Pimax VR Barrel Correction & Rendering Resolution?

Most headset render at a higher resolution and distort the image so that the image looks right in headset though the lens. My question is where should we up resolution and make sure this compensation is being done correctly. For example if I run my Pimax Pitool render quality at 1.5 and 30% in SteamVR would that mess up the math? Should resolution be the same in SteamVR and Pitool (for example at 1.0 in Pitool and 100% in SteamVR ?) or should we weight where we do our super sampling towards Pitool or towards Steam VR or does it even matter. With my old HP reverb G2 upping the res as much as possible would adjust the barrel distortion compensation and increase sweet spot size.

It doesn’t matter if you use Pitool quality or SteamVR to adjust the rendering resolution. All that matters is what the actual width and height values end up at.

Note that Pitool quality requires restarts to take effect while SteamVR applies resolution changes in real time. So I’d generally recommend just leaving Pitool at 1.0 quality and making all adjustments with SteamVR.

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You may check this post How the render target resolutions and the supersampling factors of Pimax and SteamVR work together

Thank you, greatly appreciated.

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thanks for the info!