated PiTool overwrites the PE install so You have to re-install it again. That can’t be intended, right? PiTool should probably check if PE is installed and if it is use it and if not, default to the fixed image…? :slight_smile:


Is the Firmware missing for the 8K X to change the backlight?


work on asgard wrath


I guess the extra fine grained IPD offset options are just a preparation for the IPD configuration in PE?:slight_smile:

Hopefully there’ll be an updated version of that ready soon too… :slight_smile:


just for my hint: what is the best way t check the ipd and make configurations ?

I seemed to have my 8KX dialed in very nicely the last few days for the first time in a while (mostly due to face foam symmetry), hopefully this new Pitool doesn’t mess it up. More options the better I think.

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So where is the IPD tool? and 60 hz?


It is there in the link that Miracle posted in this thread