Pitool and steam activated games DR2, PC2 and AMS2 launch in oculus mode, how?

Hello, subject topic concerns me… All of the games above work with SteamVR but I’d like to launch them in Oculus mode just to get rid off PP. Normal Oculus mode trics don’t apply here (Import & install Oculus SW or add LibOVRRT32_1.dll and LibOVRRT64_1.dll into game folder).

Have tested the following things also (with Oculus SW and installing the LibOVRRT:

  • adding steam_appid.txt file into game folder with proper ID’s inside
  • Starting games via Steam/PLAY and selecting Oculus mode

These games has tendency open the SteamVR no matter I do.

My non-steam bought Condor2 simulator that has Oculus VR support only, works well with Import & installing those LibOVRRT** files into game folder… So this part of the installation is ok.

So, how I can run these games above in Oculus mode ? From where I can check that my steam_appid.txt codes are correct ones ?

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2 things you can try. In Steam Desktop see if you can launch in Oculus Mode via drop down. Everspace for example can be launch in Non VR, Steamvr or Oculus VR mode.

@park has a few guides involving changing Ap id. Here is one for pc2.


Hello, those two points that I mentioned and tested above were the things that you proposed; DR2, PC2 and AMS2 have those three drop down alternatives => my last bullet point is that test… And the first bullet topic is part of the link that you suggest to try also…

I have to dig deeper and try to find how Pitool and Steam are starting games in different situations

contrary to helio i’ve only ever gotten pimax to run games in oculus emulation mode by starting them from pitool which has very limited options

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… same here, native Oculus game with *.exe Pitool import and LibOVRRT32_1.dll and LibOVRRT64_1.dll files installed to game folder, and game activation via Pitool, other methods failed so far…

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Don’t know if it still available: https://community.openmr.ai/t/dirt-rally-2-0-ver-1-8-with-greece-dlc-2-dof-motion/21988/11?u=ybarka

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With Steam depending on title I launch either from pitool or Steam desktop interface.ie everspace.

Everspace I almost refunded it as it was completely unplayable when I bought it in SteamVR mode.

=> I got it finally working… with DR2 at least… There were lot’s of things to be exactly correct before it started to work. Here is the list of all required things in my case:

  1. Install/modify these into DR2 game folder:
  • Lib_OVRRT32_1-.dll and Lib_OVRRT64_1.dll (or alternatively install Oculus SW ?)
  • steam_appid.txt with following text: 690790/othervr
  1. Create shortcut (Desktop => New => create shortcut) that contains the following line:

Pitool app location\Pimax\Plugin\OCSupport\OVR_Launcher_x64.exe” DR2 game folder\DiRT Rally 2.0\dirtrally2.exe -useoculussdk

  • in my case the actual, correct line was this:

“C:\Program Files\Pimax\Plugin\OCSupport\OVR_Launcher_x64.exe” H:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\DiRT Rally 2.0\dirtrally2.exe -useoculussdk
3) Pitool up and running
4) Steam app should be up and running ! (this was missing when I did these tests earlier)

… I found this shortcut command line proposal earlier but I think some of these 1) and 4) topics were missing at that time…

=> Next I will test if this same works with PC2 and AMS2 as well (with different paths and steam_appid.txt codes of course…)


=> Short update, same trick worked with PC2 and AMS2 games also; I just changed the folders and rungameid’s under the steam_appid.txt file… :smiley:


This is exactly the trick i’ve been looking for, how to launch apps with pitool oculus emulation with command line arguments!

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Hello, I followed step by step your procedure for DR2 but the game is launched on my monitor and not in my headset, an Idea? Thanks

Did you add the option argument -useoculussdk into the shortcut command line also ? How about the steam_appid.txt ? Does that contain the proper rungameid ? => I double checked that the id I gave is the correct one for DR2 (690790) My oculus mode games starts so that I can see the starting screen picture in my monitor and then game image appears into my Pimax 5k+ glasses also. Those are the things that popped into my mind.

Never found compelling need for PP in DR2. I found no performance advantage in PCars2 with the appid hack, but also not a big fan so no loss for me. Don’t own ASM2. Also prefer PT 149 at this time.


=> I will test soon (today/tomorrow) how much benefit (if any) this Oculus mode & PP disable combination brings…

Test results in my case; DR2 felt slightly better/smoother with Oculus mode , PC2 - no improvement at all, AM2 I didn’t even tested because graph engine is same than in PC2…

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