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I’d like to discuss removing the ‘backlight’ setting from cloud profiles. Imho, I think that the backlight is too much a ‘low level’ edit that most people will not understand. They won’t understand what it does or how it impacts things as opposed to ‘brightness’ and ‘contrast’ and I believe that it will add needless issues.
My recommendation is to remove it.

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The only reference I could find on ED command line arguments is here:
How To: Skip the launcher when starting Elite:Dangerous - command line arguments (voiceattack.com)

I think some of those args might be for PE, not EDLaunch.

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Maybe you can make it the “You can’t see me” gesture




Is it possible for you to program one or more fields in cloud profiles linking to game photos of graphic settings about resolution, antialiasing etc; nvidia panel etc ?

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Do you have any of those links?

Perhaps i did not explain myself well

To give the same “perfect” experience of an experienced user the headset settings are not enough
because there are all the graphic settings of the game and the nvidia panel settings:

This is a general list of how many settings there are (link is in italian language):

Guida ai settaggi grafici dei giochi su PC | PC-Gaming.it (pc-gaming.it)

Instead of adding all these settings with the keyboard the editor of the profile could make photos and then load a link to those photos

Inside PE the user should have the option to see these photos

Before gaming, the user enters in game option and fill the settings

Still working on understanding:
if the cloud settings are loaded then you can go to the profile page for the game to see any of the settings.

However, once you get out of PE and start deciding what nVidia settings should be changed, you’re talking about a whole new ‘ball of wax’! In addition, it sounds as if you want someone to go into the graphic settings of each game to determine what the internal game settings should be set to.
It would take many, many hours to get those settings for each game and they would depend heavily on the users hardware and software. I don’t see that what you appear to be asking for is in any way practical. If you disagree, can you do it and show us? (not trying to be offensive, I just can’t see it)

If I’m still missing it, I apologize and welcome you to try again.


That’s actually the purpose of the cloud profiles but there’s only so much we can do.

This way the user doesn’t have to enter anything except any changes he wants to make to the cloud profile.

This is exactly what i am saying

to play VR better you have to fill these fields

Watch here this example

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 PC Best Settings | How to increase FPS - GameRevolution

If you do not chew this

Your airplane do not get up on the track

Hah! You picked an interesting one: it won’t even launch on my system. I’ve got a support request out but it’s too soon for a response.

Ok, sounds like we’re on the same page, now.
I can’t answer officially, but my impression is that what you are asking for is well beyond anything planned for PE. I believe that the global settings are to get people ‘out the door’ into the best experience, not to tweak everything ‘to the max’. In other words, to cover the basic settings. But tweaking for the max experience would be left to the people who actually wanted to spend the hours needed to figure out which of those settings will work best on their system. Imho, most people do NOT.

So my unofficial answer is to warn you not to get your hopes up.

However, we need those links, so as you come up with them, it would helpful to post them.
Thanks for that link, I expect that it’ll make an interesting read if I ever get the danged thing running!

Thank you

But i do not understand your skepticism

sooner or later someone else will ask the same thing

but this is not the point


and i made my little technical contribution to solve how to make this , not the details :innocent:

Inside PE there is a Virtual Desktop

My request is a baby Crap


Yes! Added to backlog.


This kind of Cloud profiles need to go public so that it can be populated as much as possible by the community with the ability to select not just based on GPU but CPU and different search parameters as well and the ability to choose which profile is the best based on users rating. What if I want profiles with 170 FOV only? I can’t because nobody will likely use it. What if I want a profile with RTX 3090 and CPU 9900k but were given a profile of RTX 3090 w/ CPU 5600? Then I’m not maximized my CPU potential.

I agree and it will. As I mentioned earlier, this is only the first phase of Cloud Profiles. I hope all PE users will be patient enough for the all upcoming gradual rollouts.


Sounds good. Looking forward to it.

Please add an option “ASK A PROFILE”

This could be a list with profiles asked from community

Before “saving a profile asked” the routine make a check to avoid duplicate
you could use a counter putting up the profile asked in the list

When an user Make the profile asked, that profile is deleted from the list “Ask a profile”
an email is sent to the user that asked the profile telling him the new profile is on the cloud.
The user should be the owner of the request deciding if the new profile on the cloud is good or not.
If the profile is not good he delete the profile.
if the profile is good he delete the request
Another user could make the same request asking a profile consenting different solutions of the same request on the cloud for others users

PS the administration of profiles is an intriguing task. Perhaps the archive of profiles on the cloud should be developped from request (function ask a profile) . The request is accepted. The owner is satisfied. The profile goes on the cloud. End PS

THIS OPTION PRATICALLY IS A REQUEST OF AN USER to an expert TO COMPLETE WITH HIS HARDWARE (game, pc AND headset are Field requested) a Pitool profile possibly with graphic settings and nvidia panel settings

GAME elite dangerous
Headset : Pimax 8K X
Graphic board : 1080 ti ;
Pitool FOV Large,
Pitool nd
SS nd

The user here is asking the best profile with large FOV for elite dangerous having a 1080 ti

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Hello everybody. I added some cloud profiles last night.

For Pimax 8KX, RTX 3090

Pavlov, Half Life Alyx, Onward, The Walking dead Sinnes and Sinnes, Elite dangerous, Naau, No Man Sky, Contractors vr, and a few others.

could someone test if it works for him?

for me it doesn’t work via the cloud.

exactly the same settings work without the cloud.
with cloud only … black in the Pimax 8kx.

can someone check that please?


Pleaaaase! Can we have Hotkeys for IPD Offset, too??? We all know that the Pimax headsets are fiddly and most to the facts that the IPD needs to be tweaked not only to match the actual IPD but also give best SweetSpot/stereoseparation. Also, while I’m on it (don’t know if that can be mend in PE) can the IPD adjustment overlay be made so it is on the PE virtual screen depth?

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" can the IPD adjustment overlay be made so it is on the PE virtual screen depth?"


Shouldn’t it be a better idea to use information from this link which already contains pretty much setting guidance ?


Today a new version of Pitool, V1.1.0.269, was indicated in Pitool so I updated. During this process Experience stopped. I am now back to the old problem of restarting it wihout restariting the PC. I have tried starting and re-starting Pitool. I have tried Restarting Service. I have tried starting steamvr then closing it as advised a couple of weeks ago in another thread. None of these will re-start Experience. Can we please have a simple desktop icon that will start it, perhaps it needs a restart exe if other facilities like Pitool are required to run (or be closed?). Running it is so unreliable.