Pimax! When you make the new Stretchgoal pack available, please do a 2nd option where the eye tracking is included in the package for the higher price

since the new package has the eye track discount, it would be great to place the eye tracking inside that package to only need 1 shipment.


I fully agree with this - it would make a lot of sense to ship the eye tracking instead of shipping a “coupon”, to those that are decided on getting it.

That’s part of the plan.


so did i get it right that people (like me) that did opt out of the eye tracking 50$ discount in the upgrade program can get it back this way and only pay the 99$ for the eye tracking?

It would also be nice to have an option with both eye and hand tracking.

Actually I thought with all the delays of PimaxNow the website to opt in for Stretchgoal compensation package would be already online. Also the option to buy eye tracking with backer discount.
I couldn’t find anything.

Will you email invite all backers as soon as the shop software is up for this task?
This thread should be moved to Backer Lounge, no?

just to recap from the TLDR

Backer Stretch Goal related:
12) Stretch Goal package changed.
12a) New Stretch Goal Package consists of:
(upgrade from SMAS to KDMAS), Vision Comfort Kit, Extra New Thin Foam, Protective Silicon Sleeve, $100 wireless adapter, 2 pieces of content, Option to buy Eye Tracking for $99.
Items removed from package: cooling fan, perscription lens adapter, 1 piece of content
13) All items will be shipped in a single package beginning in August.
14) If Any backer with stretch goals does not receive their tracking number before Oct. 31st, 2020 they can reqeuest a refund of $150 to their Paypal account.
15) PIMAX will pay for shipping, other fees such as VAT or customers fees will be borne by backer.
16) Stretch Goal Tracking System - new webpage where you can see your tracking number, ship date, item list, coupon code for wireless and your 2 game codes in a single location.

New Stretch Goal Opt Out Option:
17) Pimax is reserving 500 8kX for backers that opt-out of their stretch goals. These backers can grab an 8kX headset for $949. $350 off. Deal can’t be combined with any other offer or discount and limited to the first 500 who want this option.

PS: I’m still missing my KS purchase Base Station. Will you ship those remaining KS items in the same package as the Stretchgoals?

Yes, thats what they said.

That makes a lot more sense, I agree, but considering they will have to ask every backers if they want eye-tracking or not, and process the payment of those who did, it may trample their claim to have everything sent by the end of october (asking for a refund by then is not mandatory though).

So far, I haven’t read or see anything about the possibility for backers who opt-out to upgrade, to reconsider their decision.
I suppose it should be possible since they didn’t receive the upgrade yet, but nothing has been clarified about this so far, isn’t it?
What’s clear to me is, backer who had opt-out and still want to opt-out, aren’t entitled to the stretch goals anymore, and won’t receive the enhanced perks or any coupon.

If I understood that correctly, there is no “explicit” opt-in for the updated stretch goals. All backers will switch automatically to this updated package.
The only thing those backers can do is either opt-out for these and get a 150$ refund.

The backers page will let you track the progress of any stretch goals, get your tracking number, and also get your coupon (8K -> 5K+ downgrade, wireless, eye-tracking).

said what?


They said anyone with outstanding base stations will get theirs with their backer stretch goal package.

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was that in the q&a video?

Either way there needs to be some kind of order form for eye tracking modules and opt in/out, etc.
In my login I can only see std items/pricing.

The order page for eye tracking will be up very soon, of course.


If I don’t want your box of stretch goal stuff I also lose the cheaper eye tracking, is that correct?

As I understand this, any backer will be able to buy the eye tracking for 99. I dont think thats removed if you opt out from stretch goals. But let me double check… cant confirm as of now.


Considering that these stretch goals availability is still a couple of months away, they have plenty of time to put up such a form to opt-out and/or make use of the eye-tracking coupon.

As I understood, if you opt-out of the stretch goal package (and get a 150$ refund), you forfeit all stretch goals … and the eye-tracking discount was part of it.
At least, that was the case for the people who chose to benefit from one of the upgrade plans.

The eye-tracking module would then be purchasable from the store, as for any other non-backer, at 199$ (49$ if you deduct the refund).

At least, that’s how I understood it.

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Thanks, I have already used my $100 downgrade coupon to but a CK and silicon because we were given no indication they would be given to us with 5k+.
I have a rigid strap arrangement and use ear buds.
So the eye tracking is the only thing that I don’t have.


It depends which upgrade program people chose - some of them opted out of the eye tracking too for an extra discount (it was an extra $50 off iirc)

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Thats correct, sorry I forgot that one.

$49 as long as it is an actual refund and not yet another coupon.
But then yes this works out OK, and is my initial understanding of the offer too.

I just want it confirmed so I know what I am deciding on, the $150 refund parts was skipped through much faster with less detail than a lot of the other long fluffed out bits.