Pimp-My-Pimax - The most comfortable headset in the world

Did I go too far?

The answer is no, now it’s the most comfortable headset in the world

Component list:

(2 pieces needed to reach 364 grams of counterweight)

[UPDATE] Here’s a direct link for our DAS comfort strap. Discount with coupon PIMAXPROMO

Pro tip. The Apache DAS strap also works with the Valve Index https://www.reddit.com/r/ValveIndex/comments/cwch52/review_apache_das_strap_a_comfort_mod_for_the/


Hey, if you want to spend the money go for it. I’m using the DAS alone and quite comfy… and considering upgrading the facefoam soon.

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Sublime !

I have half of the components, now i just have to get the rest !

Which is the Pimax to DAS adapter ?

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NIce! I wonder if VRcover for Samsung Odyssey + would fit onto Pimax 5K+

does the nose bridge padding come with the kiwi vr face cushion? they seem to have a gap not covering the nose but yours looks to have a pad

you’re right, added to the list

Is the DrCube one (short)

Printed in HP’s nylon plastic (HP Multi-Jet Fusion)


yes, is a piece of the 6mm cover, I’m using the 18mm for the face and I cut the 6mm for the nose

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ah so you cropped the 6mm with scissors and what not and made your own nose bridge cool tx that’s good to know cause i was sold on the cover because of the bridge. Ima purchase

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Hmmmm another £170 just to make it comfortable for what it is supposed to be designed for?
Well I guess you get the audio as well…


Yes, this mod is a bit expensive, but wearing a Pimax is an expensive experience of its own. At this point I only care about the performance


Yes if you can afford it then absolutely.
I’m not having a go at you, just that people shouldn’t need to be spending money on extras just to pretty much make the HMD usable and certainly not that sort of money…

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Did you use the back foam for the nose area?

I’m using the 6mm foam that comes in the kit (18mm and 6mm in mine)

Let’s atleast hope Pimax’ own DAS and extra facepads do the trick… once they’re available


For the sake of completeness… the counterweight cover. Now it’s finished!


6mm memory foam face insert is perfect for me.

wich one do you got?

6mm vive memo foam
Apachi headstrap
70mm ipd -1 offset
+2 contrast
Backlight high


the cover thickness is very subjective, in my case with the 6mm one I get distortion, eyestrain and less sharpness, while with the 18mm one everything is perfect

6 mm for the nose part only

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What are you using to attach the counter weights to the back of the das? those Velcro straps?

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