Pimax VR Experience Beta Available Now!

Hey everyone!

After dedicating countless hours and sleepless nights over a period of two weeks, Armin @arminelec and I feel confident to release the new Pimax VR Experience Beta :slight_smile: We believe we have solved a large amount of critical and important issues as well as minor bugs, while introducing significant improvements and a bunch of new features. We look forward to hear about your experience!

We value every piece of feedback we receive. We may not respond individually to everyone, but we will use your comments as we strive to improve your experience.


Pimax VR Experience Beta Installer


Note: The new beta comes with its own installer, but requires you to have PiTool version installed. Make sure to tick the checkbox “Start Pimax VR Home” in PiTool, Settings → General . This will enable automatic launch of Pimax VR Experience. Beta - Release Notes

  • New: The app comes with its own installer apart from the PiTool
  • New: User can now choose the install location of the app independent of PiTool install location
  • New: Installer setup file size is heavily compressed for quicker download
  • New: Profile based command line arguments management per game
  • New: Automatic VR controller vendor/model detection
  • New: Background selection added to the right window
  • New: Animation when recentering the dashboard
  • New: Animation when scaling the dashboard
  • New: Connection status to PiTool is now shown on top of the dashboard with colored headset icon and text
  • New: Enabled single click on folders in file browser
  • Update: App icon is now the Pimax white logo
  • Update: Significantly improved startup initialization
  • Update: Improved game import stability and reliability
  • Update: Significantly improved performance
  • Update: Improved anti-aliasing
  • Update: Board Games VR font in customization
  • Update: Re-adjusted positions for each dashboard scale
  • Update: Improved game thumbnail image download time
  • Update: Missing thumbnail images show empty/white image
  • Update: Improved the connection stability between PiTool and the app
  • Fix: Mouse cursor rotation issue facing the user
  • Fix: Some users could not see the dashboard when running the app
  • Fix: Steam VR controller power on and/or system button press terminated the app and started Steam VR
  • Fix: An error in Steam VR optimization file prevented a selected game to launch
  • Fix: Occasional flicker issues on left/right eyes when users looks towards certain angles
  • Fix: Occasional zoom issues when some users looks at certain angles
  • Fix: Issue with mouse not enabled on startup
  • Fix: Issue with occasional incorrect window size on startup
  • Fix: Mouse issues related to the dashboard origin position
  • Fix: Mouse recentering issues when recentering the dashboard
  • Fix: Mouse sometimes started without a visible window/fullscreen
  • Fix: One of the skybox backgrounds does not work
  • Fix: Occasionally game thumbnail images are not downloaded
  • Fix: Issues when importing Viveport and Revive games
  • Fix: Occasionally connection to PiTool failed and never reconnected
  • Fix: Occasional issues loading profiles

thx guys (@SweViver & @arminelec) ! outstanding work and cudos for time and energy you put into this project! :clap: looking forward trying it out this weekend. I hope you get some well deserved sleep now! :sleeping:


@SweViver, PiTool ver is not checking the full version number. It’s indicating that it’s older than ver

Everyone: Be careful. Don’t accidentally upgrade to an older version, which isn’t compatible with PE.


What takes up close to 800 MB in this application. That’s huge!


Probably bitmaps and other art assets.


yeah, they did say that problem should be fixed with the next PiTool update


Great work guys , I hope you have a well deserved break this weekend.


Thx going to try the new version now.

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I dont see it in the notes… Are you planning on making the PE app into a “pancake”-style application as well that doesn’t need controllers?

I use the pimax for sim racing and flight sims so i dont use controllers much at all… It would be best to have the app work on my monitor by itself.


pancake pe is just pitool, if pe has features you want in pitool then the idea is to just get an update to pitool

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Basically that’s correct. If they can just make Pitool incorporate PE features, it would be perfect for my purposes (aside from what’s been done already).


I just installed the Beta as well, first try for PE, and it works just fine, flawless and without any crashed so far.
Really very very good work, @SweViver and @arminelec :+1:

Just having one concern - I don’t know whether it comes from the PE or the PiTool

But have they adjusted the base value on which colour related contrast works…?

With the former, I had the following settings:

  • contrast: +1
  • brightness: -1

Red contrast: +2 - so +1 compared to the general.

That’s how I learned it from some threads in this forum to achieve a less cold / warmer image, worked well with the old 5K+ and the new 8K-X. Until now…

=> When using these settings now with
+1 / red +2 and brightness -1, the image turns out quite to reddish. I have to reduce “red” to +1 in order to look almost the same as before - even though I think it is still just a little bit too reddish, but that might be some kind of hypersensitivity now.

Wouldn’t know any other place to ask right now, since PiTool still isn’t released officially but related to PE beta in some way…


Cool idea. Keep in mind you can also enable mouse mode to interact.


I love it and it workes great. Just a quick question in the upper left it tells me that my hmd is not connected to PiTools. did some settings reset and looked around then loaded up a few stream VR games then exited everything worked liked before but it still said I was not counted to PiTools.
Do I need to be? should I be (why or why not). I have the 8K+


Has anyone found like me, I use 8k+ and the display always fade to dark look like the tracking is lost and when it show again, it automatically run steamvr home.

Installing now, but FYI Windows Defender doesn’t like the installer. Unknown publisher:


But once done, everything is working great so far and it wasn’t for me before :+1:

  1. Performance seems good
  2. Profiles are loading correctly and I can edit settings
  3. Turned off the controller to check mouse use - alt-tabbed out to recapture my mouse for general use without problems, and then re-tabbed back and was able to control PE with mouse. Perfect!

When running PiTool installer, during PVRHome portion…it shows alien language characters… :alien:

I‘ll try the new version asap.
Btw good job, PE is bringing pitool into the right direction.
Something like that was overdue and I like that you‘ve come that far for now,
keep up tha good work!


With my new 8kx and PE version, I finally got PE to work. :joy:

Thank you @SweViver, @arminelec and the whole PE team! You guys did an outstanding job! :+1: :+1: :+1: