Pimax, you messed up again!

I received a call from Fedex earlier today that I was just able to confirm is about my HMD coming from Pimax. Backer 62xx to Alberta, Canada. Yay? Except that the 5k+ I had on order was supposed to be delayed. This was confirmed to me by @Matthew.Xu over a private message even though @Pimax-Support and @anon74848233 had earlier said I could not change. That was of course months after @anon23564932 had said that backers would be given the chance to wait for reviews of the 5kBE before making a final decision.

What do I do now Pimax? Do I not accept the duties so the HMD is sent back? I’m not paying for return shipping if I choose the go with the 5KBE which @mixedrealityTV has said will be delivered to him shortly.

I don’t know what to do at this point. You are making it really hard to vouch for your company when you constantly pull garbage like this. Please fix this.


Unfortunately, basically everyone in China is celebrating CNY right now. It’s a 2-week long holiday. I think Pimax is closed until Feb 11th.

You’ll need to decide what to do on your own, unless @PimaxUSA (Kevin) can provide advice.


I’m sorry to read your about to receive the wrong Version but at least you’ve been sent something even at such a late/high backer number?? :disappointed:


Am I missing something? You were told you could not change your order, you were told your 5k+ order was delayed, Pimax announced to the community that all 5k+ orders had shipped, and now it arrived. Why would you not want to receive your device? Because it arrived earlier than you expected? Pimax messed up by thinking your order was delayed when it wasn’t?

You flip flopped changing your mind on which headset you wanted. Did you ever send them a form confirming 5k+ as your choice? They dont send you anything unless you responded. Now you have conflicting desires because you are unsure about the 5kBE model and expect Pimax to hold the order until you have decided?

Seems like you are quite the demanding customer, sorry but you do not have my sympathy at this point.


@VoodooDE has reviewed the BE overal result not great save for horror games. His review is posted in forum.

Essentially it seems he wanted to wait on hoping the Oled 5k would yield decent reviews in spite of a sde which would be equal to deepoon e3 or pimax BE(qhd) headsets. Which would only be a tad better than og vive.

Cmon man, go and take your Pimax 5K+ and stop playing like little kid with delayed decision … :wink:


Yes you’re missing something.
I was told I could not change my order by Dallas.
Then Matthew said that was a mistake and we could change our order so I contacted support.
Support told me I could not change my order so I contacted Matthew again.
Matthew reassured me that Support was wrong and that I could hold off on shipment.
Then suddenly on Feb. 2 Pimax ships me a headset.

Pimax is going back on its word AGAIN! I don’t have basestations because they don’t have a fucking clue when they’re going to ship. Controllers are who the hell knows where. Q3 at this point in time but Pimax can’t make a date to save their life.

Why the hell am I being told one thing with no follow through.


I’m not flip flopping like some users. I sent a form. I was told we could make a final choice after 5KBE reviews were out by Xunshu. Dallas went back on Xunshu’s word telling us we couldn’t switch. Matthew tells us we can switch. Support tells us we can’t. Matthew says support is wrong and that my order won’t be sent.

Is it so hard to send the HMD they had “reserved” for me to another backer waiting? Let me re-phrase that, IS IT SO HARD TO NOT TELL ME ANOTHER FUCKING LIE!!!


You mean without the basestations or controllers I won’t see for another year? 3DOF is trash.

How the fuck are people able to just write off the constant lies from Pimax like it’s nothing. Is this how you let people treat you in real life? Tell you something, do something else, over and over again. The constant lies is mind boggling and absolutely infuriating.


The choice is right out the door man… Do you wanna keep waiting another couples of months ??? Take the blue pill —the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. :sunglasses:


I still hold to they should have kept it simple. Get what one pledge for with no option to change; less drama & less administration headaches to deal with.

But what was done is done & can appreciate your frustration. Let this be a lesson to others whom run a kickstarter - no changes to pledges after kickstarter closes.


I’m waiting anyways at this point with or without the HMD. I expected to wait until October to receive everything anyways and I was absolutely fine with that. I have my O+ to keep me busy because I sick of waiting for Pimax actually hit one of their target dates.

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That’s just it, they brought this upon themselves by flip flopping back and forth as to what backers could do. I responded to one survey and then asked them to hold back shipment. I know there were others who went back and forth a few times and that is why they decided to lock choices. If that was (is) the case then why was I told differently?

@PimaxUSA the customer service being exhibited right now is bloody frustrating. You’re not all bad, you really seem to make an effort half the time with some over the top (in backers favor) choices that have really impressed me. But you need to stop going back on your word to save face, it will only do more harm then good in “Western” markets.

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Too many cheifs not enough Indians. Yes they did create the ability to flip flop. Personally as said should have been no further changes after kickstarter. The 5k BE oled should never have been offered as a possible switch due to backer’s pressure as it was not a kickstarter model; a case of being to nice.

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Yeah it totally seems to me pimax is the only flip flopper complicating things but then blames it on the customer, because pimax business practices.

They introduced the new product and withdrew the original. They asked, persuaded, pressured people to change. Then told them they can’t. Then told them that’s wrong they can, just write support again. Where they’re told they can’t. Then told they can, write support again. Then they’re told it’s their fault, look at how many support emails we have with you requesting changes.


It’s pure miscommunication on their end. I see it in companies I deal with on a daily basis. Their is a lack of project managers out there and the lack of one person means the frustration of many many others. This has been a rocky ride of a kickstarter but I feel like the products that have resulted are really really good from the reviews popping up. But one hand of the company doesn’t communicate with the other. In fact it slaps the other, continuously.

I just refused the package, I can’t nor do I want to express the ridiculousness of this situation. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Your perception is far more kind on Pimax than mine. I must say it comes across as pure dishonesty in many cases to me. Even comes with the constant apologies and promises of change, immediately followed up with no change in any positive direction.

The ‘you can’t change’ may have started in miscommunication but the look at all the requests about changing (that we kept telling you to make despite how ridiculous this is) and therefore it’s your fault has nothing to do with miscommunication. Do people not ask questions like why do I submit a support ticket on one site and then go and tell someone on another site that I have done that and what it’s about and then either the guy on the 2nd site does the job or nobody does the job and I go back and tell the guy on the 2nd site nobody did anything and closed the ticket. So you’re told go and open another ticket on another website and then come back and tell me here on this website what that ticket is. And people think yeah makes sense. Come up with all sorts of reasoning to deny these people are nuts.

I feel somehow people have become apologetic of others to the point where they’ve convinced themselves that only speaking well of others has become more important than truth. People are happy to play along with lies in so many parts of life now, truth is becoming less important.

When someone lies, apologises, promises change, lies, apologises, promises change times how many dozen are we up to now?..I don’t buy it’s communication. It’s an obvious pattern of behaviour and culture (of the company not the Chinese).

I try not to buy shiny things from the devil no matter how shiny. Pimax are far from evil, they’re not Facebook. But they see no good reason for honesty and responsibility with others, so I think it’s a would be if they could be situation. I don’t want to support them. I’m stuck in this kickstarter with them…because they had the prototype ready to go, had their manufacturing facilities ready to go who employ thousands of workers, even showed me photos of said facilities, had experience building and delivering, no problem delivering Jan, with things like inside out tracking built in as well as LH2 tracking…oh it goes on and on.

In some threads it’s totally ‘how dare you bring up the manufacturing facilities and thousands of workers and photos. What a horrible thing to say. There, there Pimax it’s okay.’ Truth doesn’t matter.

So yeah, a bit more harsh a perception from me. Obviously an overall perception and not just about the you change, you don’t change thing.


Yes they never should have been nice & offer choices after the kickstarter.

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