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Installed it and booted it up. Was unable to find any cloud profile settings for my games. I assume that is because I have a GTX1080ti. But a welcome arrival nonetheless.

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Same here, at least for DCS.

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PLEASE! Can we have a Pimax Experience hotkey for centering the Experience panel. I have somehow lost the interface several times (often found to very low right, miles away and impossible to re-centre). I know there is the centering target icon at the top of the panel but it is impossible to get to it when the panel disappears or is in that low very distant position. I have to stop everything and restart it.


To see which cloud profiles are available, you can visit the website. Please note that at the moment of writing this reply, there are only two profiles available: Elite Dangerous and Board Games VR.

If you wish to become an Editor and create cloud profiles in the current rollout phase, please follow the instructions here: https://community.openmr.ai/t/pimax-vr-experience-cloud-profiles-calling-for-editors

In the video posted in the announcement, I show how to create profiles.

Yes, since the beginning, in addition to the center icon, you can press either the middle mouse button (if you use a mouse), or press the touchpad/joystick button on your controller to re-center the dashboard. If you use hand tracking module, the re-centering gesture is not enabled yet. It will be in a future version.


That’s a bit strange because Elite Dangerous was the first game I tried. The cloud profile option was greyed out. Is it because I purchased direct from Frontier, not through Steam?

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That is a great point! I only purchased it from Steam. How do you run Elite Dangerous? Is it via Steam? Did you make a shortcut or imported to Steam? Any explanation would help! Thanks!

I do not run Elite from Steam. I used to launch it from the ED launcher. Now I run a batch file from PE, that someone (forget who) posted here. The file contains this:

start /w "ED" "C:\Program Files (x86)\Frontier\EDLaunch\EDLaunch.exe" /VR /autoquit
taskkill /F /IM vrmonitor.exe

@neal_white_iii is a bit of an Elite Dangerous guru on here - he may be able to explain what is going on.

Edit: the batch file was from @mmorselli.


Ok! That explains why the Cloud Profile was not available for it. Yes, it is because it is not a steam app and the Cloud Profile I have posted is for the Steam app.

I will try to find a proper solution for this scenario either in phase 2 or phase 3 of the cloud profiles.

Thanks for testing out and letting us know!

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Thanks. Like I said, there are some ED gurus on here who will be able to contribute more than I can.

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arminelec, thanks for the quick reply and yes clickinh the mousewheel works. Did I miss some documentation/guide?

Regarding the Cloud profiles I expected Pimax to develop these using their inside knowledge of the product. Is that the case?

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PS: I don’t know if I am doing something wrong, but while it is easy to import a batch file into PE, I am unable to find a reference back to that batch file from within PE. I had to go and look in the ED directory itself to remind myself what the batch file was.

In other words, there does not seem to be anywhere in the PE user interface where you can see the full path of the executable or batch file you imported. I can see this becoming confusing in times to come.

If I’m wrong, please advise!

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Glad to hear :slight_smile:
I don’t think you missed anything. People who use controllers on the first launches of the PE would see an image/tooltip showing controller button function to re-center the dashboard.
Since mouse interaction was added a few months ago, we only mentioned it in the release notes. But I’ve added it to backlog to make it more apparent to the user that they can use the middle click to center.

No. It is all me, @SweViver and possibly users who know their games. Pimax has not communicated any commitment on contributing to Cloud Profiles. Our (me and @SweViver 's) goal with Cloud Profiles is to allow game experts/gurus to contribute to the mass public and make everyone else’s life easier. I can only build the platform and let you all know about it via this forum. I can only hope it reaches the correct people.


I’ve added it to backlog to have a look and see what I can do :slight_smile:


Ah, ok, thank you. I wait with bated breath! :slight_smile :smile:

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O jeez! Yet another piece of software that requires us to read the directions! What’s a guy to do! Lol, just kidding! Looking forward to playing with this today!

I have a question: I’m creating profiles for games but they’re simple profiles. Like setting PP on or off and changing the PiTools quality settings from 1.0 to 1.25. Also brightness and contrast, but I’m not messing with the SteamVR resolution or anything else, yet. Should I sign up to be an Editor or not? I can’t determine if I’d be useful or if my ‘profiles’ are too simple for your needs?

Thank you very much for your work!!!

Edit: just to keep everything in the same thread:

-What is the current version of PiTools that we should have installed in order to run this?
According to the installer, you should have version Someone let me know if there’s a newer one.

-What is the oldest version of PiTools that we can have installed and still run this?
According to the installer, the earliest version you can have is I don’t know what v2 is, but the version that I’m running worked. I’m still running because of the ghosting that was reported on 267.

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AVG anti-virus AND Windows Defender picked this up as malware. Sent the file to AVG for analysis as a false positive.


“download the latest pitool”

We would if we knew which one that was! :smiley:

https://eu.pimax.com/pages/pitool-download gives us v1.0.1.268

The header link at the top of this site STILL goes to a 404 page

There are links to a 1.0.2.xxx in the forums

Come on @PimaxVR sort it out already!


Yes, as long as you understand what changing those variables do to your games and you are willing to take responsibility of keeping your profiles up-to-date, feel free to let me know and sign up :slight_smile:

I currently have installed on my machine. Any newer version should also work with it.

I understand the confusion it would bring. I’ll try to clarify the PiTool versioning as far as I understand it:

  • version 1.0.1.x are the official releases from PiTool.
  • version 1.0.2.x are the beta/unofficial releases from PiTool.
  • version is newer version than
  • That’s all I know.

Since PE is in still in beta, a while ago, some people had issues with their headset brightness not working with the official release from PiTool. As soon as PiTool team fixed the issue, they sent us a beta/unofficial release of PiTool and we shared that with everyone in the forum. Once the official release update of PiTool came out, which contained that fix, we also added that version to the supported versions.

In the next update, I will update the dialog to only mention the version from the official release of PiTool.

I agree! I wish I could help you there. The only PiTool version I have is and it is still hosted on my website, if you’d like to download: https://artarmin.com/downloads/pimax/PiToolSetup_1.0.1.267_20201208.exe


As a general comment, if I’m applying the Cloud Profiles, I need to be able to go into the game settings and see what the Cloud Profile has set. I can’t tell if the bug that I mention in the ‘Bugs’ section is preventing this or if it’s a ‘design flaw’, but this is needed.